August in Review

Can you guys believe it's already September?! Seriously August seemed to just completely fly by, more so than previous months. I guess that means we've been having lots of fun, hehe. I thought it would be fun to start a little series where I pick some of my favorite posts from the month. So here goes...
Mason Jar Chandelier DIY.
Went on a hike around the mountain and came across this haunted looking cabin.
That one time when almost my whole outfit came from Forever 21, hehe.
My favorite (and the most decorated) room in the house.
Getting to know you (err me).
Our greenhouse exploded while were were back west.

August was actually the first month in quite a while that we stuck around on the mountain the whole month. Typically we are traveling somewhere every month, but not this one and it was very enjoyable. In fact, there was a two week period were we didn't even leave the top of the mountain, and when I did finally go down into town to get our mail our PO Box was over flowing hehe. 

I went on a bit of a cooking kick this month (as you probably guess from the peach posts hehe). Our neighbor gave us a bucket of tomatoes so I tried my hand at making my own pasta sauce. It came out alright, there are some things I will do differently next time. Still it worked perfectly for the lasagna I made the other night for dinner. 

Did you all do anything fun in August? If you blogged about it share the link in the comments, I would love to see what you all were up to! 

x's and o's

Be sure to check back in tomorrow for something super awesome! I'm pretty proud of myself that I haven't spilled the beans yet! 


  1. Did you guys spend winter on your mountain last year? We went on a little road trip around New River Gorge a few winters ago and it was gorgeous (just realized the pun!) but kinda treacherous.

  2. What a busy month! I showed my boyfriend those DIY light fixtures and now he's determined to make them! ;)

    I posted some recent August pictures here, not realizing that the post went up on September 1st! This year is flying by.

    The Rambling Fangirl

  3. We celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary by going to Disneyland! It was the first trip for our 9 month old.
    You can see our wedding photos here

    and our Disneyland trip here


  4. I spent all of August at home with my Mom in Canada, then travelled back across the globe to my normal home in Africa. I love your photos. The peaches and the kitten are especially lovely. I log my adventures here: So glad I found your blog! :-)

  5. Beautiful photos and what a cute cat.


  6. Oh wow! That must be one long plane ride!

  7. Happy anniversary Ali! Your wedding photos are so lovely and you look absolutely beautiful! Everyone must have had such a great time at your wedding!

  8. It actually wasn't too difficult. If you guys end up making one I would love to see it!

  9. We were hear for part of the winter. There was lots of playing in snow here, but we tried our best to not drive in it too much.

  10. That cabin is wicked cool, what a wondrous thing to stumble upon on a hike.

  11. thank you so much!
    it was a blast!


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