Through the Woods We Go

Blerg, our internet has been the worst! I'm currently sitting in a Starbucks over an hour away from our home using the internet to work. For the past three months our internet provider has hardly been able to provide us anything much faster than dial-up, which is never ok in this day and age, but especially not when the files you need to upload/download to clients are usually several gigs. It makes me so sad sometimes that we can't just get to live where we want without worrying about how we are going to conduct business. Ughs, anyways let's talk about funner things.
Over the weekend our little town was having it's first ever Peach Festival, which we were quite excited about! So of course we had to have Shaye and her boyfriend come out for the weekend. I think we might have had a little too high of expectations for the festival, but I think I blame Doc Hollywood for all of my small town living misconceptions, haha. The festival turned out to be nothing really that wonderful, I'm not sure if that is typical or just because we had so much rain last week and over the weekend. Even though the festival itself wasn't all that great we still had a great time and bought ourselves a 1/2 peck of peaches to make peach pie with (recipe coming soon!)
After checking out the peach festival we headed back to our mountain and decided to enjoy a little hike through the woods. While exploring we came across this awesome house/cabin. There were no roads leading to it so who ever uses it has to hike to get there. If I more brave I wold have gotten closer, but I was afraid someone and/or ghost was inside haha! 

So what did you all do over the weekend? Anything really fun? 

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  1. Oh gurl, I totally get the crappy internet situation. I live out in the boonies and literally had to have dial-up for a few months because NO ONE could provide service out here. Frustrating! Have you looked into satellite internet? I use Hughesnet, and realistically they drive me INSANE (the service cuts out if the wind blows too hard) but it's at least faster than dial up. Hope you guys find a solution soon. :)
    That mountain house is awesome! And I'm a little jealous of your peck of peaches, which is also really fun to say. haha.

  2. We have looked into Hughesnet but because of data caps/throttling it's just not an option for us. Most days we have to upload and download gigs. You think in this day and age the US would have or at least be starting to wire the whole country so everyone can be connected with high speeds, ugh.

    Anyways a peck of peaches is so wonderful to say! I keep saying things like 'Man that's a nice peck of peaches we have there' hahaha!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your lame internet situation! Your weekend sounds like it was great, though, even if the peach festival was a bit underwhelming. I'm hoping to buy a bunch of peaches to do some canning with this weekend, but peach pie sounds great! I'm excited to check out the recipe!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. If you still have any peaches left you must try out my little recipe here:

    ps. sorry about the lame internets in your neck of the woods - hopefully they can get you back up and running..


  5. A peach festival! That sounds amazing! I really miss the countryside and things like this living in London sometimes.


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