Sincerely Sylvester

I thought it would be fun to give little updates on Sylvester every couple of weeks. This way not only do you all get to see adorable photos of the little man, but it also insures that I get consistant pictures of him growing up. I always love looking back at pictures of Wigs when she was a tiny little one, it's just so much fun to see how she has grown in only a year. And come on how could this little face not make your Monday about a thousand times better?! 
He has been doing wonderfully since his vet visit, and all his previous ailments are gone, yay! He is now getting to take his time to out the house and Wigs. The second introduction has gone a lot better than the accidental first one haha. I think Wigs' favorite thing to do with him right now is chase him around spanking his butt, it is the funniest thing! Luckily he does a pretty good job of holding his own with her. 
And boy howdy can Sylvester play! He just jumps up and down off the bed and all around the bedroom for what seems likes hours without skipping a beat. He eventually hits his limit and keels over and passes out haha. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever, or at least this nutty lady thinks so. 

Hope everyone is having a nice Monday. 

x's and o's


  1. Ah!!!!! Could he be any cuter? Kittens always kill me with those giant ears and giant paws. I'm glad Sylvester is settling in and that he and Wigs are getting along better!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. What could be more adorable than a black + white kitten!!

    Truly an absolute cutie :)

  3. He's super cute!!! Nothing better than a lively little ball of fur :)

  4. it's amazing the difference between these photos and the ones you posed when you first found him, he looks so, SO much healthier and happier! Glad to know the introductions are coming along! Sylvester is a lucky little guy!

  5. Kittens are the most amazing thing ever. He's adorable.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy


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