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My favorite room in our house has to be the kitchen, which is probably why it is the most decorated. I absolutely love just working on new recipes and creating yummy things to eat. Thankfully I have Will to help me digest all the things I make. It is also the place I go to relieve my stress. There's nothing like beating eggs feverishly when you are just plain pissed off, haha. 
When I saw this print on Fab by Alyssa Nassner last year I knew I had to have it for the kitchen. Everything about it is just so wonderful. Especially the messiness because that's basically what my kitchen looks like when I get down to business, hehe. 
These tin plates were a gift from a family friend. When I look at them I can't help but think how funny life is that a girl from Arizona would one day meet a fella from Maine in Los Angeles and then marry him out in West Virginia.
Our kitchen is scattered with little trinkets and figurines, something I had been longing to do while we lived with Will's parents and then our little 150sqft cabin home. Finally they are out of their boxes and all over the house making me smile every time I see them.

What is your favorite room in your place? And how do you like to decorate it?

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  1. I was sitting here admiring your decor, then all of a sudden it hit me that you have TWO KITCHEN-AID MIXERS! Girl, you are living the sweet, sweet kitchen life. I'll get one of them someday...

    Ladyface Blog

  2. Really Amanda, 2 mixers? Really? But again, you do love to make some yummy food, so you go girl!

  3. Lovely :) I love my kitchen, too. I could stay in there all day cooking or baking.

  4. you're such a baller with you your two kitchen aids!!
    love it :)
    I'm really loving our little yard right now. We hung a bunch of succulents and have some potted scattered on the ground as well. I love walking through it from my garage to my kitchen.. it's bliss <3

  5. your kitchen is sooo pretty- i like how it's neutral but still has its fun pops of colors. also, i like how a kitchen can have a kitschy charm to it and it just makes sense. it makes it all the homier. that's why my kitchen is my favorite too- i love my random knick knacks!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  6. You have a great kitchen!

    My favorite room is my kitchen too:)

  7. I love that you have two mixers! We have one, but it's on a high shelf and rarely used. I always forget about it!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  8. So cute to see how you and will got together! You're kitchen looks great too!
    I think my bedroom is my favourite room of the house at the moment, it's always been my little sanctuary where I can totally relax.

  9. Your kitchen is absolutely lovely! I am way jealous that I don't even have one kitchenaid mixer, and you have TWO!

    Great job, I really enjoy your posts!


  10. your kitchen is cute. I like all the little random odds and ends.

  11. Your kitchen looks so cozy! I love all the decor! My favorite room in my place would have to by my room, it's where I find my peace of mind hehe :)

    Rachel Emma

  12. I love this! This has to be the most quaint and cute kitchen ever.. I like to cook, but kitchen certainly is not my favorite place..for me its the roof/patio/balcony if I am not perched on the couch that iis :)

  13. Love your kitchen! And that Meeko glas! Too cute. Sadly, the print isn't available in Alyssa's shop anymore - it really is perfect for the kitchen!


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