Peach Preserves

Oh my goodness I am loving peach season this year! Our little roadside fruit stand has some of the best peaches I have ever had, at a ridiculously cheap price too. And did I mention the stand is run by this adorable old couple who also own the orchards the fruit comes from? So many pluses! When I stopped off to pick up another 1/2 peck of peaches they only had full pecks left so of course I picked one up and started to think of all the things I was going to make with all of the peaches. The first thing that popped into my head was peach preserve! I've never tried to make perserve before but it's a simple enough processes I decided to give it a go, I mean it is pretty much just peaches and sugar boiled, after all. 

Ingredients (makes about 4 1/2 pints adapted from this recipe):

11-12 large peaches
2 cups of sugar

The first thing you want to do is to blanch the peaches. Boil a pot of water, then put your peaches in  making sure they are completely cover them for 30-40 seconds. Afterwards put them in cold water, as this helps to get the skin off quick and easily. Once you have that done your slice your peaches up. I made my slices pretty large and it seem to work just fine. Pour in the sugar and stir it with the peaches making sure they are all mixed, then let stand for about 2 hours. 
Now the next step is the most time consuming part, but it still is pretty darn easy. Bring your mixture to a boil, but make to stir so you don't burn it. Once it's boiling turn the heat down and let it simmer for 15 minutes, and when it is done simmering turn off the heat of the stove to let the mixture stand until it is room temperature. You will want to repeat this processes six times (the boiling makes your preserve get nice and thick), so you could boil it even more if want. This process can take up to two days you aren't up at the crack of dawn doing this, so don't worry about leaving it out over night, there is enough sugar in that bad boy it won't spoil. 
Once you are on your final boil you will want to have your cans all ready. As I am no canning expert (this was actually the first time I've ever done it) I'm going to leave you all this little video explaining what you need to do. One thing to note is I boiled our cans for 10 minutes then removed them from the water and they sealed within a couple of minutes. And voila, you have some super yummy peach preserves! 

I think my favorite things about the peach preserve is that not only can you use it on toast but you can also use it as a marinade! I think I'm going to have to whip up some seitan and do some kind of peach perserve bbq thing.  

Have you guys ever made preserves before? If so what kind?

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So I had a recipe post all written up for today but I just need a couple more pictures of the final product and lighting was not working with me this morning at all. It's all dark and stormy today, it almost feels like night with how dark it is outside. Hopefully the sun will peak out its head just long enough today for me to get those pictures so I can put it up tomorrow. 

In the meantime I thought I would share my favorite phone picture as of late. If you follow me on instagram you've probably already seen it, but I wanted to share it here too. Wigs and Sylvester are totally besties now! Ok maybe not total bffs yet, but Sylvester sure thinks they are, haha. He follows Wigs everywhere, not wanting to be more than a couple feet away from her at all times, it's pretty adorable. I am so happy that they are getting along, I was worried that Wigs wouldn't like him since she had been a solo cat for quite a while now. I think once she realized this little guy wasn't going anywhere and wasn't a threat to her food, treats, and pets she was ok with him. 

Hope everyone is having a nice Wednesday.

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You guys are in for a treat today, I present your two new favorite blogs! Both these ladies are pretty freaking amazing, but don't take my word for it, go check them both out!

My name is Kayla, and I blog over at Kaylanaut!  My blog is my little corner of the internet where I write about all the different things that make my heart beat, like Polaroid photography, scrapbooking, yoga, video games, and all the stuff in between.  I've also been described as "an odd duck," so take that as you will.  ;)  Come say hello!

Kayla's balcony at their new place is all kinds of amazing! I would love to sit out there with a cup of tea and a good book. 
Hello everyone! I am a student, vegan, vintage collector, photo-taker, future kindergarten teacher, and little adventurer. My blog is a place to document my daily exploring, personal style, and baking recipes.
Lindsey has some of the cutest style out there. I mean look at this adored ensemble!
Totally awesome ladies right?!
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Updo is My Favorite Kind of Do

When I put this outfit on I did not realize until working on this post that everything except the shoes came from Forever 21 haha! I'm not sure if I should be a little embarrassed by that fact or not, but I'm going to think not. I think this outfit is pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself. It's kind of funny this shirt was actually the first thing I ever bought from Forever 21 when the store first opened up near me, years ago. I've always loved it's neck, it's like a more fun turtleneck. 
I've been rocking my hair up in a bun a lot recently. It's just so darn easy on those days that I really don't feel like spending an hour trying to straighten all the frizz. Especially when it's just going to show back up an hour or two later because of the humidity. I seriously never knew how frizzy my hair was until I moved to a place that actually had humidity. Will will sometimes point out that I look like I'm balding when I have my hair pulled back and I have a crown of frizz haha.  
It's starting to get chilly up on the mountain, I guess fall is coming early? Will and I have gone on walks in the early evening and I've needed a full on jacket. I really do love fall but does it have to be here already? I've been really loving the warm afternoons and am not quite ready for the crisp air, even if it does mean more nights spent with some hot tea/coco. I guess there isn't much I can do to try to persuade mother nature from turning the pages of the seasons hehe. 
vest, shirt, jeans, earrings // Forever 21
shoes // Nordstroms (years ago)
The past couple of days I have been on a baking frenzy. I picked up a ton of peaches and have been making peach related yummers up the wazoo, like peach preserves, peach hand pies, and regular peach pies (recipes will be up in the next coming weeks). It has been a lot of fun, I just wish we lived closer to people so I could share all these goodies with them instead of just eating them myself (with the help of Will), haha. I can hardly wait to go out to Phoenix again so I can get the joy of baking yummies and the double joy of passing it off to friends and family. 

Hope everyone is having a nice Monday. 

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Little Bits and Pieces

1// Blanching some of the millions of I bought the other day, hehe. 2// Making peach preserves, something I've never tried before so I'm excited to see how it turns out!  3// Will making a very yummy dinner for us last night. Vegetable stir fry and corn on the cob, yummers.  

This morning when I started the boiling processes again for the preserves this morning I burned it a little bit, ARGH! Not a great way to start off you day. Thankfully I don't think it's ruined. Cannot wait for it to be all done so we can start using it on toast and things!

Hope everyone is having a nice day.

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Mountain Home : Kitchen

My favorite room in our house has to be the kitchen, which is probably why it is the most decorated. I absolutely love just working on new recipes and creating yummy things to eat. Thankfully I have Will to help me digest all the things I make. It is also the place I go to relieve my stress. There's nothing like beating eggs feverishly when you are just plain pissed off, haha. 
When I saw this print on Fab by Alyssa Nassner last year I knew I had to have it for the kitchen. Everything about it is just so wonderful. Especially the messiness because that's basically what my kitchen looks like when I get down to business, hehe. 
These tin plates were a gift from a family friend. When I look at them I can't help but think how funny life is that a girl from Arizona would one day meet a fella from Maine in Los Angeles and then marry him out in West Virginia.
Our kitchen is scattered with little trinkets and figurines, something I had been longing to do while we lived with Will's parents and then our little 150sqft cabin home. Finally they are out of their boxes and all over the house making me smile every time I see them.

What is your favorite room in your place? And how do you like to decorate it?

x's and o's

Sincerely Sylvester

I thought it would be fun to give little updates on Sylvester every couple of weeks. This way not only do you all get to see adorable photos of the little man, but it also insures that I get consistant pictures of him growing up. I always love looking back at pictures of Wigs when she was a tiny little one, it's just so much fun to see how she has grown in only a year. And come on how could this little face not make your Monday about a thousand times better?! 
He has been doing wonderfully since his vet visit, and all his previous ailments are gone, yay! He is now getting to take his time to out the house and Wigs. The second introduction has gone a lot better than the accidental first one haha. I think Wigs' favorite thing to do with him right now is chase him around spanking his butt, it is the funniest thing! Luckily he does a pretty good job of holding his own with her. 
And boy howdy can Sylvester play! He just jumps up and down off the bed and all around the bedroom for what seems likes hours without skipping a beat. He eventually hits his limit and keels over and passes out haha. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever, or at least this nutty lady thinks so. 

Hope everyone is having a nice Monday. 

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Peach Pie

One of my favorite things (I have a lot of favorite things) about living where we do is being surround by orchards. Being in the middle of an old apple orchard means we get more apples than we know what do to with, but just down the mountain from us is a peach orchard! Growing up we had a peach tree in our backyard, but almost never got to eat any of the peaches it produced because the birds would get to them first. It seems like we did everything we could to try to save them with no luck. In fact, I remember sitting next to the tree and just watching the birds devourer those peaches that were suppose to be in my belly. Have I mentioned I was an interesting kid? Haha. 

But now I can have all the peaches I want, suck on that birds! So over the weekend we stopped by our local roadside produce stand to by a 1/2 peck of peaches. Side note I love saying peck of peaches now. I used about half of them in this pie recipe and the other half we have just been munching away on. Yummy.
And now onto the Peach Pie Recipe (which won't disappoint!) 

As always I used this pie crust recipe, because it seriously is the best.

Peach Filling Ingredients

6-7 peaches sliced (I used pretty pick slices)
1/4 cup flour
1/8 cup corn starch
1/2 cup plue 1 Tbsp brown sugar (I like my pies a little tart so add more or use white sugar if you want yours sweeter)
1 tsp cinnamon
2 Tbsp vanilla

Preheat oven to 425F.

Add dry ingredients and vanilla to the peach slices, you want to make sure the peach slices are well covered. Pour peaches onto your crust bottom, then place top crust over on top of peaches, be sure to cut vent holes in the crust. Sprinkle the Tbsp of brown sugar on the top of the pie crust. Place pie in oven for 10 minutes, then reduce heat to 350F for an additional 30-45 minutes or until crust is a nice golden brown color. 

Serve warm with vanilla bean ice cream and/or whip cream. Enjoy! 
Let me know if you give this recipe a try!

x's and o's

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Blue Jeans

I haven't been wearing jeans very often even though there was a time not all that long ago that I would only wear jeans/pants. I've talked a little bit before about how I just didn't care for my legs, so I tried my best to keep them covered. As I've gotten older, though, I've gained an appreciation for them. They are my legs after all and they get me everywhere I want to go. I almost forgot how easy jeans are as you can easily go from casual to dressed up pretty quickly with a nice pair.
I got these from Forever 21 last year, and I actually bought a couple of them because they're my favorite. I was afraid they wouldn't have them anymore when I enviably need a new pair. Anyone else do that? 
Can we talk about these shoes just for a moment? I got them to replace my other oxfords that died tragically about two weeks after buying them, laaame. When I came across these bad boys on sale over at Blowfish Shoes I knew they had to be mine! I've never bought anything from there before, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but it seemes like everyone really loves Blowfish shoes. I wasn't disappointed, and I'm absolutely smitten with them!
shirt // my mom's
jeans // Forever 21
shoes // Blowfish
As you can see in the pictures it has been overcast and rainy pretty much ever since we got back from our trip. We've had over two inches of rain since last week. Maybe that's a normal experience for people, but growing up in Phoenix that's a fourth of what we get all year! All the rain has been wonderful because it has been keeping our cisterns all nice and full which is always a plus. 
Not too sure what's going on in this picture but it made me laugh. Sometimes the photo snaps when I am doing the weirdest things hehe. 

x's and o's

Through the Woods We Go

Blerg, our internet has been the worst! I'm currently sitting in a Starbucks over an hour away from our home using the internet to work. For the past three months our internet provider has hardly been able to provide us anything much faster than dial-up, which is never ok in this day and age, but especially not when the files you need to upload/download to clients are usually several gigs. It makes me so sad sometimes that we can't just get to live where we want without worrying about how we are going to conduct business. Ughs, anyways let's talk about funner things.
Over the weekend our little town was having it's first ever Peach Festival, which we were quite excited about! So of course we had to have Shaye and her boyfriend come out for the weekend. I think we might have had a little too high of expectations for the festival, but I think I blame Doc Hollywood for all of my small town living misconceptions, haha. The festival turned out to be nothing really that wonderful, I'm not sure if that is typical or just because we had so much rain last week and over the weekend. Even though the festival itself wasn't all that great we still had a great time and bought ourselves a 1/2 peck of peaches to make peach pie with (recipe coming soon!)
After checking out the peach festival we headed back to our mountain and decided to enjoy a little hike through the woods. While exploring we came across this awesome house/cabin. There were no roads leading to it so who ever uses it has to hike to get there. If I more brave I wold have gotten closer, but I was afraid someone and/or ghost was inside haha! 

So what did you all do over the weekend? Anything really fun? 

x's and o's

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Mason Jar Chandelier DIY

Mason Jar Chandelier DIY - Little Lady Little City
As I mentioned in my last mason jar related DIY we have an absurd amount of mason jars left over from the wedding. I'm pretty sure I could spend a good week canning and still not fill them all, hehe. So I have been trying to come up with some fun projects to do with them (there are seriously a ridiculous amount of ideas on Pinterest related to mason jars). I kept seeing people make them into lights, and we were in need of a light in our dinning room area, so I thought I would give it a shot. I must say I am pretty darn pleased with how it turned out too! 
Mason Jar Chandelier DIY - Little Lady Little City
 1. Screw driver with a drill bit for metal (like this)
3. Cord (got mine from Ikea)
4. Marker
5. Mason Jar (I used pint sized)
6. Lightbulbs (not shown)
1. First you want to outline the base of your light cord onto the mason jar lid, so you know how big of a hole to cut. 2. Drill a couple holes into the lid, enough to get your tin snips started. 3. Cut out the hole with your tin snips, be careful you might have some sharp edges. 4. Screw on the lid onto the end of the cord. 
Mason Jar Chandelier DIY - Little Lady Little City
We split the cords and wired them to the dinning room light switch, you should only do this if you or someone you know is qualified to do electrical work. 
Mason Jar Chandelier DIY - Little Lady Little City
I think this might be my favorite mason jar project so far. It really dresses up our dinning area, and it puts to good use at least several of our absurd amount of mason jars hehe. 

Hope everyone is having a nice Wednesday! 

x's and o's

Green Explosion (Greenhouse Update)

Anytime we leave for an extended period of time we are excited to get back to see what our greenhouse looks like. It's always one of the first things we do once we walk in the door, I don't think there is anything better than coming home to a greenhouse explosion! 
While there wasn't too much in terms of harvestable veggies this time, there are a lot of things that should be ready in the upcoming weeks. I'm ridiculously excited for the corn to be ready. Is it silly that I never really realized that you could grow your own corn? I have no idea why I thought that, but it was stuck in my head until I came across corn seeds at the store. I think I shouted to Will something like "Hey did you know we can grow our own corn?!" haha! 
One thing that we were not expecting to find in the greenhouse was a snake skin, eeeek! We didn't do a very good job of getting rid of the them from our greenhouse. I think they have decided to officially move in which I'm not too happy about, especially because we just keep finding their skin and actually haven't seen them. Double ugh! I would seriously like to be able to garden with out fear of snakes. 

How are all of your gardens doing? I would love to see pictures so be sure to share your links in the comments. 

x's and o's