Portland FTW

We made it safe and sound to the lovely Portland, and so far have been having an amazing time. We've been helping out the besties, Lex and Eric, with any and all wedding related things (trying our best to repay them for all the help they gave us for our wedding). Lots of crafting, brainstorming, and of course lots of cocktail drinking. We might just have gotten a little drunk last night before going out for grilled cheeses at the grilled cheese bus, haha. But you have to go all out when in Portland with two of your favorites, am I right?
One of the other favorite things to do when we visit Portland is to go shopping with Lex. In college it seemed like almost every other weekend we would go hit up the nearest Forever 21 or Goodwill in search of something cute. And now that we are "adults" nothing has changed. We still hit up Forever 21 and Goodwill when we are out here haha! 
 vest, maxi dress, earrings // Forever 21
shoes // Walmart
Ok so I know I am extremely late the to maxi dress party but I'm so happy to finally be here. I was so unsure about how I felt about them. I always thought they looked absolutely adorable on tall fairly skinny people. But seeing how I'm both vertically challenged and a little larger in the mid/butt section I just thought I couldn't pull it off. Then I came across this one and thought what the heck I will try it on, it looked super comfy and I ended up loving it! It's funny how when you get out of your own head and just try something you can end up really loving it. 
And now I just have to gush a little bit more about this lovely lady right here. Lex is seriously one of my dearest friends and I absolutely love her to death. I'm so excited and honored to be able to help with and be here when she marries her love. Lex and Eric are two of the best people I know and I am so happy they found one another.

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  1. I love your dress! I just got my first maxi dress too :)

  2. Yay maxi dresses! Aren't they the best? This one looks fantastic on you, especially paired with that vest. Glad you guys are having fun in Portland!

    ps- Will's new haircut from the previous post looks great!

  3. You make that maxi look amazing. I'm afraid of them too, for all the same reasons. In fact, when I see them, I always flip through and dream of being tall and slim. Maybe I'll have to take your lead and try one on next time.

    Have fun in Portland and congrats to the BFFs on their wedding. :)

  4. Cute dress! Love your hair like this!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  5. That last pic is so cute! I know what you mean about maxi dresses. I think we have the same shape, because I used to be self conscious about wearing my maxi skirt. But, they're too comfy to not wear in the summer!

  6. Had the exact same experience with maxi dresses. Really didn't think my body could pull it off, but I tried one it was amazing! It's my favorite summer dress now, and it actually makes me both taller and skinnier! Who would have thought...

  7. Super cute outfit and love the hairdo!

  8. You look gorgeous! Love the messy bun :)

    Stephie's Corner

  9. I'm still a maxi-dress-phobe! But you have inspired me to just try one on.. who knows, it could work out in the end :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  10. I have to agree, maxi dresses are the best! you can sit however you want! haha cute photos girlie!
    -Deana, from BirdsandOxfords

  11. This dress looks great on you and I love that studded vest. Also- your hair=super rad. I LOVE Portland. I'm from Oregon so luckily I have a good excuse to get back there pretty regularly, such an amazing, fun city!


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