Week in Instagram v12

  1. Our new bedroom ceiling fan. Might be a silly thing to take a picture of but as one who has never installed a ceiling fan before I felt pretty darn accomplished. 
  2. Yummy homemade strawberry pie I made when we had guests the other week. I think it was a hit.
  3. Wigs distracting me while I am trying to work. Doesn't she know I can't give her pets all the time?
  4. Some flowers Will picked for me to cheer me up when I was feeling a little blue.
  5. My first trip to Disneyland in my favorite pink overalls. 
  6. Wigs snuggling with me on the couch, I wish she would do this more often because it is my favorite.
  7. Headed out to DE with littest in her "car seat" This is seriously her favorite way to sit in the car haha. 
  8. All ready for Will's 10 year high school reunion. Also please notice the height difference between us, it makes for some difficult selfie taking haha. 
We are still at Will's parents house at least until tomorrow, it's been a nice little trip back. Hope you guys all had a nice weekend. 

x's and o's
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  1. Love the photos!

    And pie!! Mmmm!! I've never made a homemade pie yet I'm in the kitchen daily making all dinners and desserts fr scratch. I really need to try one! Our local farm has the best fresh berries for picking right now too!!

  2. Hello my dear fellow West Virginian! Hope and pray all is well...

  3. so sweet, your cat is so calm sat in the car, very sweet!


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