Please Grow

This time last year our greenhouse was flourishing and I was feeling all kinds of accomplished seeing how I had never really grown anything in my life before. However, this year our little greenhouse is not looking nearly as impressive. I'm hoping that doesn't mean that last year was just a fluke and my green thumb is lacking, haha. 
We got a late start planting (didn't get the greenhouse repaired soon enough) and then we had a bit of a rodent problem. The darn little buggers nibbled up all my corn and killed other seedlings by covering them up with dirt. Thankfully, I think we have gotten rid all of them so hopefully the new seeds have a chance to grow. Hopefully we can get almost as much as we did last year, because it was so delightful cooking with fresh veggies that we had grown ourselves. 

Are you guys growing anything this year? I would love to see how your garden is doing so share a link in the comments!

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  1. Aww I am trying to grow tomatillos and tomatoes but the tomatoes aren't doing very well. It makes me sad.

  2. I am sure your garden will grow beautifully this year! The weather was so slow warming up here that things are just starting to grow here as well!


  3. our gardens are exploding - unfortunately we don't have a ton planted- but what we do have is doing really well -

    radishes, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, potatoes, herbs.. our eggplant is looking a bit wonky tho..

    good luck! hopefully things will take off soon


  4. good luck! hope that WV soil is good to you!

  5. Patience is key - Im sure it'll work out :) Rosie x

  6. Our growing season is so short up here, but I am trying my hand at some extra veggies this year! I'll wish you luck if you do the same for me! (wink*)

  7. Ooh! I might have to do a garden post on my blog soon. I'm doing my usual -- tomatoes, squash, and peppers. I don't have a good feeling about my tomatoes this year . . . they're huge so far, but don't have a lot of blooms so far.

  8. i am growing things. though some aren't growing really fast. which is somewhat annoying.

  9. Good luck for the greenhouse this year! They will grow well! :)

    Oh I'd love to grow my vegetables too, somehow... xoo


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