Will and I make videos for a living, but we also make videos for fun. So I thought it would fun to share one with you guys every so often. I really have a hard time picking just one favorite because each carries such fond memories. 

This is the first video we ever worked on together back in 2009! I had so much fun creating the character and the sets, I also like to believe that my crafting of little characters has improved as well, hehe. But these guys sure to hold a special place in my heart.
Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. 

x's and o's


  1. awesome video! kevin and i are always coming up with lots of crazy stories..we should make them into videos..we'd make a killing!


  2. Way cute! And sad... and happy... seriously though, I went through a spectrum of emotions while watching that because I'm a big softie and it just happens that way.

    Share more! <3

  3. That is such a cute video, haha :-) I loved the song as well!


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