Fun and Reminders

As you probably already know Will and I tend to make up silly songs and then he animates them in between projects. Good times are always had and I think the world is always a better place afterward haha. So enjoy the goofiness that is Kiki Con Queso. 

Friendly Reminders
  • Google Reader is disappearing forever tomorrow, I seriously still cannot believe it! Feedly and Bloglovin are some great ways to continue to follow along, personally I am really digging the look of Feedly. And of course you can always find me on Instagram and Twitter
  • The PearApple Giveaway finishes up today, so don't forget to enter! 
  • I am offering 15% off (use code 'EarlyBird') Featured and Large Ads until tomorrow. 
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend! 

x's and o's


  1. hahahaha that video is adorable, as are both of you obv.

  2. haha omg are you kidding me? this is wo wonderful! i love knowing there are others out there who feel this strongly about their pets! thanks for sharing this

  3. This got stuck in my head all day, I wasn't even mad about it.

  4. Ok. That is the best video and I'll be singing it all day now. THANKS!

    Also, can putting cheese on cats be a new thing?


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