Fun and Reminders

As you probably already know Will and I tend to make up silly songs and then he animates them in between projects. Good times are always had and I think the world is always a better place afterward haha. So enjoy the goofiness that is Kiki Con Queso. 

Friendly Reminders
  • Google Reader is disappearing forever tomorrow, I seriously still cannot believe it! Feedly and Bloglovin are some great ways to continue to follow along, personally I am really digging the look of Feedly. And of course you can always find me on Instagram and Twitter
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Hope everyone is having a nice weekend! 

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Pizza Friday!

Every Friday afternoon during the summer growing up our Grandma Lea use to take my brother and I to Peter Piper Pizza. We would get a large pizza to share and then of course she spoiled us rotten with  $10 worth of tokens each to play ski ball and all the other fun games. So pizza has been a staple food in my life pretty much for as long as I can remember, haha! 

In recent years I took my love of pizza to a whole new level and started to make my own from scratch. Making your own pizza is just ridiculously fun and opens itself up to experimentation with different types. I think one of our new favorites is kale and bbq sauce, it's so good! 

Now that I am sure your mouth is watering let's get to all the things you are going to need. 

Things you will need

1 jar pizza sauce (you can also use pasta sauce)
1/2 - 1 cup mozzarella cheese
1/2 - 1 cup cheddar cheese
any other pizza topping you like

Pizza Dough Ingredients (enough for about a 14 1/2" pizza)
3 1/2 cups white flour (I like to 1 cup wheat flour instead of all white)
1 cup warm water
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp honey or molasses
1 Tbsp yeast
1/2 tsp salt
3 Tbsp vegetable oil
    Red Pepper Flakes
    Garlic Salt
    Parmesan Cheese

Preheat your oven to 425°F 

In your stand mixer fitted with the hook attachment add 2 1/2 cups of flour, salt, and oil. If you're adding in any of the optional ingredients do that next, I add each of those to taste. Next add the yeast, honey, and sugar to the warm water, mix and then let sit for about 10 minutes until the top is frothy. Then slowly pour it into your mixer with the flour, add the remander of flour and let it mix until incorporated. Cover your bowl and let it set in a warm place to rise for 45min to an hour. 

Grease your pan or pizza stone (I really recommend a pizza stone if you are going to cooking lots of pizzas, they help get that nice crispy bottom), and spread out your dough. Spread your pizza sauce over the dough and then apply cheese and any other topping you like. 

Cook for 25-30 minutes until the crust is nice and crispy. 
And now you can make any type of pizza your heart desires! We ended up making a kale, mushroom,  and bbq pizza, I must say it came out pretty yummy. We will definitely make it again. What are some of your favorite types of pizza? We are always looking for some new tasty ones to try out! 

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Meet the Sponsors

Looking for a couple new shops or blogs to check out? Each of these lovely ladies and shops are worth the time because they are seriously amazing! In case you haven't already discovered them, here is a little bit of why they are awesome; but like LeVar Burton says, you don't have to take my word for it, check them out for yourself! 
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See, what did I tell you?! Amazing right! Now seriously go check out all these fantastic ladies!

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Golden Oldies

I recently came across a lot of old family photos, and I thought I would share the best of the best of my rise from adorable little kid to totally awkward child/teenager haha. I mean, we all have embarrassing family photos, so why not embrase the heck out of them and share them with the world. I'm really hoping I don't live to regret this haha! 
Not sure when these were taken.
1990 and 1992 (the start of big glasses and over all goofiness)
As you can see my brother and I were up to date on all the latest photo poses and clothes haha.
Good old City of Glendale softball league. Probably my favorite summer activity. 
I honestly don't even know what to say about the last two photos haha.

Well there you have it, that's this lady's journey from adorable kid to awkward child/teenage to slightly less awkward adult. If any of you guys have shared any of your old family photos I would love to see them, leave the link in the comments! 

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Holy moly I cannot believe July is almost here! Where does the time go? Anyone else ever feel like they blink and an entire month has already gone by? 

I am super pumped for July, though. We are going to Portland for our dear friends Lex and Eric's wedding and we get to meet our nephew for the first time! Eeeeeee! To say I am excited would be an absolute understatement! There will be lots of excitement happening on the blog, so if you are looking for some affordable ad space July is the perfect time to do it! (Sorry for all the exclamation points, but I can't help that my writing is always just so overly excited! haha).
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A Little Bit of Happiness

Today we are saying goodbye to my Grandma Lea. Even though I am sad that she is gone, I am happy to know she is in a better place and reunited once again with the love of her life, Grandpa Martin. So I thought to keep with the happy I would have a post of all the things that have made me happy or even laugh these past two weeks, hopefully you all get a kick out of them as well. 

Oh my word this video! 
This shirt! I want!!
Yes to just everything going on in this photo!
Popsicles are kind of the best thing ever, especially homemade ones!
I am such a fan of wood as wall art
This is GENIUS! 

If you guys have come across anything that made you happy this week please leave a link in the comments, I can always use more happy (especially after these last two weeks). 

x's and o's

PearApple Giveaway

It is no secret that the awesome sauce that is PearApple is a good friend of ours. Shaye was a bridesmaid in our wedding and even knitted Will's amazing sweater he wore for the wedding! So I am beyond excited to have her doing a Giveaway this month! 
Up for grabs this month is one of Shaye's amazing handmade dishtowels and dishcloths. Will and I bought both of these guys a couple months ago and absolutely love them, not only are they adorable they are durable as well. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also Shaye is kind enough to offer all LLLC readers 10% off all orders with code 'LittleLady06' at her shop!  

Best of luck everyone, I really wish I could enter this contest because I would absolutely love to have another set.

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Tiny Print: The giveaway will run until June 31st 11:59 PM EST. The winner will be chosen at random by me via a random number generator. I will contact the winner in a timely mannor (be sure to leave an easy way for me to get ahold of you) and will post the winner on my site shorty after.

Week in Instagram v12

  1. Our new bedroom ceiling fan. Might be a silly thing to take a picture of but as one who has never installed a ceiling fan before I felt pretty darn accomplished. 
  2. Yummy homemade strawberry pie I made when we had guests the other week. I think it was a hit.
  3. Wigs distracting me while I am trying to work. Doesn't she know I can't give her pets all the time?
  4. Some flowers Will picked for me to cheer me up when I was feeling a little blue.
  5. My first trip to Disneyland in my favorite pink overalls. 
  6. Wigs snuggling with me on the couch, I wish she would do this more often because it is my favorite.
  7. Headed out to DE with littest in her "car seat" This is seriously her favorite way to sit in the car haha. 
  8. All ready for Will's 10 year high school reunion. Also please notice the height difference between us, it makes for some difficult selfie taking haha. 
We are still at Will's parents house at least until tomorrow, it's been a nice little trip back. Hope you guys all had a nice weekend. 

x's and o's
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Country Roads

I absolutely love when you find a dress that will work for a couple upcoming events. I got this one last week to wear to Will's high school reunion over the weekend and to our dear friends Lex and Eric's rehearsal dinner next month. I am not ashamed to wear the same dress over and over without even trying to remix it. Unless maybe wearing different shoes counts as remixing it, hehe. So I am sure this dress will be making another appearance or two in the coming months. 
Before my wedding ring I almost never wore rings. I always had a hard time finding rings that fit over my large knuckles,but recently I have had great succes finding some. Case in point the one I'm wearing with this outfit. I think a nail ring was pretty fitting for me since nails and I have become bffs over the last couple of years hehe. 
 dress // ModCloth
ring // ModCloth
shoes // Lulu's
glasses // Coastal (I also got my white pair from there)
This is one of my favorite spots on the mountain, especially during this time of the year when everything is just so lush and green. It's pretty darn gorgeous in the fall when all the leaves are changing colors too, and in the winter after an ice storm! So I guess what I am saying is this road is always beautiful. And you never know what little woodland creature will come out and check out what you are doing (if you look real close you will see a dear next to the road hehe). 

Recently Will and I have been getting into British dramas. We first watched Broadchurch with David Tennant and to say it was fantastic would be an understatement! If you enjoy a good mystery I highly recommend it. Now we are watching The Fall with Gillian Anderson, and while I don't think it's as good as Broadchurch it's still a pretty darn good mystery. If you couldn't already tell I am a sucker for a good mystery, hehe. What have you guys been watching recently? I'm always looking for new shows.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. 

x's and o's

Please Grow

This time last year our greenhouse was flourishing and I was feeling all kinds of accomplished seeing how I had never really grown anything in my life before. However, this year our little greenhouse is not looking nearly as impressive. I'm hoping that doesn't mean that last year was just a fluke and my green thumb is lacking, haha. 
We got a late start planting (didn't get the greenhouse repaired soon enough) and then we had a bit of a rodent problem. The darn little buggers nibbled up all my corn and killed other seedlings by covering them up with dirt. Thankfully, I think we have gotten rid all of them so hopefully the new seeds have a chance to grow. Hopefully we can get almost as much as we did last year, because it was so delightful cooking with fresh veggies that we had grown ourselves. 

Are you guys growing anything this year? I would love to see how your garden is doing so share a link in the comments!

x's and o's

Grandma Lea

My Grandma Lea passed away over the weekend.   

My brother and I spent almost every day of our childhood with her, and she left us with so many wonderful and extraordinary memories. Grandma Lea's house was the cool house where sliding down the railing was not only ok, but it would turn into a race with her keeping time and cheering us on. She spoiled us rotten and let us have whatever sugary cereal we wanted; Peter Piper Pizza Fridays were a normal occurrence during the summers. When we were old enough she taught us all the swear words in Portuguese, but told us only to use them when we really had to, and never at someone. She was the classiest lady you would have ever met wearing high heels and tailored outfits everywhere she went even if it was just over to our house. 

I have scheduled posts for the rest of the week and I will be around but please forgive me if I don't reply back quickly as usual, I just need some time. 

Denim Love

This is one of my favorite shirts, I found it at a Goodwill out in Portland last year. It reminds of something my mom wore when I was growing up. She rocked a lot of denim including a denim jumpsuit or two back in the day. Denim was her go to comfy piece of clothing, and I can totally see why. It's just prefect for those causal comfy kind of days when you can't just wear your pjs all day long, hehe.
The blackberry bushes are in full bloom which means blackberry season will be upon us soon! It is seriously one of my favorite times of the year. I've been reading up on how to make jam, so I think I am going to give it a shot this year. We have a ridiculous amount of mason jars left over from the wedding so I can probably afford to use two or ten for jam, haha. 
shirt // Goodwill
jeans // Forever 21
This weekend was a very nice and relaxing one filled with bad action movies, homemade pizza, strawberry pie, and lots of laughter with new friends. I think I ate my weight in yummy food too, looking forward to some just simple kale salads the next couple of days hehe. But hey that's what weekends are for right? 

What are some of your favorite things to do over the weekend? 

x's and o's


Will and I make videos for a living, but we also make videos for fun. So I thought it would fun to share one with you guys every so often. I really have a hard time picking just one favorite because each carries such fond memories. 

This is the first video we ever worked on together back in 2009! I had so much fun creating the character and the sets, I also like to believe that my crafting of little characters has improved as well, hehe. But these guys sure to hold a special place in my heart.
Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. 

x's and o's

Little Things

(click for larger image)
For the past two days we have been living in a rain cloud up on the mountain, lucky to see a glimpse of the sky or the town below us. These are some of my favorite kinds of days, days usually filled with hot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and a movie or two. I also love to just stare out the window and watch the clouds move past us, and often wish I could be both up here and down in town at the same time to see what it must look like down there. 

Work has been quite the past couple of days and we have had a little break which has been very nice. Sometimes you just need a day or two of rest to really take in the mountain again. 

We have friends in town today so I think that calls for some homemade pizza and strawberry pie. Any day where I can make a pie is a good day in my book.

What are you all up to this weekend?

x's and o's

Ferris Wheels and Cotten Candy

This dress is one of my favorites (that I don't get to wear as often as I would like), as it has such great memories attached to it. I got it last year to wear for our engagement photos, and it's kind of crazy to think that we got those photos taken only last year. It almost feel like a lifetime ago. Things were so different at the beginning of last year, we hadn't even moved into the tiny cabin yet! The dress is a bit too fancy for just hanging around the mountain, especially because I love to wear it with heels (which are definitely not practical up here, haha), but it does work perfectly for a date day out in Winchester. 
This dress reminds me of a fair with its lovely colors and stripes, and it kind of makes me want to eat some cotton candy or funnel cake hehe. And speaking of fairs, it's looking like Will and I will be finally making it to the Delaware State Fair! When we lived out there we had always talked about going, but somehow always managed to be out of town and completely miss it. I'm pretty excited, I've only been to a state fair once back in Arizona when I was in high school, though that was during the day so I didn't get to enjoy all the lights. 
This button came with an American Girl Doll (Molly for all those interested hehe) that I got when I was little. I recently came across a couple of bags of them in my old room at my dad's house, and needless to say I was pretty excited. They are the prefect accent piece to any outfit, in my mind.
Just raising the roof or something, hehe.
dress // ModCloth
cardigan // Target 
shoes // Zappos
Just before we did took these photos we came across this little guy who was doing his best freeze action hoping we wouldn't see him, haha. After we took a couple of pictures we left him be so he could unfreeze and get back to his little burrow. I always get a kick out of seeing all the little mountain creatures running around, my four year old self comes shinning through and all I want to do is make them my friends haha. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely day.

x's and o's

Stay A While

In a few short weeks Google Reader will be leaving us all behind. I'm pretty bummed about it going away as I've been using it for years and I'm a creature of habit. Even though there was an initial shock I've since put on my big girl shoes and checked out a couple Google Reader alternatives where I've moved over all of my blogs. Hopefully you all have been able to find a new reader that you all enjoy almost as much as Google Reader (if not more). I also hope this blog made the move with you.

Just incase you haven't made the switch yet, here are two of the best ways to continue following Little Lady Little City.
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There are also other ways you can follow the fun! 
Facebook - I link to all new posts as well as some chitchating with you all!
Instagram - Lots of pictures of life up on the mountain and my cat.
Twitter - Love getting to chat with you all so easily! 
Pinterest - Just recently got back into it and am kind of addicted all over again.
Google+ - Links to all new posts.

Thanks so much for following along, you all are the best!

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