Mountain Home: A Work in Progress

After my last Mountain Home post I got a lot of people saying that they want to see more of the house and what is going on, so I thought I would share a little more of the outside of the house (it has been forever since I have really shown the outside work). While there is still a looooong way to go before it looks anywhere close to being finished, it's home and I love it. 
Eventually the house will be covered in stone, like the chimney. It is an extremely slow process as you have to wait for the previous layer of cement to almost completely dry before you start on the next layer. And the stones we are using are not the lightest things on earth haha. Sometimes it's hard to imagine what the house is going to look like all finished, because I'm so used to see it just with the cinder blocks I know one day it's going to be absolutely beautiful! 
I think one of my favorite things is that our house is surrounded by trees and beautiful tall grass. There is something so wonderful when the wind blows through the grass, I seriously could just sit and watch/listen to it all evening. I'm hoping to get our little fire pit rebuilt soon so Will and I can hangout enjoying the clouds and the nice breeze with maybe a root beer float or two, hehe.

What are some of the favorite things about your home?

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  1. Amanda, your house is so gorgeous even though it's unfinished. It's going to look so awesome covered in stone!

    Ironically, the outside area of our house is my favorite part. We have a nice shaded (in the summer) back yard. We chose not to take down the trees in the back and just fence in the grassy (more like weedy) area so our kids can play safely since we live on a really busy road. In the summer, the leaves and trees make a gorgeous green "curtain" across the back and it's so relaxing to sit out there in the afternoon.

  2. That is just BEAUTIFUL! We are in the process of fixing up our house. Not as complex as yours by I feel your pain in having ot wait for things.. Its no fun :P

  3. So pretty! I bet it will look amazing once it is finished! It is a really great landscape too!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  4. My husband and I dream of building our own home someday so I love watching your progress!

  5. Wow! Your house is in a perfect place to be surrounded by trees and the openness! :) Love it! Can't wait to see more process xx

  6. Beautiful! It seems perfect for you :-)

  7. i'm so excited to follow this adventure! such an inspiration <3

  8. The ambition that you both have to complete this house is amazing!! I can't wait to see what it looks like when you are done with. :)

  9. wow! that'S what I call paradise!
    what I like the most about mine is that, even if we're not too far from our neighbors, we're the only house on our street and we're surrounded by the forest.

    Have a nice day!

  10. Oh, how beautiful! So glad to have just found your blog via Bloglovin. Definitely be bookmarking your page :)

    I love the suburban neighborhood I live in. Although I want to move to a bustling city, there's something so peaceful and calming about a walk around the block with my dog in the early evening.



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