Blue Skies and Warm Sunshine

We are back out in DE visiting Will's parents and going to doctor appointments. This is probably the most ridiculous thing to admit, but what the heck, we drive back to DE every year so I can go to my yearly doctor appointment out here, because I simply adore my doctor. She is the most wonderful lady I have ever met and I can not bare trying to find someone to replace her out in WV, haha. That might sound a little crazy but when I was younger I was sick a lot and always saw different doctors (who were not the best with kids and just kind of horrible) so when I actually find one I like actually like I'm not going to let moving five hours away ruin that haha! Thankfully we can tie it in with a visit with Will's parents. 
This is another dress I got during ModCloth's Cabin Fever Sale (I told you I went a little bit overboard hehe). I absolutely love the detail around the top, I am just a big old sucker for anything with lace. I think my only complaint with it is it's a little short for me, which is usually not much of a probably seeing how I am fairly short myself (5' 4 3/4" I totally actually add the 3/4 when I say my height because I am still in denial of my shortness haha) Funny story, when I was little my orthodontist told my brother how tall we were probably going to be based on our teeth (a science I don't understand or believe anymore) my brother was almost spot on, but for me it was about 7 inches off! I had dreams of being 5' 11" and when I hit this height in about third grade I just new it was going to happen. Then I just stopped growing. It was one of the saddest years in my life when I went from being the tallest of everyone in my class to one of the shortest. I think I need a support group hehe. 
dress // ModCloth
cardigan // Target
tights // gift
shoes // Forever 21
floral turban // courtesy of Pink Lemonade (use code 'littlelady' to get 20% off)
I am all kinds of in love with this turban. I've been absolutely loving the look for quite sometime, but always a little afraid to try it myself. I stepped out of my comfort zone, however, and gave it a whirl and have been really loving it. Granted, there have been a couple of times when I look at my hair and go 'yikes' because the turban has slipped up, but now I just keep an eye on it better.
And just for good measure the 'I'm pretty much done taking pictures' goofy pose. I tend to bust out all my Glamour Shot poses from the 90's when I have had about enough, haha. But 'comon who doesn't love the peek-a-boo pose haha. 

Are there any styles you guys have recently tried that were a little outside of your comfort zone? Did you end up loving or hating it?

Hope everyone is having a great day! 

x's and o's


  1. I loveee the head wrap! I never really wore head bands or wraps much either, until I started growing out my pixie I can't stop wearing them!

    You're In Brookelynn

  2. The turban is super cute. You've inspired me.. perhaps I'll make one!

    And nothing is wrong with being a shorty! I'm 5 feet and I'm proud of it!

  3. That dress is gorgeous, you look fantastic!

  4. yearly, i go all the way back to NJ to go to my doctor, too!
    cute outfit!


  5. lovely turban and the collar detail on the dress is presh! really cute! I used to wish to be shorter (being petite is cute!) then there was a point in my life where I wanted to be "model"-tall (like 5'9-6'0) Being 5'7 is like not "short and cute" but not "whoa, you're so tall" I've since come to terms with being average-ish. I guess the grass is always greener...

    <3 Haley

  6. Oh man, I feel ya on the height thing. I was 5'4 in 4th grade, and one of the tallest girls in my class. I HAVEN'T GROWN SINCE. I'm the oldest daughter in my family, but also the shortest. I hate that!

    At least it means we can rock the shorter dresses without looking indecent? This dress is daringly short but so pretty on you.

    <3 jen @ librarian tells all

  7. This outfit is so pretty! I especially love the headband. I completely can relate with the Dr thing, it can be SO hard to find a good one!

  8. Love the dress, love the headband, ok, I love it all. And no it's not crazy to stick with a dr. you love. Good drs. are hard to find.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  9. How perfect! Absolutely loving this entire outfit, you are adorable girl!
    xo TJ

  10. You look beautiful! I love the turban dear :) I'm also short at 5ft and always wanted to be taller in my younger youth haha! Now I love being small.

    Hope your well and have a safe trip home xx

  11. That turban is just so adorable! And I love that color blue on you!

    I feel the same way about doctors - I adore mine at home, so we'll see what happens when I graduate and actually have to be a grownup. :P


  12. Love the turban on you! I'm also afraid to pull it off but I do love headbands. Will have to try rocking it soon!

  13. your glasses are amazing! need those!! xx

  14. The dress is adorable, i love the lace detail on it. Your turban looks great on you, I just got one recently and have yet to wear it, this inspires me to wear mine soon. I totally feel yah on the short thing, I was taller then everyone in grade school, then i stopped growing and now im the short one, but its all good! :)


  15. You look so cute! And this is why I do not buy dresses from Mod Cloth. This dress wouldn't even come down to my belly button. :) You look lovely though and that turban/headband is so pretty. :) My favorite doc retired and it was horrible. I feel you. It's hard to find someone that you trust. I'd do the same thing. :)

  16. Love the turban! Sort of a 40s flapper meets hippy look here, maybe? :)

    <3 Megan

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  18. Slowly becoming obsessed with you blog (meant in the least creepy way possible). But really, I love your style!


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