Oh Hai Wind

The weather here has been so crazy the last couple of days, yesterday we got a couple inches of snow and then by 1 o'clock today it had all melted off. Hopefully that means that warmer weather is coming soon. I feel bad wishing for warmer weather because I know once it starts getting too warm I am going to be once again longing for cooler weather, haha. I think what I am really looking forward (besides the warmer weather) is for the blossoms to start showing up on the apple trees. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous to look at but they have the most wonderful smell.
As most of you know, I've worn glasses very since kindergarden. Yup, I was one of those little kids with the big soda bottle glasses I'll have to dig up some pictures. One thing that I have always hated was when it was sunny out I couldn't wear sunglasses and see at the same time (unless I doubled them up, which as you can probably guess wasn't the greatest look haha). But some 20 years later I finally have a pair of prescription sunglasses (thank you Firmoo), and I love them. I really love the pairing of the purple and the light pink, I think it just helps to give them a little more personality. They are going to be simply perfect for spring/summer months, I can hardly wait for it to be sunny all the time! I'm still getting used to them, though, as the other day I put them on and forgot about it once I was back inside. I was working on the computer for a good 30 minutes before I remembered, haha!
sweater // Forever 21
jeans and boots // Target
necklace // Birthday gift
sunglasses // courtesy of Firmoo (get your first pair free)
And now to make sense of the title of this post. I originally was wearing my hair down, but when we went out to take these photo the wind was blowing like crazy (a fairly common occurrence up here). I just wish it would ease up when my hair is looking darn adorable down, hehe. Nature, what can you do? 

Is there anything you're looking forward to come spring?

Hope everyone is having a nice middle of the week!

x's and o's


  1. Hey there!

    Thanks so much for your comment! Your blog is so lovely! Would you like to follow each other? I like your cute outfit with the glasses that give it a little kick :)


  2. Those sunglasses are so stinkin cute! I was always the kid who never had to wear glasses, but always wanted to! Kinda funny how that works, haha.
    And I feel you on the wind, it was crazy out here in Illinois yesterday too!


  3. We've been having crazy weather here, too (we border WV). I thought spring would've arrived, but we had icy rain and a snow day on Monday...crazy!


  4. You look so lovely. Adore your outfit.

    Have a Wonderful Day,



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    2. Good lord that is kind of the best spam ever! Hahaha! Also why so much spam blogger?!

  6. I am in desperate need of a pair of prescription sunglasses for driving. I can get away with wearing regular ones while I'm out hiking or walking around town, but boy oh boy do I ever need my glasses for when I'm driving! I'll have to figure out my prescription so I can order a free pair.

    I can't wait to see photos of the beautiful apple blossoms. I can't even imagine how gorgeous it's going to be up there for you guys.

    Happy spring.

  7. Your glasses are totally cute! You look like Nicole Ritchie in that 3rd photo...
    I've been wearing glasses since I was 14 and got some prescription sunglasses dirt cheap while travelling in Asia. I got fed up with having to change sun for regular and vice versa as I moved around and now gage the weather to decide whether to wear glasses or contacts and sunnies. It's still not easy!

  8. Fingers crossed it warms up soon!! I can't handle these freezing cold mornings!

    And, Uhhhh I totally need that necklace. Like now.

  9. I am so looking forward to spring. Mostly to be able to get outside more and wear less layers! It'll be another month before we get that here though.

  10. I'm looking forward to wearing my pretty dresses without tights! British weather is so unpredictable! The only thing that's making it feel like spring here right now are the lambs being born and seeing them run around the fields. Super cute to watch :)

    I wear glasses too but still haven't been able to purchase a pair of sunnies. I'm one of those people who scowl in the sunny weather. Not good! Haha!

    Lulu xx

  11. I love that last photo of you. So cute!

  12. That's the best one, the photo with your hair blowing everywhere. I live in California so things are already blooming like crazy (pollen EVERYWHERE!) but it rained today. I think I'll miss winter somewhat :)

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  14. You have the best location for photo shoots!

  15. Beautiful photos & outfit! xx


  16. just found you through Gypsy in Jasper, super cute blog!! I'm lovin the colour of your sweater, and that shot of the little racoon is just adorable!
    have a great day,

  17. I really love that last photo :) What a great necklace!

  18. I need cute purple sunglasses! I wear glasses all day every day. :) These are so cute!

  19. We are still covered in several feet of snow, it's really bumming me out! I'm so looking forward to the blooming trees and flowers, and the birds singing away (though I did hear & see a cardinal yesterday) which made my day and reminded me that spring IS coming!
    ♥Emma Deer

  20. I love this outfit - fun, classy, cozy.


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