Another Friend/Thank You

Well, we found another little friend: a little mouse. Actually Wigs found this little guy. But much to her dismay we decided that he would not be a good play friend and caught him to relocate outside. I have a feeling Wigs might just find another one or two of these guys in the coming weeks, that's just one of the downsides of living in a mouse playground, hehe. 
So once we caught the little guy we walked out into the woods on the other side of the mountain and found a nice little spot to let him go on his merry way.
We then continued exploring the woods where found an ATV path and decided to see where it took us. After walking for about forty-five minutes or so before we deiced to hike back up to the top of the mountain and see where we ended up, but it turns out the ATV road was so windy that we only made it as far as our neighbor's house, which just down the road a little ways hehe.

As much I love how the woods look, I'm really interested to see how this path looks once everything is all in bloom and green. We'll have to make sure we venture back to this path once spring actually gets here.

x's and o's

Also, as silly as it sounds thank you for sharing your own struggles with friend making (there should be a mandatory class in college teaching how to make friends post college). It's oddly nice to know that I am not the only one going through this. I'm very thankful to have this blog and to get to call all of you my friends. So thank you all very much, and if you all ever need to talk know that I am here for you guys.


  1. Oh mice. One time we had one in the house and my cat was chasing it. I called my mom at work, almost in hysterics, not knowing what to do. I just kept hearing it squeak. I finally threw a towel over it and dropped it outside. Detest mice.

    And, it is so nice to knowing you're not the only one struggling out of college with friends.

  2. How cute! My husband hates mice but I think they are cute. I know, yes, diseases, blah, blah. But they are tiny and furry and those whiskers!

    I agree. It is painfully difficult to make friends after university. Heck, in university it can be difficult to make friends. You are definitely not alone on that one.

  3. I agree that there needs to be a friend making course! It seems so hard to do these days and at times I feel I must be doing something and thats why people don't like me......(high school insecurities coming out in adulthood) Anyways just wanted to say thanks for sharing, that you are not alone and I greatly enjoy your blog!

  4. What a cute little fella! And how nice of you to relocate him instead of "dealing" with him.

  5. Beautiful! Yes, you must come back and take photos when everything is in bloom. I bet it's pretty spectacular. And thanks for letting me vent about being lonely, haha!
    ♥Emma Deer

  6. aww your little mouse friend is so cute! sometimes i wish i lived near a forest that i could exploring in, it looks beautiful and i'm sure it will be even more so in spring.

    little henry lee

  7. Oh my heavens. I feel like you live in the woods with Snow White. Where every creature is so cute and cuddly - not scary and scraggily like real life. I just want to take this mouse home and feed him mouse things.


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