Firmoo Sunglasses Giveaway!

Spring looks like she is finally coming around, the snow that gloomy winter dumped on us just last week has almost completely melted off, except our snowmen, they look like they are going to stick around a little while longer hehe. I am looking forward to some nice warm sunshine and getting to wear some fun dresses without a thousand layers, hehe. And with all that sunshine everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses, which is why I am excited to be hosting a sunglasses giveaway from Firmoo
1 // 2
They have a nice little selection of sunglasses. I am seriously loving those tortoise shell ones right now, I think they would be the perfect accessory to any outfit! While they don't have the largest sunglesses selection they let you make a pair of eye glasses into sunglasses, which is what I did with the pair I recently got. I really like this method because you can choose how dark you want to tint your lenses and you have a wider selection of frames.
1 // 2
Ok enough of me blabbing away and onto the giveaway! One lucky Little Lady Little City reader will win a pair of of sunglasses from Firmoo. This contest is open to everyone, as long as you are located in a place where Firmoo delivers. The giveaway will run until April 8th.

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Good luck everyone!

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Tiny Print: The giveaway will run until April 8th 11:59 PM EST. The winner will be chosen at random by me via a random number generator.  I will contact the winner in a timely mannor (be sure to leave an easy way for me to get ahold of you) and will post the winner on my site shorty after. To learn more about how to order from Firmoo click here. 

'To Go' Mason Jar Glasses DIY

We have a lot of mason jars left over from the wedding, A LOT. So I have been trying to think of stuff to do with them. While pursuing the internets I kept coming across 'to go' mason jars glasses and really like that idea. So with Will's help I created some of our own. It was pretty easy to do and I thought I would do a little DIY for you all just incase you wanted to give it a try. 

Things you will need
  • Mason Jars
  • Sharpie
  • Drill/Hole puncher that can cut metal
  • 1/4" rubber grommet (I got mine at Lowes but you can also get them at Amazon)
  • Straws
1 // Chose what size mason jar (I used quart sized). 2 // Mark where you want the hole for the straw to be. 3 // I picked the middle, but I have seen ones closer to the rim that look really nice too.
4 // Drill/punch a hole big enough for the grommet to fit through. 5 // Work the grommet through the hole, this might take a little bit. If you can't get it through try making your hole a little larger. 6 // Once the grommet is in rince off the lid and the jar to make sure any little pieces of metal from the drilling are all gone.
And bam you've got yourself a 'to go' mason jar glass. I've been really enjoying using them, in fact I have one full of water sitting right next to me as I type this :) I can't wait for the weather to warm up and have some friends come up for the weekend and we can fill them up with something nice and cold while we eat something yummy off the grill. Oh spring where are you?

There will be at least a couple more mason jar related DIY showing up on the blog, as I mentioned before there are still at least 80 sitting in our pantry right now collecting dust, hehe. I'm thinking I will have some in the bathroom, maybe turn some into lights, who knows what we shall make, but I think it's going to be a lot of fun! Let me know if you make some of your own.

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Will Knows the Way to My Heart...

Especially ones starring my littlest Wigs!!
We decided to let Wigs come and play in the 4 inches of snow we got over night, so of course we got her all dressed up in her warmest clothes (and truth be told the only clothes we have for her, hehe) and let her out. And she absolutely hated it, haha! The snow was soft so she kept sinking in when she tried to walk which she was not happy about. She immediately started to climb on me, so I sat down. I like to think she enjoyed sitting on my lap a little better. Just thought I had to share this with you guys because it makes my heart so wonderfully happy! 

Do you guys ever do goofy things with your pets?

x's and o's

Fitness Sundays

This week was a good week with the Revolt challenge. I only missed one workout and that is because I was pretty tired/sore after moving a cord of wood into the basement for the wood stove. But yesterday I made sure to do both work outs, so as you can imagine I am pretty darn tired today, hehe. 

I haven't lost much weight yet, but I definitely finding myself having a lot more energy which has been really nice. Once it starts warming up I'm looking forward to walking around the mountain with Will and Wigs, in addition to the daily work outs. I'm also looking forward to the different fitness level videos Nicole mentioned they were going to start doing. I think they are going to be a great way to make sure that I keep challenging myself. 

What are some of the ways you guys like to stay active?

Happy Sunday! 

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Another Friend/Thank You

Well, we found another little friend: a little mouse. Actually Wigs found this little guy. But much to her dismay we decided that he would not be a good play friend and caught him to relocate outside. I have a feeling Wigs might just find another one or two of these guys in the coming weeks, that's just one of the downsides of living in a mouse playground, hehe. 
So once we caught the little guy we walked out into the woods on the other side of the mountain and found a nice little spot to let him go on his merry way.
We then continued exploring the woods where found an ATV path and decided to see where it took us. After walking for about forty-five minutes or so before we deiced to hike back up to the top of the mountain and see where we ended up, but it turns out the ATV road was so windy that we only made it as far as our neighbor's house, which just down the road a little ways hehe.

As much I love how the woods look, I'm really interested to see how this path looks once everything is all in bloom and green. We'll have to make sure we venture back to this path once spring actually gets here.

x's and o's

Also, as silly as it sounds thank you for sharing your own struggles with friend making (there should be a mandatory class in college teaching how to make friends post college). It's oddly nice to know that I am not the only one going through this. I'm very thankful to have this blog and to get to call all of you my friends. So thank you all very much, and if you all ever need to talk know that I am here for you guys.

Little Thoughts

I've talked about this subject in the past once or twice, and have always felt like such a big weirdo when doing so, but that hasn't stopped me yet. Working from home and living in a small town (that is fairly void of young people) does not make for easy friend making. And seriously no one tells you that once you are done with college friend making is going to be insanely hard, especially if you are just awkward at life. I have some very dear friends who live a couple hours away but that is a bit too far to drive when you just want to grab a cup of coffee after work is done and chat. I absolutely love living where we do, but it always seems like after spending a week in Phoenix surrounded by friends and family, I get the isolated blues when I get back.

Sometimes I just wish I could make a house big enough for all of my friends to live in and we could hang out all the time. 

Oh Hai Wind

The weather here has been so crazy the last couple of days, yesterday we got a couple inches of snow and then by 1 o'clock today it had all melted off. Hopefully that means that warmer weather is coming soon. I feel bad wishing for warmer weather because I know once it starts getting too warm I am going to be once again longing for cooler weather, haha. I think what I am really looking forward (besides the warmer weather) is for the blossoms to start showing up on the apple trees. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous to look at but they have the most wonderful smell.
As most of you know, I've worn glasses very since kindergarden. Yup, I was one of those little kids with the big soda bottle glasses I'll have to dig up some pictures. One thing that I have always hated was when it was sunny out I couldn't wear sunglasses and see at the same time (unless I doubled them up, which as you can probably guess wasn't the greatest look haha). But some 20 years later I finally have a pair of prescription sunglasses (thank you Firmoo), and I love them. I really love the pairing of the purple and the light pink, I think it just helps to give them a little more personality. They are going to be simply perfect for spring/summer months, I can hardly wait for it to be sunny all the time! I'm still getting used to them, though, as the other day I put them on and forgot about it once I was back inside. I was working on the computer for a good 30 minutes before I remembered, haha!
sweater // Forever 21
jeans and boots // Target
necklace // Birthday gift
sunglasses // courtesy of Firmoo (get your first pair free)
And now to make sense of the title of this post. I originally was wearing my hair down, but when we went out to take these photo the wind was blowing like crazy (a fairly common occurrence up here). I just wish it would ease up when my hair is looking darn adorable down, hehe. Nature, what can you do? 

Is there anything you're looking forward to come spring?

Hope everyone is having a nice middle of the week!

x's and o's

Back on the Mountain

We are finally back at our little mountain home for at least the next month or so, and boy does it feel nice. We really haven't been here since we left to start filming our documentary back in November. It's really funny how we have been gone for so long, but at the same time it feels like only yesterday that we left. The only thing that's different is there's a lot more dust (due to all the cement) on things, thank goodness for Swiffers
So Will and I have spent the last couple of days getting things organized once again, setting up computers, organizing all the external hard drives, trying to find all the usb cords for the previously mentioned hard drives, hehe. While we haven't done too much since being back we did have a very interesting guest show up at our front door.
A raccoon! I had to throw something away outside and I opened up the front door to find this little guy sleeping on our welcome mat. I have to say my reaction to finding him there was pretty ridiculous, I opened the door, saw him and made a "ooo" sound as if I had walked in on someone in the bathroom, haha! So I got Will and Shaye (who was hanging out with us for the weekend) up and showed them who had stopped by for a visit. Is it weird that until then I had never seen a raccoon in person?
After a little while of watching the little guy we had to shoo him off as we didn't think it would be a good idea having him make his home on our front door step, even though I would have loved that! I mean come one look at those eyes! My dad actually had pet raccoons when he was a kid and I have always been so jealous of that.

Have you guys ever had an unexpected guest at your door step?

Hope everyone is having a nice Monday!

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Fitness Sundays

This week was a hard week mainly because of all of the traveling that I was doing. I did a pretty good job of keeping with the meal plan while in Phoenix, but those travel days were just kind of lost. It's hard not to beat yourself up over those messed up days, but you can't just do that because it does you no good. So I am getting myself all ready for another week, and now that I am back on one place for awhile I think it is going to be a lot easier. 

And on a side note Google Reader is going away sadness, but there are still other ways to follow along if you would like too, RSS, Bloglovin

Little Bits and Pieces

1// Tea from my dad's favorite breakfast place. 2// My morning routine of reader all of my favorite blogs. 3// Lots of laughs and good conversations over a Nami with some of my oldest friends. 4// The view from my old room, it's nothing fancy but it is one of my favorites. 

My Phoenix trip had its ups and downs just like it always seems to now a days, but it's always nice to come home and sleep in my old room. I'm on a plane back to the mountain house today, I'll be happy to be home for a little while. 

x's and o's

So Excited!!

Ok guys so I have been keeping a little something under my hat lately: I'm going to be an AUNT!!!! My brother and his lovely wife are expecting their first child, a little boy, at the end of April and I am so excited! Will and I get to be those cool aunts and uncles that kids love, or at least I hope we will be those cool aunts and uncles, and not just some weirdos, who live on a mountain in WV haha!
Because Will and I were traveling for the Documentary, we knew we wouldn't be able to help out as much with the shower, so we offered to do the invitations. The theme for the shower were dinosaurs so we thought instead of a stork bring the baby we would make it a pterodactyl, and I must say it came out pretty darn adorable! 
I have no idea where people got their gift bags, but they were all so freaking cute. I kind of wanted to take them all home with me, once the gifts were taken out haha! 
Someone came up with the wonderful idea of a sunday bar. And can I just say I really lucked out that the babyshower happened on my free day with the fitness program, so I was able to partake just a little bit. It took all my willpower to not go back for a larger portion and or seconds haha! 
Brian and Dev played a little Newly Weds type game answering baby related questions. You can see that Brian was a little unsure about some of them haha. 
I have a feeling my little nephew is going to the best dressed little guy in town. He seriously got a ridiculous amount of adorable clothes. Will and I are actually still working on our gift for the little guy, all the traveling really got us off track, but I seriously cannot wait till it is done to give to him. Hopefully he will love it/have very fond memories of it when he gets older.

Eee! I can hardly wait for this little guy to get here so I can meet him! And I can hardly wait for Brian and Dev to be parents because I think they are going to beyond amazing! I'm just so excited!

What are some fun things you guys do with your nieces and nephews?

x's and o's

Fitness Sunday

The first week of the Revolt program was a little difficult, my legs are just now starting to not to feel like jelly haha! I'm really hoping that as the program goes on my muscles won't be dying all the time. But I think it is something I can keep up with for the whole 12 weeks. I'm liking that the workouts have been only about 30 minutes long, so they have been something Will and I have been doing them in the morning before we get to work. I've been enjoying getting back into the habit of working out before the work day, to get the blood pumping. 

I've actually started to noticed that I don't feel quite as tired throughout the day, and seem to have a little more energy, which I am really liking. Also I noticed some of my cloths fitting me a little better, which is just an added bonus. I'm excited to see where this whole program takes me!

x's and o's

Revolt did give me my membership for free but all my opinions, successes and any setbacks are my own. 

What to Wear: St. Patrick's Day/On My Birthday

I am all kinds of excited to be a part of the What to Wear series started by the awesome Nicole, especially because my first post is on my birthday (the big old 29)! I am actually flying back to Phoenix today so I decided to try and make flying on my birthday a little nicer by wearing this outfit. Usually I am a jeans and comfy shirt kind of flyer, but not on my birthday!
I got this fantastic dress during ModCloth's last big 70% off sale (I actually got three other pieces as well, I just couldn't help myself, and I had a gift card). I am such a sucker for anything kelly green that I probably have a dozen different pieces in the color. But if you want to know something funny, for as many things I have in green I have forgotten to wear it on St. Patrick's day pretty much since middle school, haha. So needless to say I usually get lots of pinches, but not this year, no siree.
I know this is a super weird hand pose but I want to show the ring my Nana left me after she passed. 
  dress // ModCloth
tights // gift
shoes // Lulu's
ring // my Nana's
necklace // Unexpected Expectancy (gift from Will)
Also can we take a moment and look at how ridiculously amazing the back on this dress is! I've seen this style around before and have always loved it, but I never found a piece that I would love on me. The placing of the lace on the back was just so lovely, I couldn't help but snatch it up. I am such a fan of dresses that seem pretty unassuming from the front and then bam the back is something really unexpected.

Fingers crossed that my flight doesn't get canceled again do to of this crazy weather we are having out here, and that my dad will bring me a tsoynami (it's a soy milkshake kind of thing, and is amazing!) as a birthday treat when he picks me up!

Be sure to check out all the other lovely ladies involved in the What to Wear series! I cannot wait to see all of their outfit picks!
Wigs decided to watch the picture taking action. And no we did not paint her nails pink, those are kitty caps the store only had pink ones. Will's parents were watching her while we were in Maine, and I wanted to make sure she didn't scratch up anything in their house. Is it ridiculous that I am kind of loving them on her, haha!

x's and o's

Feeling Fancy

I was suppose to leave tomorrow for Phoenix but it looks like the weather had other plans, so now unfortunately I will be flying on my birthday. Not the funnest thing to be doing. I told my dad that I was pretty bummed to be flying on my birthday and he said 'Oh maybe one of the flight attendants will have a cupcake waiting for you.' Haha! He is pretty much the silliest person I know, and can almost always make me smile. 
Now onto this beyond wonderful dress. The lovely people over at Eshakti sent it over to me, and I am all kinds of in love with it. They allow you to customize dresses to your actual measurements, which I absolutely love, because we have all had that moment when you try something super cute on in the size you always wear and it just fits really oddly. 
  dress // c/o Eshakti
shoes and tights // Target
I think one of my favorite parts of the dress in the design on the neckline. It almost looks like a necklace which makes trying to figure out which necklace to wear a lot easier hehe. 

Eshakti is also offering all my lovely readers a 20% discount code on any purchases made now through March 20th. Just use the promo code LTTLELDYLT. And if you do end up getting something from there I would love to see it! 

Hope everyone is having a lovely day.

x's and o's

This is a sponsored post and I was given this dress for free from Eshakti to review on my blog, but all my opinions are my own. As always be sure to do your own research.

Fitness Sundays

Weight isn't something I usually talk about here, mainly because I have always been pretty ok with my size. Granted I do have my moments of just feeling like I was gross, but I think everyone goes through that no matter what size they are. Recently I have startet to feel a little more down about the way I look and feel, and I am not liking it one bit.

I think a lot of it comes from the fact that last summer Will and I got in the really wonderful groove of eating healthier and walking around the mountain every day for exercise. I lost a little weight, and most importantly Will and I both felt great almost all the time. However, since driving around the country for the documentary that routine has kind of gone out the window. With most of our trips taking well over 12 hours, the last thing you want to do is stop somewhere too long to get food, so it was usually fast food and gas stations. And once we got to our hotels we typically were way too exhausted from driving or running around getting interviews to hit the gym. We have been stuck in this kind of unhealthy rut and are just feeling bleh. 

So when I got an email from the people over at Revolt asking me if I wanted to be part of their twelve week blogger fitness program I felt like it was a sign to get back on track. I've never tried an online fitness program before, so I have no idea what to expect, I just hope it's something that I can stick with for the whole time. For the next twelve weeks I will be posting every Sunday hopefully about successes and any setbacks I might have.

I really hope I can get back on a healthier routine and make it stick even with all of our travels. What are your favorite healthy foods to eat while traveling? 

x's and o's

Revolt did give me my membership for free but all my opinions, successes and any setbacks are my own. 

Bear Hat

If you follow me on IG or read the Oh Canada post than you probably have seen this hat (that Will bought in Canada) already, but I am so smitten with it that I have decided that it needs a post dedicated just to it! Or maybe it's my not subtle way of asking Will to give it to me, I kid only a little, haha!  
This hat is all kinds of wonderful, not only it is ridiculously warm, but I think it is pretty darn cute too. You do end up getting a side glance or two when walking around town, but I like to think it's just because people are super jealous. 
I think I might have to go back across the boarder to get my own hat because Will seriously looks far to handsome in it to steal from him. 

We are headed back to WV today, the drive will take about 15 hours, ugh. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a rest in bed day after that drive, hehe!

x's and o's