So Much Snow

The other day we got quite the little snow storm, I'm talking near white out conditions. It was pretty darn fun, mainly because we didn't have to go anywhere and had plenty of hot coco on hand. Will and I did get all bundled up and ventured out into it for a moment. It was so cold that even with long johns, pants, two sweatshirts, and a jacket I was still freezing, but it didn't stop us from taking a couple super awesome jumping photos. 
I love this picture of me because I think I look like a giant blueberry, I have some many layers on my jacket could hardly handle it, haha. 
By the time we headed back inside (which couldn't have been more than 30 minutes) Will's beard had started to freeze! It seriously was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen! 

Hope everyone is having a nice day.

x's and o's 


  1. Kind of jealous of all that snow!

    Nick's mustache ends up freezing a lot during winter months haha!

  2. Love the jumping pictures, haha! We got some snow last night too, but not as much as it seems you guys got! I think we got the same freezing temperatures, though!


  3. hahaha, love these pictures :)

  4. I don't envy the snow but I love the pictures. Looks like you made the most out of what I would call a bad situation hah! :)

  5. Wow his beard looks cool - I am from Texas and never seen snow like that before!! Looks amazing!!

    FYI I saw that you wrote a book and made a video - that song is so catchy!! I have been humming it all day!!

  6. Wow that looks amazing!
    Living in Sydney we don't seem to get that much snow here haha
    Looks like you had a great time
    Thanks for sharing your pics :)


  7. How awesome! It makes me wish I lived where it snowed badly.

  8. You guys are so awesome:)

    P.S. We have very similar weather conditions in Canada, but I've yet to adopt your positive attitude about it -- it's just too darn cold!

  9. ha! frozen beard. And I must say, you two are excellent photo jumpers. )

  10. Awesome! We didn't have any snow over here in France. Blah. :(

  11. It looked very cold out there. No wonder you only stayed out for about 30 minutes. I don't think I would have lasted that long! I love the photos. It looks like you're jumping so high!

  12. Ha that puts the British version of 'snow storm' in perspective, i.e. a couple of inches! Looks pretty fun!

  13. eeee! I love snow days. We got a big dump of snow over the weekend. It was lovely!

    PLEASE join What to Wear! We would so love to have you, especially on you birthday. :)

  14. Love your jumping photos, looks like so much fun! I pretty much live in a huge weather bubble and everywhere but here has gotten lots of snow and snow days except for me :(

    kendall from buttons & blossoms


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