Kansas City

Before getting to Kansas City all I really knew about it was that those lucky devils have Google Fiber, something I am beyond jealous about. So after Will and I got to explore around a little bit I was pleasantly surprised with just how much the city had to offer. One of my absolute favorite things to check out was their giant farmers market. 
Unfortunately we got there as it was finishing up so we didn't get to see the market in all it's glory, but it was still pretty great. I'm talking about a carton of strawberries for only a dollar! I'm a sucker for yummy fruit at glorious prices, hehe! Hopefully we will be able to get back there soon so I can really take advantage of the market. 
We walked around downtown a little bit on and got to check out all the great architecture. I'm not sure when a lot of the buildings were built but they seemed pretty old. Lots of them were made of red brick which I love. We were actually walking around town on Super Bowl Sunday so there wasn't a soul around. I still can't tell if that made it super cool or super creepy. Too bad we aren't making a post-apocalyptic movie because we sure would have some great scenic shots haha! 
We also stumbled across Union Station, which was amazing. It's a former Amtrak Station built in 1914 but closed down in the 1980's where it just sat neglected. In the mid 1990's it was restored and now houses restaurants  museums, and even a post office. It is such a beautiful building. 
If any of you guys are planning a trip to Kansas City just be aware everything seems to be closed on Mondays haha. A lot of our exploring happened on Monday so we just got to see the outsides of a lot of buildings haha. 

Hope everyone is having a nice Monday.

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  1. Aww, I have never left the highway on my way through Kansas City! But I adore Farmer's Markets! I wish I had seen it!!

    This Lovely Little Day

  2. Cool photos! I love a city with some nice architecture :)


  3. The ceiling at Union Station is lovely.

    new follower :)

  4. I've never been - what a lovely city to visit - the last few shots are super pretty

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

  5. Those Farmer's Market picture have me in awe. I'm jealoussss!!

  6. i've been to the union stations in dc and nyc, and i think they are just the most romantic places. there are so many people going here and there, and i just imagine them reuniting with their loves. makes me feel very swoony. looks like a fun trip!

  7. I've been at that farmer's market!! We went a few years back on vacation. We ended up there during their Art Chalk Walk and it was gorgeous. I have a friend living there now, you're making me want to go back for a visit! :)
    Catherine Denton

  8. THanks for dropping by my blog and for your kind comment :)
    Love your blog by the way! Makes me wanna visit Kansas City! :D

  9. Oh man I use to live in the Kansas City area and you pictures made me miss it so much! I am glad you enjoyed the city, it has a lot to offer.

  10. I've been looking up some Kansas City activities because I'm planning to visit there with my family soon. Thanks for the great pictures, I can't wait to experience the city in person :)


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