Does This Make Me a Super Hero?

Before we started on this massive cross country road trip, while we were still in Phoenix, I was in need of some warmer coats. Foolishly, I left my warmest jackets hanging on a coat hook right next to our front door in WV. I put them there because I knew there was no way both Will and I would forget them, haha! So I hit up a Burlington Coat Factory in search of something to replace them and keep me warm.

I tried on a couple coats not really falling in love with any of them, but then I saw this lovely purple cape! I tried it on and I was completely sold until I looked at the price. Having never been in a Burlington Coat Factory the only thing I knew of them was from the commercials. You know the "I got tons of things for the same price as your one item from a department store." I guess department store prices have gone up a lot since I was last in one, haha! So after playing a lot of the pro and con game with Will (one of his favorites hehe) I decided to buy it, and I am so happy I did! 
I really love the back of the cape! Not being the skinniest person, wearing clothes (especially jackets/capes) that just kind of hang off of me isn't the most attractive look. So I was over the moon when I tried this cape on and saw that is was cinched around the waist! I almost don't want the cold weather to go anywhere so I can keep wearing it! 
I picked up this shirt from Goodwill while in Portland solely because of the print. I'm still trying to figure out how to style it because it is shorter than I am used too. Right now I just wear a tank top tucked in underneath. I'm sure I will figure out how to style it, but until then I just keep wearing it like this. 
  shirt // thrifted
jeans and boots // Target
cape // Burlington Coat Factory
It was crazy windy when taking these pictures so I just threw my hair up quickly. I am realizing it is looking kind of ridiculous, but eh that's real life sometimes. I have some really wonderful photos of Kansas City from yesterday that I will be sharing with you all later in the week. 

How's your week been going? 

x's and o's

And just for some good measure a super goofy photo of myself, I have no clue what is going on with my legs, but try not to be too jealous of this awesome pose I did, hehe! 


  1. the print on that shirt is fantastic. i love finding unique prints like that while thrifting!

  2. This coat is awesome! And so is your sassy pose.


  3. You are on top of the world! I'm glad you bought the coat because it does wonders for your shape. The cinched waist in the front and back is a great detail.

  4. I love the goofy pose it's so much fun. The sleeves on that cape make it look really comfortable.

  5. That coat is great! And I love this series of pictures. :)

  6. What I've been thinking lately is that clothes that conform to our body's break points are the best. So, say, at the ankle, the knee, the waist, or the elbow or wrist. When it's in between, it already challenges that and looks awkward. Maybe why your cape is cute is because it pays attention to your waist

  7. Love it! That cape is amazing. When are you coming Nashville ways?

  8. You are so cute! I love that you can pull of a cape. I just watched that Seinfeld episode where George's dad is hanging out with a "man in a cape" and that's what I thought of when I started reading your post. Hehe.

    I hope that your travels are going well. xx

    Hi to Will and Wigs.

  9. That coat is great! Love it with the tailored/hugging jeans and well-worn, made-for-you boots! What a great location, perfect for this outfit!

    <3 Megan

  10. I've always debated buying a cape, wondering if it would be either awesome or awful. But dang, that looks really good, and now I sort of wish I had gotten one earlier so we could be cape buddies. Also Burlington is nowhere near as cheap as they say they are. But that's a good buy.

  11. i love your coat dear!


  12. I would say that is a definite super hero coat!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.. it's lovely to meet you :)


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