Oh Canada!

Every time Will and I visit Maine I always say how much I want to go up to Canada, but for one reason or another we don't, usually because I forgot our passports. This time I made sure I had our passports in my purse before we left on our drive across the country back in November. So once we got up here we picked a day to travel up north. 

We had a little bit of a hiccup getting over the boarder, because I had never been to Canada before. So they asked us to go inside the building and asked us a couple of questions, then just told us to have a seat and it would just be a moment. Then they called up just Will and talked to him for a little bit, apparently a red flag came up with his name and asked if he had ever been in trouble, to which he said no, just some speeding tickets when he was younger. They asked him if he was sure, he said yes, and they just let us go (the US had no problem with us coming back in haha). It was one of the weirdest things, now we just need to find out why that red flag came up. 
(click to see larger)
Will's aunt had the week off and was kind enough to indulge my Canadian fancies. We stopped off in the town of Saint George and just walked around looking at all the adorable little shops, and houses. As we were walking we found this delightful little gent, so of course we all took turns posing. 
We decided to venture further into Canada and ended up in Saint John's where we went to the farmers market for lunch. This one was almost as wonderful as the one we went to in Kansas City. It was very nice to be inside because it was quite cold outside that day. 
We came across this statue as we were checking out some of the local shops, and we took photo, which I think might just be my absolute favorite of Will haha. He got his bear hat while we were in Canada, it was only $5 and is pretty much the best purchase of the day. 

We had plans to head back to the mountain house on Thursday, but it is looking like another big snow storm is heading up our way. So we might be staying here a little longer, which is fine by us because we really love it up here. 

x's and o's

Eastport Maine

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The other day Will and I decided to get out of our "office" and venture around the town of Eastport. It is such a nice town, filled with lots of lovely little shops and restaurants. There was this bakery that look so adorable, but unfortunately it was closed when we were exploring. Apparently during the last big storm their building leaked so they are in the process of fixing everything. Hopefully it will be opening back up soon so I can get myself a tasty treat.  
This statue was originally put up for a Fox reality show called 'Murder in Small Town X'. I tried to find any of the episodes online but all I could find was the a couple promos for it. Here's one, please note how ridiculous the promo is, hehe.  Caitlin did you ever watch this show?
Hanging out on the dock with my favorite fella.
One of my favorite parts of this whole trip is getting to explore new places. It's funny almost every place we've explored I look at Will and say "We should get a place here." If we actually did do that I think we would seriously have a house in almost every state haha! I can always dream. 

x's and o's

So Much Snow

The other day we got quite the little snow storm, I'm talking near white out conditions. It was pretty darn fun, mainly because we didn't have to go anywhere and had plenty of hot coco on hand. Will and I did get all bundled up and ventured out into it for a moment. It was so cold that even with long johns, pants, two sweatshirts, and a jacket I was still freezing, but it didn't stop us from taking a couple super awesome jumping photos. 
I love this picture of me because I think I look like a giant blueberry, I have some many layers on my jacket could hardly handle it, haha. 
By the time we headed back inside (which couldn't have been more than 30 minutes) Will's beard had started to freeze! It seriously was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen! 

Hope everyone is having a nice day.

x's and o's 


From the moment I stepped foot into Maine three or four years ago I just absolutely feel in love. It is the complete oposite of what I grew up with, which is one of the reasons I just love it so much. I remember as a kid watching movies that were suppose to take place in Maine and always thinking to myself 'one day I want to end up there!' And while that hasn't actually happened, I am lucky enough to now have family up here that Will and I can come and visit. And they are the type of family that lets you stay for as long as you want! 
We are staying with Will's aunt and uncle while we are here, and they have graciously opened up their rental for us to use as our office, seeing how the internet is far better  there than their house. So as we sit working on our computers we get to look out the windows at this glorious view. 

x's and o's

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I Got Tagged

A while back I got tagged by the lovely Nicole to answer some questions and I am finally just getting around to doing it. I like doing these things every so once in awhile because I feel like it's a little way for you guys to get to know me a little better.

So here goes...

If you could only have one outfit in your wardrobe, which would it be?
I think I would have to say this outfit. It is just so wonderfully comfortable, and if you know me I love comfy clothes. Except I think I would like some warmer shoes hehe.

What happens during your ideal 'girls night in'?
It would include some yummy cocktails, boardgames, and a wonderfully bad movie. What can I say I am such a sucker for just movies you can laugh at.

Greatest accomplishment so far?
Mountain Home from Will Hyler on Vimeo.
Greatest accomplishment so far would have to be building the mountain house with Will. Having never really done anything like this before it was something completely out of my comfort zone, and I have the scars to prove it hehe. 
What is one thing that you're looking forward to most for 2013?
I am looking forward to our Documentary! We are actually in the middle of shooting it right now, and I think it is going to come out absolutely amazing!

Where have you found inspiration lately?
I am a little late to the game, but I have finally started to actually use my Pinterest account. And oh my word, it is like inspiration overload for sure. I've been checking out a lot of hair styles and having way to much fun trying them out. 

What was one cool thing that happened to you this past January?
Will and I went on a little day trip when we were out in Phoenix down to Bisbee. It was such a fun little trip.

Who's your Valentine this year?
My wonderful husband.

How many animals have you had over the course of your lifetime?
Probably around ten. Nine dogs and one cat, not all at the same time though :)

What was your first vehicle?
A 1992 white Dodge Minivan. It was great until the front axis broke as I was driving home from school haha. 

Do have a favorite blog? Please share!
I have to say my friend Hannah's blog is my absolute favorite! She writes movie reviews from a feminist point of view and it is beyond amazing.  

What was the last craft/DIY that you created?
I think the last craft/DIY I did was a super hero cape for Wigs, haha! Yes I am one of those people who makes silly things for their cat. 

There you go, you now know a little more about me, wether you wanted to or not hehe. I like Nicole's questions so much I would love for you guys to answer a couple of them in the comments section, so I can get to know you guys a little better too! 

x's and o's

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Kansas City

Before getting to Kansas City all I really knew about it was that those lucky devils have Google Fiber, something I am beyond jealous about. So after Will and I got to explore around a little bit I was pleasantly surprised with just how much the city had to offer. One of my absolute favorite things to check out was their giant farmers market. 
Unfortunately we got there as it was finishing up so we didn't get to see the market in all it's glory, but it was still pretty great. I'm talking about a carton of strawberries for only a dollar! I'm a sucker for yummy fruit at glorious prices, hehe! Hopefully we will be able to get back there soon so I can really take advantage of the market. 
We walked around downtown a little bit on and got to check out all the great architecture. I'm not sure when a lot of the buildings were built but they seemed pretty old. Lots of them were made of red brick which I love. We were actually walking around town on Super Bowl Sunday so there wasn't a soul around. I still can't tell if that made it super cool or super creepy. Too bad we aren't making a post-apocalyptic movie because we sure would have some great scenic shots haha! 
We also stumbled across Union Station, which was amazing. It's a former Amtrak Station built in 1914 but closed down in the 1980's where it just sat neglected. In the mid 1990's it was restored and now houses restaurants  museums, and even a post office. It is such a beautiful building. 
If any of you guys are planning a trip to Kansas City just be aware everything seems to be closed on Mondays haha. A lot of our exploring happened on Monday so we just got to see the outsides of a lot of buildings haha. 

Hope everyone is having a nice Monday.

x's and o's

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Firmoo Glasses Giveaway!

I am super excited to announce another giveaway this month from the lovely people over at Firmoo! I hope you guys are loving the giveaways as much as I'm enjoying hosting them!  
These are the pair that I chose to review a couple of months ago, and I still really love them! Is it silly that ever since I got them I've really wanted to host a Harry Potter Movie Party? Hehe!

There are so many wonderful frames available on Firmoo, seriously they have more frames than there is time to wear them all. Here are a couple of my recent favorites!
1 // 2

1 // 2
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Does This Make Me a Super Hero?

Before we started on this massive cross country road trip, while we were still in Phoenix, I was in need of some warmer coats. Foolishly, I left my warmest jackets hanging on a coat hook right next to our front door in WV. I put them there because I knew there was no way both Will and I would forget them, haha! So I hit up a Burlington Coat Factory in search of something to replace them and keep me warm.

I tried on a couple coats not really falling in love with any of them, but then I saw this lovely purple cape! I tried it on and I was completely sold until I looked at the price. Having never been in a Burlington Coat Factory the only thing I knew of them was from the commercials. You know the "I got tons of things for the same price as your one item from a department store." I guess department store prices have gone up a lot since I was last in one, haha! So after playing a lot of the pro and con game with Will (one of his favorites hehe) I decided to buy it, and I am so happy I did! 
I really love the back of the cape! Not being the skinniest person, wearing clothes (especially jackets/capes) that just kind of hang off of me isn't the most attractive look. So I was over the moon when I tried this cape on and saw that is was cinched around the waist! I almost don't want the cold weather to go anywhere so I can keep wearing it! 
I picked up this shirt from Goodwill while in Portland solely because of the print. I'm still trying to figure out how to style it because it is shorter than I am used too. Right now I just wear a tank top tucked in underneath. I'm sure I will figure out how to style it, but until then I just keep wearing it like this. 
  shirt // thrifted
jeans and boots // Target
cape // Burlington Coat Factory
It was crazy windy when taking these pictures so I just threw my hair up quickly. I am realizing it is looking kind of ridiculous, but eh that's real life sometimes. I have some really wonderful photos of Kansas City from yesterday that I will be sharing with you all later in the week. 

How's your week been going? 

x's and o's

And just for some good measure a super goofy photo of myself, I have no clue what is going on with my legs, but try not to be too jealous of this awesome pose I did, hehe! 

Salt Lake City

We had such a blast while in Salt Lake City (even if it was overcast and snowy the whole time) thanks to the absolutely adorable Gentri! It's funny I've been blogging for a little while and Gentri was actually the first blogger friend I have met in real life, so I was all kinds of nervous (and probably totally awkward haha), but after a little bit of hanging out I felt like we had been friends for years. If you don't already follow her blog get on it, she seriously won't disappoint! 
She was kind enough kind enough to show Will and I around Salt Lake City. We got to check out Temple Square and drove around downtown a little bit. I love when large cities feel more like an old little town, I am just such a sucker for old brick buildings. 
Then the next day we went sledding up at Soldier Hollow and had such a blast! They pull you up the hill which was amazing because climbing back up the hill is always the worst part.  Sadly I only had my little camera with me so the pictures aren't the greatest, but I have a feeling you can still see how awesome this place is!
My fancy hat, my head has never been so warm!
Will getting pulled up the mountain. 
We are now out in Kansas City for the next couple of days for the doc. Anything we should check out while we are here?

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! 

x's and o's

Also how is it already February? Is time just flying by for anyone else?