Sunday Snapshot #29

I feel like this picture had to have been taken on Christmas. We used to get up really early in the morning (well as early as our parents would let us hehe) to open up our gifts, then we would dress up and go to my grandparent's house for brunch. I remember every Christmas my grandpa used to give us a little stocking filled with fifty crisp one dollar bills. To us that was more money than a king! I never really did anything too fun with my money. I think I usually put most or all of it in the bank, because I was a weird kid. And can we just take a moment to acknowledge how awkward my brother and I were as kids, haha! 
One of my favorite things about this series is going back and seeing all of the kind of ridiculous 80s/90s outfits I got dressed up in. That, and my super large headbands and glasses. It's kind of funny how things come full circle, by the time I hit middle school and high school my glasses had to be square and thin, and now I'm back to the big and round again.

Happy Sunday.

x's and o's


  1. I so agree about things going full circle. However, there are certain styles I wish had just kept going a cliff.

    I'm impressed you stuck the money in the bank : )


  2. A. Dor. Able! Hear hear on the glasses, let's just hope shoulder pads never make a comeback!

  3. So cute! I love old photos and am kind of sad at how much photography has evolved because in the future, kids won't have vintage photos to look back on! You know? Maybe it's just me...

    Lovely Llorys

  4. Love how your brother and your glasses match. It's true, that style is so in again! What a cute series!

  5. Such a beautiful photo. I love looking back at old pictures - it always makes me smile. So many memories! x

  6. You are so cute! Those glasses!


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