Checkers If You Will

Thank you for all your sweet comments on yesterdays post, I'm feeling a lot better today. You guys seriously are the best, thank you for the bottom of my heart! 
This shirt is another one of my mom's that I recently found. I've absolutely loved being home to find her old pieces that I picked out when we were donating her old clothes after she passed. I initially tucked them away because looking at them made me too sad, but enough time has passed that when I see them/wear them I remember the happier times with her. I think my mom would laugh seeing me dressed up in her old cloths because when I was younger I said things like "that shirt is ugly because it isn't a DayGlo color or have unicorns on it."  What can I say, I was a kid of the late 80s/90s hehe! 
shirt // my mom's
jeans // Forever 21
shoes // Target
necklace // Betsey Johnson
My hair hasn't been this long in quite a while, and I am kind of feeling blah about it, so I've been wearing it up a lot lately. I think I just need to find some new ways to wear it to help get me more excited about it again. Hopefully I can get it trimmed soon, I think that will help a lot too. 

What are some of your favorite ways to wear long hair?

We are gearing up for spending the next two months driving around the country interviewing people for our documentary. We hit the road once again on the 11th so get ready for a lot of photos from all over the place: first stop Los Angeles, last stop Maine with a whole bunch of stops in between! 

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  1. Love this sweater. What a sweet reminder.
    I totally hear ya on the hair situation. My hair is at the most awful stage right now, and I can't decide if I just want to cut it off, or deal with it.

  2. A very sweet post. I feel like, given enough time, I will love all the same things my mother has. As far as hair, a single braid looks sedate and dignified on anyone, and in winter, it doesn't get all fetched up on any collar or scarf, so it's easy to keep your long hair from tangling, even in sleep.

  3. Love that sweater! I like that style of sweater best.

    I don't have long hair so I don't have a favorite way to wear it. You should try a pixie cut sometime, it's totally liberating! :)

  4. Oh! Your trip is commencing! That's amazing. I can't wait to travel the USA with you.

    That sweater is awesome. My mom would totally wear that, too.

  5. This is such a beautiful post. Clothes that help us remember those passed on are so wonderful. I treasure a metal purse that I was given after my great aunt passed away; the family thought I would love it (and I do!) but I found out later that was partly because they all thought it was so ugly, hahaha! Kinda makes it even a more fond memory, to know we had similar peculiar taste!

    The setting and lighting of these photos is particularly lovely. So soft, the warm colours of the sky behind you, the low fences disappearing off into the distance. Really dreamy.


  6. Your mom's shirt looks wonderful on you! :)
    And I actually really like your hair in the high bun!! :)

    Shannon @ Fabulously Vintage

  7. Love that shirt. I like digging through moms closet too sometimes ;)
    My hair is getting long and I either just curl it if i have time or if its being a pain I'll throw it up in a messy pony tail or sock bun :)

  8. Oh, I adore this outfit! It's especially sweet knowing it features one of your Mom's pieces.
    Love, love, love.

  9. Cute outfit! Knowing that the shirt was your mom's makes it all the more special! Love your necklace! So cute!

  10. Love that outfit!
    I used to have long hair. Had it for most of my life actually... but it was usually kept in a ballet bun, and when I stopped dancing I quickly decided to chop it all off. I do remember loving to put in in braids, and loose curls. I've become so used to my short hair, I can hardly remember what it was like having it long.

  11. Cute sweater and boots :) What a nice way to remember your mom.
    And I used to have pretty long, super curly/poofy hair. I remember i used to love putting it messy buns and twist my bangs back. Well anyways, now I have a pixie cut so sadly there isn't a whole lot I can do with it, haha.


  12. I love the outfit! Its so nice having clothes from your parents! I have a vintage leather belt from my dad that he's probably never gonna get back haha xx

  13. It's so nice you're able to wear your Mum's clothes with the good memories attached- and it's a lovely jumper!

    Also, on the hair, I hear you! I switch between long hair and a bob and the best feeling in the world is growing it long and chopping it off. I just cut about six inches of hair off. I can highly recommend it!

  14. hi Amanda, thanks a bunch for visiting me! awesome score from your mom's closet, the checkers are rad and i love your darling top knot too!!! i wear my hair like that all the time, so easy-peasy...especially for 3 days without washing ;) best ever!

    your Betsey J necklace is the sweetest thing. a little accessory add on like that kinda makes an outfit complete i think. nice one! these are really incredible photos, you have a lovely smile, feels very warm from the inside out. cheers to a simply awesome 20XIII lades, hope it's filled with cheers + charms. ♥


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