Travel Attire

Things were absolutely wonderful in Portland! What started off as a little driving break/visiting wonderful people turned into a real score for our Documentary! After Will contacted someone he heard talking about the subject on a podcast she opened up the door to tons of other incredibly knowledgeable people. It has been both amazing and exhausting, I'm talking three or four interviews a day for the past four days in all different parts of the city!
Lucky we got a day of rest in before we drove 13 hours, ugh these long drives are going to be the death of us. Even though the drive was way to long it was absolutely beautiful, everything covered in snow. But thankfully we have a couple of days in Utah before we have to drive crazy distances again.
When it comes to those long drives I make sure I am as comfortable as possible, and sitting in something just too tight or ill fitting is no fun. So give me my favorite pair of jeans and a shirt and you've got yourself a happy camper. You can't really see it in these photos but I have the worst shoes on for standing out in the cold haha! They are great for long car rides but my little toes almost froze off while taking these photos.
 shirt // thrifted
jeans // Forever 21
coat // gift
I was given this coat while in Portland and I have never been happier! It is so ridiculously warm, and looking outside our hotel window it looks like I'm going to need it. There is so much snow everywhere, I'm super excited to get to play in it a little bit!

Hope everyone is having a nice day.

x's and o's

Shaver Lake

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Last week Will and I got to spend a couple of days in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been: Shaver Lake, CA. Our friend's parents have a cabin out there and they kindly let us come stay with them during our travels. We arrived late at night and had no idea of the beauty that awaited us in the morning. 
The next day we went on an incredible hike a little before sunset up to an area that looked out over a massive valley. I was so happy I had my big snow boots because it was so cold I think my little toes would have frozen, hehe. 
The other really wonderful thing we got to do out in Shaver Lake was put little Wigs in the snow! Haha! Yes, yes I know I am a huge goofball getting this excited about putting a cat in snow, but whatevers I love it! The snow was pretty hard so she didn't sink in really (I was kind of hoping for something like this), but we still had fun. We are going to be in Utah next week so hopefully there will still be super fluffy snow there. 
I seriously think I was way more excited than Wigs, as you can tell by how big my smile is in that picture. 

How are all of you guys doing? I feel like I have been so busy with the documentary/traveling that I haven't had much time to catch up with you all. 

x's and o's

So Much Driving!

We arrived safe and sound to Portland yesterday, got settled, and hung out with some of my favorite people on earth! It is going to be nice staying in one place for a week rather than jumping back in the car and taking off again the next day. Hopefully this week I will be able to make a couple posts of all the adventures we have already had! 

I also wanted announce the winner of the Shabby Apple Giveaway...

Hope everyone is having a nice day!

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Hello LA!

Oh my goodness guys, if you had told me two weeks ago that I would be so tired at the end of every day of this trip that I couldn't even make a simple blog post I would have laughed. It turns out many hours of driving followed by very few hours of sleeping the day before, and fun times with friends makes this kid super sleepy, haha! But I am seem to have a couple of moments before I keel over tonight so I wanted to make a little update (especially because starting tomorrow evening I will be without internet and cell reception for a couple of days).

So just a couple highlight photos.
Anytime we ever go between Phoenix and LA we always make a point to stop and get gas here to visit the giant dinosaurs! 
The Griffith Observatory, one of my favorite places in LA.
CONAN!!! You guys have no idea how excited I was by this (well maybe you can by my ridiculous face in the above photo haha!) Our friend recently started working for Conan so he got us tickets and then gave us a little tour after the show! Eeee!
We had such a great time, and got some great stuff for the documentary so it was a win win for sure! I have a feeling this post is going to start making less and less sense if I try to go any farther so I think I will stop here.

x's and o's

PS Don't forget to enter the $50 Shabby Apple Giveaway, you have until the 18th! 

Off We Go (Shabby Apple Giveaway!)

As you read this Will, Wigs, and I have begun our first of many drives in the coming months. Today we are making our way out to Los Angeles to get the first couple of interviews and visit some friends. I can hardly believe that this part of our journey has started, it seems like only the other day Will and I were trying to plan it out! 

So to start this trip with a bang, I'm teaming up with Shabby Apple to give my US readers (sorry international readers) a chance to win a $50 gift card! I am beyond excited for you guys, and I couldn't help but go and pick out a couple of my favorite pieces that I would love to wear during this road trip. 
Both these shirts look beyond comfy, and when you are sitting in a car for longer than 6 hours every couple of days you want to be comfy for sure. 
Sometimes I just don't want to wear pants when I'm only going to be sitting in a car for a long time. I tend to get fidgety and am constantly crossing and uncrossing my legs, so these dresses look absolutely perfect for that. And of course you would end up looking super adorable once you got to your destination :)  
As you can probably guess I absolutely love stripes, they are just so fun!

Ok now that you let me lust over some of these pieces a little bit let's get down to the nitty gritty of the giveaway!

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Wow that's a whole lotta ways to win for sure! The giveaway will run until January 18th.

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Best of luck to everyone!

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Tiny Print: The giveaway is for US readers only and will run until January 18th 11:59 PM EST. The winner will be chosen at random by me via a random number generator.  I will contact the winner in a timely mannor (be sure to leave an easy way for me to get a hold of you) and will post the winner on my site shorty after. 

Checkers If You Will

Thank you for all your sweet comments on yesterdays post, I'm feeling a lot better today. You guys seriously are the best, thank you for the bottom of my heart! 
This shirt is another one of my mom's that I recently found. I've absolutely loved being home to find her old pieces that I picked out when we were donating her old clothes after she passed. I initially tucked them away because looking at them made me too sad, but enough time has passed that when I see them/wear them I remember the happier times with her. I think my mom would laugh seeing me dressed up in her old cloths because when I was younger I said things like "that shirt is ugly because it isn't a DayGlo color or have unicorns on it."  What can I say, I was a kid of the late 80s/90s hehe! 
shirt // my mom's
jeans // Forever 21
shoes // Target
necklace // Betsey Johnson
My hair hasn't been this long in quite a while, and I am kind of feeling blah about it, so I've been wearing it up a lot lately. I think I just need to find some new ways to wear it to help get me more excited about it again. Hopefully I can get it trimmed soon, I think that will help a lot too. 

What are some of your favorite ways to wear long hair?

We are gearing up for spending the next two months driving around the country interviewing people for our documentary. We hit the road once again on the 11th so get ready for a lot of photos from all over the place: first stop Los Angeles, last stop Maine with a whole bunch of stops in between! 

x's and o's

Little Thoughts

Sometimes I end up feeling bad about things I shouldn't and often find myself apologizing for them. To be honest it is probably my biggest weakness, because it often leads me into situations where I get walked all over or am just mistreated, and I just end up feeling miserable for a long time. I find myself becoming devastated over some mean or inconsiderate thing a person says to me which is completely not true, and then fine myself apologizing for it. 

I feel like I have started getting better about it, and that it doesn't hurt me for as long, the problem is it still hurts me. Things that were said years ago still pop up every now and then to haunt me. And I just start to agonize over all the details again, to see what I could have done differently. But I am starting to come to the realizations that there is only so much blame I can take, and only so much I can do to mend things. If other people aren't willing to meet you half way there's not much you can do right? It still hurts though. 

Oh Phoenix I wish I could just visit you without it hashing up old wounds.

Little Thoughts is a once in awhile free writing I do about things that bug me or just give me the blues. 

Sunday Snapshot #29

I feel like this picture had to have been taken on Christmas. We used to get up really early in the morning (well as early as our parents would let us hehe) to open up our gifts, then we would dress up and go to my grandparent's house for brunch. I remember every Christmas my grandpa used to give us a little stocking filled with fifty crisp one dollar bills. To us that was more money than a king! I never really did anything too fun with my money. I think I usually put most or all of it in the bank, because I was a weird kid. And can we just take a moment to acknowledge how awkward my brother and I were as kids, haha! 
One of my favorite things about this series is going back and seeing all of the kind of ridiculous 80s/90s outfits I got dressed up in. That, and my super large headbands and glasses. It's kind of funny how things come full circle, by the time I hit middle school and high school my glasses had to be square and thin, and now I'm back to the big and round again.

Happy Sunday.

x's and o's

Starting 2013 Off Right

We didn't have any big fancy parties to go to on New Years Eve so Will, my dad, and I hopped onto the light rail and made our way out to Tempe Town Lake to watch the fireworks from the bridge. We definitely weren't the only ones who had the idea to take the light rail, I guess great minds think alike hehe. 
When we got on the bridge it was freezing! And by freezing I mean Phoenix/my freezing, hehe! So I put on my new super warm hat, and the only warm coat I have out here (I foolishly left all my other winter coats back in WV haha) and tried my best to stay nice and warm. Thankfully we showed up at 11:55 and were back in the light rail at 12:20, so we weren't out in the cold for too long. 
When we got home little Wigs was passed out in the bed already. I have a feeling she wasn't able to keep her little eyes open anywhere close to midnight, hehe. And by the time we got home we could hardly keep our eyes open either, apparently we are getting too old.  Next year I think we are just going to snuggle up in our warm bed with Wigs some popcorn and watch a movie just before midnight, then switch over to watch the ball drop (that is if we are still awake hehe). 

What did you guys end up doing for New Year's Eve?

x's and o's

Bisbee Arizona

The other day Will and I decided to drive 3.5 hours south of Phoenix to Bisbee, AZ after a family friend told us about the really neat mine tour down there. We thought it sounded pretty fun, would make a great little day trip, and would be a great way to test out the new camera. *Edit: people have been asking about the camera: it's a Canon 6D). Bisbee is an old mining town turned to a little artisin community, with lots of cute little cafes and antique shops.
There were stairs that just took you up the side of a mountain. I'm not going to lie, by the time we got to the top of them I was feeling it in my poor legs (I think that might be a sign I need to hit the gym a lot more, haha!) The stairs went to the back yards of a lot of houses, it is one of the ways people use to get down onto the main street quickly.
This was in someones back yard. We weren't being creepers I swear, you could look in as you were walking up the stairs and it was too pretty not to take a picture. I love how the house has a little walk way from the third story to the seating area. I would love to have something like this in my backyard. Maybe one day.
I have to admit this is probably the coolest looking high school building I have ever seen. I really wish we could have gone inside to see what it looked like. 

We would have loved to explore a little more, but it was so darn cold! I looked up the weather the night before and it said it was going to be high 50s, but it ended up being extremely windy and more like high 30s, brrrr! I guess next time I will make sure to check the weather before we leave in the morning hehe. But we still had a great time, and Will put together this great little video of our adventures!
Have you guys ever done a mine or cave tour? If so how'd you like it?

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday! 

x's and o's