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Is one of your New Year resolutions to find some new fun blogs to read? Well you are in luck because I have two beyond phenomenal ones for you to checkout! 
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I'm Meredith, a recent college grad living & working in Alabama. I blog about post college life, recipes I try, products I like & everything in between.

Ok so I know I have already talked about this post already but I made Meredith's Mexican Hot Chocolate the other day and it was delicious! Seriously if you are looking for a wonderful warm drink on a cold night try it out! 

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Hi there! I'm Erin, a Midwestern gal working in the fashion industry. Zero Style is my little corner of the internet to share my pop culture rants, the latest beauty products you need right now (or need to avoid like the plague), and fashion for those of us who aren't exactly sample size. 

No joke, Erin's style is spot on! I don't think she has ever posted an outfit that I didn't just absolutely love, case and point this!  I seriously need to get some pointers from her. 

What did I tell you, totally amazing! I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Years Eve!

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I Likes What I Likes

Well it has happened once again: almost everything in this outfit is from Forever 2. I'm not sure how I should feel about that, but I think I am going to assume it's totally awesome haha! Anyway I have been really loving this outfit lately, it's just been prefect for the chillier mornings and evenings. When I find an outfit combo that I really like I totally end up living in it for the next couple of days. The fear is that I will run into the same people I saw the day before, but even if I did I probably wouldn't be embarrassed because I know I look good, haha!
The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season has come to an end and I am pretty happy about that. As much as I love this time of year I just get exhausted from all the get togethers and that kind of go, go, go feeling that everyone seems to put out. I swear after Christmas Day Will and I slept in and then pretty much just spent the day watching movies. I was completely exhausted. Of course, with Christmas being over all the Christmas candy has gone on sale, so I've been stocking up haha! That's something a lot of people end up doing, or at least I hope so.
blazer, jeans, shirt, shoes // Forever 21
scarf // gift
I'm so excited for this upcoming week, our friends from Portland are coming down to visit! I love getting to see them any chance I get. We have some fun adventures planned out for their visit like heading up to Sedona for the day and of course lots and lots of yummy foods! 

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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Christmas Traditions

Please excuse the cellphone photo, I was too busy with cookie fun to even think about getting nice photos haha!
Every year I force anyone who is around me (pretty much just Will) to go on a cookie baking spree. When we get out to Phoenix I go through my mom's old cookie cutters and pick out the best ones and start making the dough. The only problem I've had is I was unable to find a really great plain sugar cookie recipe, until this year! I know some of you all must be thinking "Oh come on Amanda, how hard is it to mess up sugar cookies? It's pretty much just sugar, flour, butter, etc" I hear you, but my taste buds aren't easily satisfied it seems! So every year I try a new recipe and some are ok and others are just bleh. This year however, the recipe I used is a keeper!
Our frosting techniques still need a little work, haha!
Also, I recently learned that you can use jell-o mix to color and flavor your frosting! How genius is that?! I am pretty sure this is the only way I will ever color frosting again!

What types of things do you guys love to do during the holidays?

Happy Christmas Eve!

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Lucky Me!

Lately Will has gotten really into creating little illustrations which makes this little lady so happy because now I have so many wonderful things to frame and hang up in our little office. I think he is so ridiculously talented I just had to share some of my absolute favorites with you guys!
This was an early Christmas gift, I cannot wait to print out and hang! 
Will also made this years Christmas card! I cannot wait to share it with you all! 
This one was a birthday present for our friend Shaye.

Seriously I could just gush all day on how talented Will is. With each illustration he makes I just become more and more impressed with him! I'm one lucky lady.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!

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Getting to Know You (Err Me)

Every so once in awhile I like to share some facts about myself that you guys might not know, it's just a silly fun thing I like to do. Here we go!

1. My left front tooth is mostly fake. When I was little I flipped over on a chair and it hit me in the mouth breaking off over half my tooth. Since then I've had to have it replaced multiple times because the fake tooth keeps breaking, ughs super annoying. 

2. I've cried during every Pixar movie, and even the thought of certain scenes like Toy Story 2: Jesse's Song and the opening to Up to name a few brings me to tears. Pixar knows how to pull on this little lady's heart strings. 

3. Waffles are one of my all time favorite breakfast foods. I wish they weren't so darn unhealthy because I would seriously eat them every single day. 

4. I am kind of the worst at twitter. It seems like anytime I do tweet I tend to lose a follower or two, haha! Eh what can you do right?

5. You already know that I love to sing talk to Will. Well that's not the half of it, I also love to sing talk to the cats. This usually includes taking popular songs and changing out the lyrics to fit in Wigs and Sylvester's names. Haha I am a HUGE weirdo! 

6. Some nights we just cannot figure out what to make for dinner so we just end up eating a can of SpaghettiOs we have from a commercial we did for them months ago. Don't judge me!

7. When I fall asleep at night watching TV or a movie I am notorious for waking up only 20 minutes later and either turning it down or turing the TV off regardless if Will is still awake and watching it. Never actually remember doing so haha! 

I'd love to learn some new things about you guys so leave some of your own random facts in the comment section, or if you want do a whole post about it and leave me the link!

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

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Little Play House

Awhile ago I shared a photo on instagram with a kind of cryptic message saying "Another fun day making special things for special people." Well the gift has been given so I can share it here. Our lovely friends Hannah and Eric had their first child last month and we wanted to do something super special for them. 
Will and I have such a fun time making and designing wood projects for our friends on special (even if we end up having to go to extreme measures to finish some of them haha). Thankfully, the little play house went together pretty darn easily, and yes I did individually glue each one of those little shingles.
While we are in Phoenix we don't have accesses to as many tool for projects but I think my dad has enough so we can still make lots of fun things for Christmas gifts. We are actually planning on building a sandbox for my nephew this year (even though it might be a little bit until he can actually use it hehe). 

Do you guys like to make things for friends and family?

Happy Monday!

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Red Dress

I got this dress months ago when I was in Portland and this is the first time I have actually worn it. I bought it with the intention of altering it a little just so it wasn't quite so big, but life happened and I just never got around to actually getting it done. Because I never got it altered and I had decided I wasn't going to bring my sewing machine with me to Phoenix (which I am kind of regretting now) I thought I would just bring this dress with me and see if I could figure anything out with it. I went through my mom's old things and found this little belt that I think works well with it (I still think I would like to alter it to fit a little better though). 
Obligatory silly pose :)
This dress is really kind of the perfect throw on and go outfit. It's not too bulky which is good so I don't look like a giant when I layer up and put on a big jacket. That is probably the one thing I dislike the most about cold weather: being larger in the hips/booty area I can tend to look a little bit like Violet Beauregarde when I have to layer up with a coat, haha! Thankfully Phoenix doesn't get too chilly, so I am usually pretty safe from my becoming a giant *insert fruit here depending on the color of my coat* hehe. 
shoes // Blowfish
scarf // gift
tights // Target
watch // c/o Timex (save 20% with code SAVE20)
belt // my mom's
I've really been wanting to make cookies lately so I think this weekend I'm going to get on that, especially because I have to break in my new awesome Ikea woodland creatures cookie cutters! I'm slightly afraid I might go a little overboard on making them, because well let's be honest, that is usually what happens haha! But if I end up with too many for my little tummy I can always pack them up and share them with friends. What are some of your favorite holiday cookie recipes? I'd love to try some of them out this weekend! 

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Shop Love

I thought it would be fun to share two little shops I have been crushing on just incase you needed some last minute gifts for family/friends or even yourself, hehe. I know if I had some extra money right now I would totally be stocking up on all these adorable goodies.

If you have been reading this blog for a little while you already know that I have a big old girl crush on Michelle from Creature Type. She is an amazing illustrator, her personal style is absolutely adorable, and she is as sweet as can be! I've been lusting over the items in her shop for what seems like ages, one of these days I will have some extra cash so I can stock up on her absurdly cute items! I mean look at that donut brooch, I LOVE IT!!

Paperplane is the lovely Lisa from Lala Faux Bois' new shop and it is filled with so many cute adorably simple pieces.  I think my favorite has to be the tiny harmonica which actually works, I'm pretty that makes it about a hundred times cooler! I also really love her use of raw uncut stones, it makes for such a more unique and personal piece.  

Are there any little shops that you are playing or have gotten so little things from recently? Or do you have a little shop of your own? I'm always on the look out for new adorable shops! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! 

Oh Pinterest Gods You Have Forsaken Me

Sometimes you have the absolutely the best intentions when you invite a friend over for some DIY fun. That's exactly what happened when I invited my friend Andrea over to try our hand at making our own snow globes, because I mean how hard could it really be? Apparently HARD! For whatever reason the DIY gods were against us from the get go! Haha! 

Things that went wrong:
  1. Our spray paint bottle went all kinds of crazy and just dumped the paint rather than sprayed.
  2. The glue wasn't actually sticking to the lid.
  3. The little fake pine trees we bought started to turn the water blue.
So our snow globes ended up being waterless, which might make what we ended up with something else. But with all the mishaps I kind of like what we ended up with. Even if the glitter stays stuck on the side of the jar haha!

Have you ever tried to make something that just went all kinds of wrong or didn't turn out the way you expected?

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The Kinfolk Table Cookbook Giveaway

Today I have a really great giveaway sponsored by the lovely Trish of Jellybones. She is offering up a copy of the Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings.
The Kinfolk Table puts the emphasis back into the relationships that surround eating. Let the people sharing your dinner table be the foreground and superficial details such as fancy recipes and table decorations can fade into the background. One-third cookbook, one-third narrative tale and one-third international adventure, The Kinfolk Table is a collection of 85 delectable recipes spread over nearly 400 pages from creative types around the world. Filled with gorgeous photography and design you’re used to seeing in the magazine, the book will inspire your next small gathering.
This cookbook is seriously gorgeous to look at, I think I know what I'm putting on my Christmas list. The giveaway is open until 11:59 EST Wednesday the 11th. There are several ways to enter, so do as many as you want! Best of luck everyone!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tiny Print: The giveaway is open until December 12th at 11:59 P.M. EST. The winner will be chosen shortly after the giveaway closes, and the winner will be notified. Once notified the winner has 48 hours to respond otherwise they will forfeit the prize and another random entry will be chosen. 

November in Review

Welp there went November!
I finally got to meet Lauren of Old Red Boots IRL and it was awesome! Cannot wait to drive through Nashville again. Sylvester made his first cross country trip in one piece, even if he was way over it by the end.  
 I took a brave step into the world of bright red lips and I kind of loved it! 
 I did a lot of laughing at myself with a post dedicated to nothing but outtakes.
Went to a pie social only to show up and have there be no darn pie! For someone who seriously loves her pies it was a very sad day.

It's crazy it is already December 3rd, but now that it is December I am excited for the holidays! I have already partaken in some yummy treats and eggnog hehe. Every year Will and I get the stocking stuffers for everyone which we have such a blast with. Lots of little silly toys and yummy sweet treats! I'm also excited for some holiday parities! I love getting a chance to bake up lots of wonderful food and have a drink with the wonderful people I get to call my friends. This year I'm thinking about hosting a little Pinterest Holiday party, where everyone makes something to eat or drink that they saw on Pinterest, haha! It's such a silly idea but I think it could be pretty fun. 

What are you all excited about this month?

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Sometimes I get email requests for people and companies asking me to write something about a product or their company and I swear nine times out of ten it's for something truly bizarre and just doesn't fit with my own personal style. But when I was contacted by the lovely husband and wife team Deb and Artur about their project JuicyCanvas and their Indiegogo campaign I thought it was something worth sharing.
JuicyCanvas is all about taking an artists "finished" work and allowing you to remix it to your liking, by changing colors, size, positions, etc. In a world were songs, videos, and thousand other things are being remixed it's pretty great to be able to remix artists pieces as well! I mean, it is the perfect way to get some really awesome art pieces that won't end up all clashing together. 
Another aspect of JuicyCanvas that I really love is that it helps promote artists (some that you might have never heard of otherwise) and it pays them royalties when their art is remixed and bought, which is amazing! Especially in this day and age where independent artist's work can be lifted with no credit or royalties. 
Right now JuicyCanvas is only offering the ability to put your remix on a canvas but as I mentioned before they are currently in the middle of an Indiegogo campaign trying to raise money so they can start offering other items like clothing. How adorable is that darn baby onesies?  So if you like what they are up to let your friends know about their campaign. 

x's and o's

Note: I did not receive any sort of compensation for this post, I just think what they are doing is super interesting and awesome and wanted to share.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Will made this phenomenal Thanksgiving illustration of our little family that I just had to share! Seriously his talent just keeps blowing me away, just when I think I've seen the best he can do he tops it! I hope all my American friends have a lovely Thanksgiving, and all my international friends have a lovely Thursday! 

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Week in Instagram v15

If you want to follow along on all the fun you can follow me at littleladylittlecity
  1. Wigs always seems to want her pets only when it interrupts Will while he is working. She is such a little sassafras! 
  2. I think we know where Sylvester learned this behavior from. 
  3. Eee look at my nephew's face! I totally don't think I'm being biased when I say he is the cutest little gent ever. I don't think I have ever been so happy to babysit, hehe.
  4. Me after going to a Pie Social and not getting any pie because they were already out. Not happy.
  5. Shared some of my favorite outfit photo outtakesbecause if you can't laugh at yourself what can you laugh at?
  6. Monday night we went and saw the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special at one of the local movie theaters. It was in 3D, which normally I don't care for, but they did a really fantastic job with this. I actually felt like the 3D enhanced it. I think it's time I go back and start rewatching the episodes. 
  7. This has become their morning ritual. They are goobers. 
  8. Yup they both do it. 
Work has picked up over the last couple of days so the time has been flying by. I swear we wake up, move to our office, then the next thing I know it's getting dark outside already, haha. But I can't complain because work is a good thing. The cats have adjusted pretty wonderfully to dad's house, and as you can see above they now have a giant water bowl all to themselves haha, those guys are seriously something else. 

Hope you guys are have a great Wednesday! 

x's and o's

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Hi!  My blog, JellyBones, is a place full of treats, cocktails, festive food and crafts, and some good old fashioned life moments.  Come say hello!

Trish seriously knows how to get someone's mouth watering with all of her amazing recipes! I mean ,take a look at her Orange Spice With Gingersnap Crust and Cranberry Topping Cheesecake! It looks so insanely good!
Hey! I'm Erin my blog is about being self-employed, going on adventures, and awesome handmade goodies I find! I recently moved across the country to Colorado, and am having a blast sharing my new adventures on my blog!

Erin has a really great felt penguin ornament tutorial! So perfect to do with some friends or any little ones you might know.
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Hi there! I'm Erin, a Midwestern gal working in the fashion industry. Zero Style is my little corner of the internet to share my pop culture rants, the latest beauty products you need right now (or need to avoid like the plague), and fashion for those of us who aren't exactly sample size. 

Erin looks so freaking adorable in her crazy daisy sweater! She seriously has the best style and has so many wonderful pieces in her closet (I would just love to raid it!). 
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Chantilly is your friendly neighborhood singer/ songwriter. She sings about stupid crushes and write the best rainy day songs you've ever cried to. Her website and personal blog features music, style posts, and chronicles the life and times of a creative gal in Brooklyn, NY.

Chantilly has been hard at work on her new EP and it has been so fun to be following along on her journey, especially because it is something that I know absolutely nothing about.

Holy moly talk about an amazing group of ladies! Be sure to check all of them out because I have a feeling you are definitely going to have some new daily reads after you do!

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Catching Fire

Hunger Games
pants // shoes // shirt // jacket // pin 
Tomorrow the second installment of The Hunger Games movies Catching Fire comes out and I am so ridiculously excited for it! Will on the other hand is far less enthused, but being the awesome gent that he is he's still coming with me on Friday (I figured trying to get him to come to the midnight showing might be pushing it a little bit hehe). Something you might not know about me is that I love getting dressed up for movies that I am kind of obsessed with, either with fun t-shirts I have made for me and all my friends or full on dressing up (case and point). It's just so much fun!

Sadly this time I just didn't have enough time to get my act together for tomorrow. Since we returned to Phoenix Will and I have been going through dad's house and cleaning out both my and my brother's old rooms, getting rid of old furniture and things that have just been laying around for way too long. We've also been completely redoing his little studio that we're staying in while we're here (I'm hoping to share some photos in the coming weeks). So, because I was a bit too busy to get an outfit together I did the next best thing and created a little Hunger Games outfit board. I modeled it off how they styled Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in the first movie. I must admit this is totally something I would rock on any given day, it just looks comfy.

Are any of your guys excited to see Catching Fire?

x's and o's


When you take outfit posts I think it is only natural to have about ten absurd looking ones for every one good one, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite outtakes from past posts. I mean if you can't laugh at yourself what can you laugh at?!
I swear the majority of the time while taking pictures I am just like 'Oh man I bet that one looked great' then Will checks the camera and I can hear a laugh or he just looks up and gives me this look that says 'I don't think you are going to like this one', haha! It's so silly how frustrated I can get when I feel like none of the pictures are coming out, but thankfully I can't help but laugh when I look at them later. 
The more I do outfit posts the more I realize I have no idea how to pose. I think my go-to pose is to look to my left or right and have my arms in my pockets. In fact I think the right hand picture is actually me trying to find some pockets to stick my hands in haha! 
In all honestly I have absolutely no idea what is happening in either of these photos. Seriously, Will caught some real goofy things happening. I can get kind of silly sometimes when we have been taking pictures for a little bit, so I guess these types of photos are bound so show up. The weird thing about it all is that I keep all of these goofy photos instead of deleting them, I guess I just get a kick out of seeing the photos that most certainly didn't make the cut. 

Do you guys ever end up with a ton of outtakes? 

x's and o's