Vanilla Sugar Cookies

One of my absolute favorite things about the holiday season is that it is socially acceptable for me to make dozens of cookies, I'm talking about an absurd amount! I have always loved to bake things almost more than eating them, almost, hehe. The only problem is I need to find more people to give them out to because otherwise I'd have to eat them all myself, right? I would't want them to go to waste! 
Recipe adapted from the lovely Heather.

3 sticks of softened unsalted butter (1 1/2 cups)
4 eggs room temperature
1 1/2 cup sugar
3-5 Tbsp vanilla 
5 cups all-purpose flour
2 tsp backing powder

Cream together butter and sugar until smooth. Add one egg at a time until combined. Add vanilla. Mix together dry ingredients in a separate bowl and slowly add to wet ingredients. Once mixed wrap dough and refrigerate over night.

Take dough out of fridge and let sit for 15 mins. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Flour surface, knead dough a little bit, and then roll dough out (1/4" to 1/2"). Cut with cookie cutters and bake for 7-9 minutes until golden brown.

For the Royal Icing I used this recipe, and can I just say that meringue powder is the most amazing invention ever!  
I found all of my mom's old cookie cutters.
I'm keeping it real here and showing you guys that some of my cookies came out more black than golden brown, please don't judge, hehe. My dad's oven is pretty ancient and thinks that leaving cookies in an extra minute to make sure they are completely cooked means to char the heck out of them, but adding enough frosting fixes everything.
I'd like to say that because I was baking at dad's house and I didn't have all my baking tools that the cookies look like a two year old frosted them, but that's just how I frost my cookies. I'm a pretty firm believer in it doesn't have to look pretty to taste super yummy.

What are some of your favorite holiday activities? 

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Love these photos! They give off so much warmth and coziness! I'm dong a lot of baking myself these days.

  2. These look delish. I'm a huge baker, and I haven't started on Christmas cookies yet, but I'm excited to soon!

  3. Decorating festive cookies is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season! Thanks for sharing a great recipe!


  4. I'm going to be doing some baking and cookie decorating this weekend as well! I never really built up any cookie traditions, as decorated cookies aren't a big thing for channukah like they are for christmas. But, I'm not letting that stop me! I'm going to make a bunch of pretty, holiday-neutral snowflakes. Because snow is awesome, and then I don't have to worry about getting colour mixing obsessed with the icing, which I am prone to doing!!!

    Oh! And I realized I never emailed you back about the Mother Mother concert! They were incredimazing. Played songs off all of their albums and not just the most recent, which is a big deal for me as a long time fan! Good fun was had by all, and they sold some sweet sweet merch. Not sure that they tour outside of Canada (seriously, mandatory Canadian content on the radio and TV makes NICKELBACK (AKA the worst band ever, the rest of the country will never let Alberta live that one down) a big success, but bands like Mother Mother are still unheard of. How is this fair?!) but should they ever come to the states, check them out!

    Novella comments. I'm bringing it back, yo.

  5. Sugar cookies are my FAVOURITE. These look delicious! My favourite holiday activity has to be watching Holiday Movies. It's incredibly nostalgic, you can never watch The Christmas Story too many times.

    Summer x

  6. I'm with you on the tasting better than they look thing.

    Also, yum! And, holy do you ever have a lot of cookie cutters. Your mom must have loved baking, too.

    I haven't started my Christmas baking yet. I think I might have to do that on Saturday. I always find it so daunting at this time of year. I bake more because I have to than because I want to.

    Thanks for keeping it real with the dark ones... I need to see that from time to time to remind myself no one's perfect. (I'm knowing for some char action in the kitchen!) ;)

  7. So sweet and yummy! Thanks! xo Heather

  8. Craving sugar cookies now! Yum. :)


  9. These are really cute. Think I might have to make myself some :)

  10. I adore baking for the holidays too! I definitely need more people in town to give them to because I always eat more than my fair share because most of my family is out of town. Don't apologize for your chared or frosted cookies, they have so much more personality this way!

  11. Aw! Your cookies are so cute! I must say that this is sort of a tradition in my house too. And the second part of that tradition is me refusing to use any of the 'Christmas' cookie cutters and only making bunny shaped cookies with the cutter from the Easter set. And then my brother turns all the gingerbread men into zombies by using too much red icing. Haha! We are an odd bunch! Happy cookie making!

  12. Your cookies are adorable! I love the cowboy :)
    Usually I'm too lazy to decorate mine because I'm not very good at making the frosting... haha. So we usually just eat 'plain' sugar cookies. But they're still soooo good!

  13. Mmmm, I haven't made any cookies yet, what the heck? I really want to, I have some new cutters too and am dying to decorate. I love that you're keeping it real, I almost always burn a batch. I've started turning the oven off and moving them up a rack when I think I need to leave them in longer, sometimes I even just take them out and let them sit, the hot pan continues to cook them just enough! I like soft cookies though so if you're going for crunchy then, ice up them black babies ;)


  14. I've never actually made a cookie from scratch. I'm going to have to try this :) Xo your newest follower

  15. I LOVE making Christmas cookies. One year (before I had a full time job, haha) I swear I baked probably 20 different kinds. I need to make some this weekend :) My favorite holiday activities are making homemade ornaments, looking at Christmas lights and making cookies. We are supposed to be doing an advent activity every day but so far we are totally slacking :( ♥Lindsay

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  17. Yuuuuuummy! I need to bake up some holiday cookies myself!

  18. I personally like burnt cookies more than not burned cookies heh. Also the decorating is really cute! I like when things aren't so perfect, like who has time for that.

  19. so glad to have found your blog!
    these cookies look amaaazing!
    favorite holiday activity is making things such as scarves and jewelry. i tend to get super crafty around the holidays!

  20. AW i have yet to make sugar cookies yet :P Now with school over i feel like i could do that :P LOL

    Thanks for stoping by my blog btw! I LOVE LOVE LOVE yours :) im originally from MD which is just a state or 2 (if you count VA) from you guys :) I miss all that northern air this time of year :)

  21. those cookies do look good though! :)

  22. Mmm I miss spending the holidays with my folks and baking dozens of cookies & frosting them like a five year old :)

    My favorite tradition is watching "Christmas Vacation" as often as possible.

  23. Yummy !


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