Oh Christmas Tree

This year we got dad's Christmas tree out of storage and put it up. I must say we looked pretty silly driving down the road with a giant box tied to the top of my little car haha. We have been using this fake tree for quite a while now, and though I do miss having a real tree every so once in a while, I love this fella. 
We decided to go with just candy canes as the ornaments this year, just to keep it super simple, though I think next year I will try to find some of our old ornaments because I think it would be pretty darn fun to go through them. Especially if I could find this super silly angel tree topper I made when I was super little, I believe her head was made out of a walnut shell haha! 
Will made sure to get all the tall parts I couldn't reach hehe. 
And of course Wigs did her part of guarding the bottom of the tree from any invaders or something haha.

I can hardly wait for Christmas to be here! This year instead of doing brunch here we are going to my dad's friends house which I am pretty excited for. As much as I enjoy cooking I also love just getting to kick back and not have to worry about any of it. I also have a feeling that there is going to be more delicious food than my belly can handle! I wonder if it would be socially acceptable to bring my own To-Go box with me, hehe! 

I think today we are going to brave the stores for just a couple more goodies for the family to open Christmas morning! I'm hoping it won't be too bad, but I have a feeling that is super wishful thinking. Do you any of you guys still have to hit up some stores? 

Happy Friday! 

x's and o's


  1. Your tree is lovely. It's absolutely massive. I love how much bigger it is than you.

    Tomorrow I'm going to hit the grocery store to purchase my last gifts. (I'm buying my pal Maarty some chicken hearts and other weird meats. He's into that kind of thing.)

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Oooh...it's so pretty! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!! :) I can't wait for it either!

  3. Your tree is giant! I swear I've never seen such a big indoor tree. You must have such a spacious ceiling.

    I literally just got back from doing my last minute shopping and last minute posting! Buying grandparents gifts at the last minute as always because what do you get them? Always so difficult! (I went for fancy tea in fancy boxes).

  4. Your tree is huge! I just have a 2 foot one, haha. Handmade ornaments are the best, even the silly ones!

  5. One thing I love about celebrating channukah is that it tends to be over and done with before the stores get totally insane! That being said I still have some handmade christmas gifts to finish making before I give them on boxing day, hehe! But mostly I just want to wrap everything up all pretty :D


  6. That tree is huge!!!you lighted it up wonderfully.I am done with gift shopping,now I have to do the wrapping,which I loathe!!happy holidays sweetheart!have fun and enjoy not cooking for once!

  7. I love your simple tree and I seriously want to see an angel with a walnut head, that sounds just fabulous.

    My cats LOVE getting under the tree, my cat Fiona was born under some bushes in my mother in law's backyard, so she feels right at home with a tree in the house!

    I do have to go to a few stores and I am DREADING it. Texans shopping for Christmas is just...ballz...guh.
    So good luck to you!


  8. Beautiful tree! We almost went for a fake this year but then decided on a mini real one. I definitely felt silly with a miniature Chritmas tree as my side passenger :)

  9. Gorgeous tree! I need to invest in some plain white lights - all of mine are colored and, though pretty, are not quite as twinkly. As far as a to-go box - not exactly socially acceptable, but unbuttoning your pants so you can fit more food in definitely is. Go for it!

  10. That tree looks magic, as do your floor boards!

    It's all coming together for you guys

    xxx Merry Christmas lady

  11. What a lovely tree! We just got ours today as we get a real one just before Christmas and it's pretty small this year!

  12. Love the simple candy canes! If you find that angel topper that you made, I would love to see it! A walnut head sounds so cute!

  13. Love your tree!!

    I still have to hit up some stores, but I'm not even sure which ones because I don't know what to get! Ahhh!

  14. So pretty and BIG and pretty and BIG and pretty hehe! Love it!

  15. Woah that tree is very impressive for being fake! My family goes with a fake tree too, but it's definitely gotten a bit haggard over the years. Love the simplicity of it!

  16. what a large tree, and so full of lights! it's so pretty, and look great!

    lindsey louise


  17. Your tree looks beautiful. Love the simplicity.


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