Deep in the Heart of Texas!

We finally made it to Dallas this afternoon and it feels so wonderful knowing that we aren't doing any marathon driving for the next week. Granted the drive here wasn't bad, just long and tiring. We did schedule it so that our driving days would become shorter as we went along (12, 7, and 4) so that made it a lot nicer, because you were never in the car longer than the day before. 
When ever I go on long road trips I am all about comfy cloths, things I can easily move around in without worrying about stretching things out, I go from crossing my legs to putting them up on the dash about 100 times ever couple of hours, hehe. Hence this outfit consisting on a large t-shirt and jogging pants (probably the most comfortable pants on the planet).
shirt // American Apparel (old)
jogging pants // Target
shoes // Lulu's
Have you guys ever heard/seen a crab apple before? I had head the name before and just assumed it was a sour apple, but rather it is this weird thing, that looks like a mutant apple. I don't believe they are edible, but they sure are fun to look at. Edit: After doing a little research this morning I have learned these fellas are actually called horse apples, so I guess I have still never seen a crabapple.

Hope all my American buddies are gearing up for the mountain of food that awaits them tomorrow! I can hardly wait, my aunt and dad picked me up some amazing looking veggie dish! It has kale, cheese, and a whole bunch of other things, but honestly it had me at kale and cheese, hehe.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

x's and o's

If you follow me on twitter or facebook you already have heard me say this, but Wig-wog has been amazing on this trip! Seriously not one whine from her in the car, even during the 12 hour day! She just found a nice little spot and curled up and slept.
How freaking adorable, right?!


  1. Oh my word... your kitty is adorable! Our cats cant even stand to be in the car for 15 minutes, let along hours and hours.

  2. Aww! She's so cute :)

    We have two crab apple trees, but they have yet to bear any fruit. So, I didn't even know what they looked like before I saw this pic!

  3. 1) My best friend grew up on Crabapple Lane. There were zero crabapples on it.
    2) My cat barely lasted for the one hour drive we had to take to get to my parents haha.
    3) Glad you had safe travels! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


  4. Your kitty is adorable! and I had never seen a crab apple before, I didn't know they looked so strange!

  5. Your cat is so dang cute! My cat doesn't even like to leave the apartment. And crab apples are edible, though I admit I've never had them in anything but crab apple pie, crisp, and jam. Still, they're pretty dang good (:

  6. what?! That's not what the crab apples in Utah look like! Weird!

    1. i always call those moon fruit. crabapples are small and edible!

  7. awww, I'm over the moon how cuuute your kitten is. She looks so peaceful and relaxed! My cat hates driving; she meows non-stop and one might think someone is trying to kill her from the awful noises she makes. Have fun in Texas! :)

  8. Your cat is so cute! :)

    I'm all about being comfy during trips as well - I don't like being cramped up in uncomfortable clothes. Your shirt is cute, too.

  9. These apples are amazing, i've never seen one before! Looks like you had a lovely trip. Lizz xx

  10. Happy Thanksgiving :)
    Aww your cat is so adorable :) Oh I never saw this kind of apple! O.o


  11. Happy Thanksgiving! Wigs is amazing. My cats could never do that. Also, really excited to meet her too!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have an amazing day. Love this comfy outfit, I hate car journeys and have been known to do them in my pjs so I am comfy. That cat looks seriously relaxed xo

  13. aw, the kitty looks so cute in the car!
    we've always called those things monkey brains!

  14. Yay! You are in my neck of the woods! I live about 20 mins from Dallas. So helloooo over there! I LOVE that you are seeing horse apples, those things creep me out! Have a great trip and I love your kitty being so chill on a road trip!


  15. Your kitty is soooo cute! I wish I knew I could trust mine in that situation, haha.

  16. My dad always called horse apples Monkey Brains! he used to shoot them with a BB gun growing up, and he says they blew up into a million pieces ^.^

  17. Crab apples are small and resemble cherries except the aren't as red, and are more of a light red (from the ones I grew up around). They don't taste good and you aren't supposed to eat them . haha!

  18. I think we have crabapples in Maine, but I'm not positive. I'll do some research :) Lovely photos!


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