I Missed You

There is nothing like coming home, the home I grew up in. It's kind of surprising that no matter how long I am away it always feels like no time has passed, which it's nice. One of my favorite things about it is getting to go through the clothes I left behind. When I first moved back east with Will, all I got to bring was two suitcases: that's it! So there are quite a few forgotten wonders left in boxes in my closet. 
This shirt is one that I got so long ago I can't even remember when. I was actually looking through old pictures when I saw it and thought "I wonder where that shirt ended up" only to find it in the box I was going through the other day. I'm such a fan of frilly shirts, there is just something so fancy about them, hehe.
shirt // Forever 21 (forever ago)
jeans and shoes // Target
hat // my moms 
cardigan // Last Chance

And now let's talk about these jeans for a moment. It's one of those trends that I just immediately fell in love with, was so afraid I couldn't pull off, and I just lusted over instead. The other day Will and I went into a Target to get a couple of things when I saw these hanging there and thought 'what the heck'. I tried them on and fell in love! Poor Will, however, is not a fan by any means, I guess he is just going to have to deal with me wearing them every day until I get sick of them hehe. 
The hat was my mom's and I remember when she bought it thinking 'Oh goodness that thing is ridiculous.' She always loved big floppy hats, and I am so happy we didn't give this one away after she passed. It's so funny how you can change your mind about a piece of clothing years later.

Do you guys ever end up coming across something you bought ages ago and kind of forgot about but once you discovered it just start loving it all over again? I think that is why I have such a hard time getting rid of stuff, because future me might end up loving it again, hehe. 

Hope everyone is having a nice Thursday!

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I love this picture! The whole time we were taking pictures outside Baby Wigs just sat at the window staring, hehe I think she wanted to come out and play, hehe!
Also the winner of Shaye's awesome bear ear headband is Shannon F.! Congratulations!! I will be getting it out into the mail to you soon! 

We Made It!

We finally made it to my dad's house late last night after a marathon of driving. Yup, that's right, we drove 17.5 hours all in one day, and surprisingly it wasn't that bad. We kept each other pretty well entertained by singing Disney songs and listening to comedy specials on Netflix. Will and I took turns driving every couple of hours which was nice, and Wigs for the most part slept, up until the last hour when she was just as ready to get out of the car as we were, haha. Even though it wasn't too bad I do not plan on doing another drive like that anytime soon, we are both pretty darn exhausted today! 

Just wanted to give you a quick update hope everyone is having an nice Tuesday, and now I think I will take a nap. 

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Sunday Snapshot #28

Midnight July 21 2007
Try not to be too jealous guys, because yes I am wearing the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter. Ok, so it's not the real one, but at that moment when it was on my head and I got sorted into Hufflepuff it was real to me! My friend Adrienne and I are huge Harry Potter fans; I'm talking about midnight book/movie releases, awesome homemade t-shirts, and Potter themed board games. So when it was time for the finale book to be realsed we signed up to get our copy at midnight at our local bookstore! Because this was going to be the last midnight release the bookstore went all out: games, costume contests, raffles, etc and it was amazing!

We had such a blast and when we got home we both spent the next day or two finishing the book. I was in a predicament because I wanted to know what was going to happen so badly, but at the same time I knew the more I read the closer to the end I would get to the end of the final book! I'm still kind of sad it is all over. At least after the books there were still the movies to look forward too, but now those are over as well. Oh well, I guess it is just time to start reading the books all over again. I've just got to find them where ever I packed them.

Happy Sunday.

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Also don't forget to enter PearApple's bear ear headband giveaway!

You Can Never Have Too Many (Glasses Review)

I was recently contacted by the people over at Firmoooo to see if I wanted to write a review for a pair of their glasses, and I gladly accepted. Now, because I have needed glasses since 1st grade I know what I like and can pretty much tell from a photo whether or not it is going to look good on me. But when this opportunity came up I decided to step just a little outside my comfort zone, and picked up this pair. 
I'm not going to lie, one of the reasons why I chose these was because they remind me of Harry Potter's glasses (check out tomorrow's Sunday Snapshot to read more about my love of Harry Potter haha).
I absolutely love them! The frames are extremely light weight and pretty darn comfortable. This particular pair have the little nose footies which I haven't had for a long time, so it has taken a little bit to get used to, but that definitely isn't the fault of the glasses. When I first put them on Will made the comment that I look like a librarian from the 90's. I have to agree, and I love it! 
The best part is that Firmoo is offering everyone world wide their first pair FREE. All you pay for is shipping! And who doesn't love free stuff?! So if you are in need of a new pair of glasses or sunglasses check out Firmoo's nice frame selection! 

Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday!

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This is a sponsored post and I was given these glasses for free from Firmoo to review on my blog, but all my opinions are my own. As always be sure to do your own research.

Ladies of the Mountains: Mountain Haven

I am so excited for this week's LOTM: Mountain Haven, because I have just the place. Growing up in Arizona I was lucky enough to be surround by mountains. Phoenix is in a valley, which meant it was only a 10 minute drive to my favorite hiking spot: Piestewa Peak (formally Sqauw Peak) one of the mountain preserves surrounding Phoenix. In fact, Will and I will be hiking it again next week once we get into town!
 click on the images to see them larger
I think one of my favorite parts of Piestewa Peak is that once you get on top you get an amazing birds eye view of the busy city of Phoenix. When I was younger we would hike up the mountain early in the morning and eat breakfast on top, which I always enjoyed. Even back then, though, the hike was pretty darn popular, so you have to time your hikes just right in order to avoid having tons of people hiking with you. When you do unwittingly end up with a lot of other hikers you will often see mountain joggers who are actually running up to the top (they have far better knees than I do). There's also those people just walking up the mountain talking loud enough so everyone can hear about how they ran up the mountain in only *insert time* the previous time, but this time they "just want to enjoy it", hehe. 

One of the 
coolest things about our last trip to Piestewa Peak was that we took our Nishika "3D" camera with us and got some really fun pictures! I think we are going to have to bust out this camera again on our big tour around the country! 
I want to thank all of the amazing LOTM ladies for having me as a guest poster this month, I had a blast! I cannot wait to see all the other guest posters who will be joining them in the coming months! Thanks again ladies! Now go check out their mountain havens!
Gentri of Gentri Lee
Nicole of Gypsy in Jasper 
Michelle of On The Adventure
Meagan of The Egg Out West
Kelley of A Crooked Trail
Lena of Musings 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Deep in the Heart of Texas!

We finally made it to Dallas this afternoon and it feels so wonderful knowing that we aren't doing any marathon driving for the next week. Granted the drive here wasn't bad, just long and tiring. We did schedule it so that our driving days would become shorter as we went along (12, 7, and 4) so that made it a lot nicer, because you were never in the car longer than the day before. 
When ever I go on long road trips I am all about comfy cloths, things I can easily move around in without worrying about stretching things out, I go from crossing my legs to putting them up on the dash about 100 times ever couple of hours, hehe. Hence this outfit consisting on a large t-shirt and jogging pants (probably the most comfortable pants on the planet).
shirt // American Apparel (old)
jogging pants // Target
shoes // Lulu's
Have you guys ever heard/seen a crab apple before? I had head the name before and just assumed it was a sour apple, but rather it is this weird thing, that looks like a mutant apple. I don't believe they are edible, but they sure are fun to look at. Edit: After doing a little research this morning I have learned these fellas are actually called horse apples, so I guess I have still never seen a crabapple.

Hope all my American buddies are gearing up for the mountain of food that awaits them tomorrow! I can hardly wait, my aunt and dad picked me up some amazing looking veggie dish! It has kale, cheese, and a whole bunch of other things, but honestly it had me at kale and cheese, hehe.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

x's and o's

If you follow me on twitter or facebook you already have heard me say this, but Wig-wog has been amazing on this trip! Seriously not one whine from her in the car, even during the 12 hour day! She just found a nice little spot and curled up and slept.
How freaking adorable, right?!

First Ever Giveaway!!

I'm over the moon to be hosting my very first giveaway, and for it to have been made possible by my absolutely wonderful friend Shaye! Now, you have probably have heard me talk about Shaye here many times before (because she is awesome and I love her) but also because she was the super talented knitter who made Will's amazing sweater for our wedding! 
(Megan Robbins Photography)
After years of solely selling her stuff at craft fairs and farmers markets she is taking the plunge into the world of Etsy! So to open her shop with a little bit of a bang (hopefully) Shaye has made a pair absolutely adorable bear ear headband/ear warmers (just like the one I am modeling) for one lucky Little Lady Little City reader! And let me tell you something it does keep your ears nice and toasty while looks freaking adorable too!
I mean come one who wouldn't want to call one of these adorable things their own?! The contest is open until the 28th, and winner will be chosen at random. Good luck everyone!! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

And the winner is Shannon F! Congratulations! Be one the look out for an email from me! 

Big News!

You guys, I am so excited to be finally able to share this news with you all. It's been really hard to keep my mouth shut about it, hehe. Ok go watch the video (which is super short) and I will catch back up with you after.

Eeeee! This is something Will and I have been talking about for quite a while and it's crazy to think it is finally going to happen! The internet is a huge part of our lives and has made it possible for us to leave the big city and build our house out here on our mountain in West Virginia. We start this crazy multi cross country trip this Monday! First stop: Dallas for Thanksgiving with the family, then off to Phoenix for Christmas with the Papa Bear, with stops along the way to interview people.

We cannot make this movie without hearing your story so please go to the Internet Everywhere Blog and tell us how the internet has made your life possible, and maybe we can film your story for the movie! I'm so excited at the possibility of getting to meet some of you guys in real life!

x's and o's

Fallen Leaves

I wore this outfit yesterday when we had to take Will's truck down to Winchester to get checked out. It was so cold! It was one of those days that if there was no wind it would have been ok, but the wind was whipping, burr! I'm in love with this outfit! These tights were something I was given for the wedding. I ended up not using them at the time, but I held on to them because they are such a great color. 
When I first got this dress I wasn't all that into it. It was part of a buy one get one free sale at Forever 21 and the free rack was pretty picked over, so this was the best thing left. It sat in my closet for a little while before I pulled it back out and fell in love with it! I really enjoy when that kind of thing happens, especially when you get the item for free! It reminds me of the painting smocks we wore in art class in middle school. 
jacket // Fred Flare
shirt // Had forever
dress // Forever 21
tights // Target
shoes // Lulu's
My shirt is seriously something I have had since middle school (seriously), and it's my favorite. It recently got a hole in one of the elbows so I sewed the little heart elbow patches. Personally, I think all shirts and sweaters should be required to come with elbow patches because they are simply amazing! 

As I mentioned before I am so in love with colored and patterned tights, they are such a fun way to spruce up an outfit. However, the last two pair I have picked up from Target both had hole in them before I even put them on (major bummer). Can you return tights if you find a hole in them the first time you put them on? Or are you just out of luck because you have already put them on? 

Where do you guys usually get your tights? 

Also can I just say how happy I was when reading all your comments about Wig-wog going for a walk with us? Because it seriously was the best thing ever! After seeing this Mo Rocca segment I remember thinking 'Oh man what I would give to have a kitty that would go on walks with me' and it happened, haha. Oh my goodness, I can just be too ridiculous sometimes, hehe.  

Hope everyone is having a nice Friday! 

x's and o's

Get Ready to Laugh (At Me)

So this is seriously the most ridiculous of things to dedicate an entire post to, but whatever it makes me super happy! Last night we went on a legitimate walk with Wigs!  
Wigs normally just wears a harness to play outside, but last night I thought maybe she would like to go on a walk with us. So I got her harnessed up, carried her out to end of the drive way, and put her on the ground. She sniffed around for a little bit, but once Will and I started walking she followed. Now, by no means was this a quick walk. In fact it was pretty slow broken up with lots of sniffing, but she walked with us all the same! 
We went about a quarter of a mile and I'm hoping that the more we do this the better she will get. Anytime she heard a bird: poofy tail, or the wind rustle the grass: poofy tail. It was wonderful and pretty darn adorable too.
By the time we made it to this point the sun was starting to set fast so I decided it would be best to pick up little Wigs and carry her back to the house, cause otherwise we would probably be walking in the dark. As soon as we got back she grabbed a little food and water then curled up for a nap, I think all the excitement of outside tuckered her out. 

Thanks for indulging me with this silly post! Hope everyone is have a nice day!

x's and o's 

Little Bits and Pieces

I've decided to add a new little series to my blog called Little Bits and Pieces where, as the title suggests I'll share the little things from our day to day lives. It won't be a weekly thing more of a whenever kind of thing. I feel like it is a wonderful way to help remember the smaller things that otherwise might just otherwise be forgotten.
1// Found this little guy scooting his boot across the road. Hope he finds a nice place for winter. 2// Almost all the apples have now fallen off the trees, and this makes me sad. 3// Wigs enjoying one of the last warmish days outside last weekend. 

What are some of the ways you help remember those little bits and pieces?

Happy Monday! 

x's and o's

Ladies of the Mountains: Favorite Hiking Item

Ok so remember when I said lots of exciting things were happening this month? Here is the first one: I was asked by the lovely ladies of LOTM to be a guest poster for the month, eee! I was so honored that they even thought of me for a potential guest post, so of course I jumped at the chance! Hopefully I don't disappoint. 

My favorite hiking item is super simple and probably an obvious choice, but I chose my whale water bottle because I just love it so much. 

This little guy has been with me through many adventures from hiking to multiple cross county trips! I am oddly particular about my water and the container it is in, think a young Abigail Bresilin from Signs. Ok so maybe not that extreme, but I can get pretty close, hehe. Finding a container that I like and is portable hasn't always been the easiest.
Exploring the forest on the oposite side of our mountain.
So when my brother gave me this guy as a birthday gift I was over the moon, and it pretty much has never left my side since. It is the perfect size; sometimes we just go on for a quick hike on our mountain and don't want to carry around a whole bunch of stuff. It works great just carrying it by hand, and it has an adorable picture of a whale on it. And those teeth! What's not to love about that?! 

Make sure to check out all the other ladies post for this week! 
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A Little Change

Yesterday I decided I wanted to change up my blog design a little bit, and now it has kind of made me want to do a much larger revamp. I will leave that for another day, hehe. Does that ever happen to any of your guys, where you just end up changing something little on your blog and then you really want to just change everything? Will had done the previous design for me, but this I did all by myself, and even though the changes are pretty small I am really proud of them! It always feels really nice when you spend a lot of time on something and it comes out pretty nice.


Please bare with my while I get everything all linked correctly, and you might have to refresh your page a couple of times (silly cache) for the new designs to show up. 

Hope everyone is having a great day! 

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Hungry Like a Wolf

Even with this freezing weather outside our little greenhouse is thriving! We have been so busy with work that we have hardly had time to take care of all the plants, so things have kind of gone wild, as you can probably see with the flowers and the peppers, hehe. But all the their fruits sure have been wonderfully delicious in our dinner.
I got this shirt during ModCloth's mystery grab bag. I've never done it before but a couple of my friends have, and got some great stuff. So I thought for only $15 why not try my luck, and I wasn't disappoint. I'm in love with this shirt! I am not usually a fan of longer shirts, but this one with those amazingly ruched sleeves, I love. And of course the wolf print is pretty awesome for sure. I think it is going to pair wonderfully with my southwest style jacket.
shirt // Modcloth
pants // Urban Outfitters (years ago)
shoes // Nordstrom (years ago)
Last night I learned that Will has never had fried green tomato before, which got me thinking: are fried green tomatos not a common thing to eat? I have a hard time believing that because they are quite tasty. Just a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and you have got yourself one tasty treat! Seriously give them a try for yourself.

Also ModCloth is running a promotion 'Give $15 Get $15', new customers can click here and get $15 off of your first $50 purchase and then I get $15 off my next purchase. And if you aren't a new customer you can share a your own personalized code (just log into your account to get it) with your friends and get the same deal. It's pretty awesome, I mean who doesn't want to save $15? 

Hope everyone is having a great Monday! 

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