Peach and Lace Collars

Fall has definitely hit us up here on the mountain, the last couple of days the sky has been covered in grey clouds and very brisk winds. This also means that the leaves are changing colors, so our drive up and down the is pretty darn beautiful seriously, what could be better than colorful leaves covering the trees and ground?
I wore this outfit when we went into town to run some errands the other day and the strangest thing happened to me: I was waiting in line at the post office when all of a sudden I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. When I turn around I saw this man (who I have never seen in my life) looking at me. He proceeds to say "Isn't she just so adorable, I mean that outfit is just so wonderful and fun." Awkwardly I said thank you at least four octaves higher than my normal voice, haha. He then kept on saying how adorable I was and that if his wife was there she probably would hug me because I was so adorable. After a couple minutes of saying this he then felt inclined to let me know that he was not a pervert, haha! I have never had anything like that happen in my life. And it just proved what I already knew, I don't know what to do in awkward situations besides smiling ridiculously and talking in a much higher pitch!

Has anything this bizzarre happend to you guys?
dress // Modcloth
jacket // Old Navy
tights and shoes // Target
Anyways, I am so in love with everything about this dress: the color, the super cute lace collar, and the little gold buttons! I have a feeling it is going to be making lots of appearances over the winter months, just with lots of layering added to it and a wonderfully warm jacket. After living on the east coast for the past three years I finally bought myself a super nice winter coat. I can hardly wait for it to arrive in the mail! Seriously thank goodness for internet shopping because otherwise I would have nothing, being that we are over an hour away from any real clothing stores. 

What are your favorite way to layer some of your favorite dresses for the winter months?

Hope you all are having a great day! 

x's and o's


  1. That sky is impressively dark and ominous looking, you guys have such a great view from your house! I like to think of myself as an expert layerer (apparently we're getting our first heavy snow and freezing fog this weekend - yay!) multiple layers of tights are always a good start, and invest in some thermal underwear, mine are a life saver in the middle of winter, but think enough to go under my pretty dresses.

    You look adorable, but it must have been weird having someone come up and say it. I love getting comments about my hair on my blog, but in real life I find it a bit odd when people come up and talk to me about it (or worse touch it). It's always nice to get a compliment though xo

  2. You ARE adorable! I have had something like that happen a couple times, mostly people stare at my tattoos if they are visible, and back in my fun hair color days older people looked scared of me. But I have had some really nice compliments that made me feel totally awkward and definitely sounded like a chipmunk when saying thank you!!!

    That dress is perfect in every way and I love those shoes. I have a good amount of dresses I collected over the summer and have nothing to layer them with for winter. Crap! Back to hunting...


  3. Super cute dress! ANd that was a totally weird interaction. I am kind of glad he (or his wife?!) didn't hug you, that would have just taken things to a whole new level of weird.

  4. Ha ha this really made me laugh!!! How odd but sweet in an old man sweet sort of way. I love the dress on you, would not have thought to pop it with these blue tights but it look fab…takes it from summery to autumn-ey.

    This mad me think of last week. I was unlocking my bike from the bike stand in our town centre to head home after getting some bits and i noticed a mans feet. I looked up and he said 'i was just admiring how beautiful your bike is' . I said thank you and carried on with unfastening my lock and he just kept wittering on to me about all the things he liked, how it had this type of brakes, this type of seat, and this sort of tyre…and i just didnt know how to get rid of him!!! I mean he was lovely and obv just taking an interest but i just wanted to say 'im a girl, i know nothing about what you have just said, i bought it cos it was pretty now let me go!"

    In reality, i just kept saying thank you and that i had better go. Twenty minutes later he stopped talking and i left. Bit weird and funny!!!


  5. Hahaha, oh my. That story is hilarious!

    Actually, a few weeks ago I had finished substitute teaching and needed to stop at the post office. As I walked across the street this older gentleman and his wife were going in. He made some comment about how nice I looked.
    On the way back out, he said it again...and something about my boyfriend, I think? Anyway, I couldn't decide if it was just sweet and nice, or more on the weird/uncomfortable side. Oh, yeah, he mentioned the dent in my car and asked if my boyfriend had done that. Oy. Small towns. :)

    And, the view from your house looks amazing!


  6. Haha, that's cuper funny about the man at the post office. You do look super cute so, i can see where he was coming from. I had an older lady introduce me to her husband one time after I held the door for her at the bank and she just kept saying "what a NICE thing to do, right? Young people aren't like that nowadays".

  7. I love the color of that dress with the blue tights!

  8. I am a diehard leg warmer fan. I think I have four pairs and I have seriously contemplated buying about a dozen more. I have long ones, short ones, thick ones, thin ones, brown ones, grey ones, you get the idea. I'm all over those bad boys, especially over a pair of warm tights. I have one dress in particular that I adore wearing my HUGE, thick, green, old-man sweater leg warmers with. Swoon. Yay for winter arriving in Jasper. I can totally bust those out soon. :)

    Cute outfit, my dear. I love the colours on you.

    Also, I hate creepy dudes. I've had an incident or two like that. My usual response is to stare blankly at the person. In a way, I think it's really rad that he was comfortable enough to do that. I mean, who doesn't love a compliment on their outfit. And, the truth is, I think compliments ALL the time and rarely say them out loud for fear of creeping a person out... and I honestly think, if I were to compliment a girl on her outfit, she'd probably walk away feeling pretty great. So, maybe we should take a page out of the creepy guys book and just start saying what we think. You know, as long as what we think is a compliment.

  9. Really cute outfit. I love wearing tights and dresses in the Fall and Winter. Also, I had a guy walk up and tell me I was beautiful when I was stuffing my face with sushi once. I just said thank you and kept eating.

  10. hahahahaha! Oh my goodness! I love that he felt the need to tell you he wasn't a pervert.
    You do, however, look adorable!! LOVE this outfit!

  11. This dress is SO pretty and I love the awkward story! I would have done the same exact thing I am sure. The other day while in my favorite coffee shop the man behind me grazed my butt, and then acknowledged that he did so. And then proceeded to talk to me about muffins while probably smiled hugely and looked mortified!
    :) Hannah

  12. You look beautiful! I hate when random people touch me, so freaking creepy.

  13. I love these colors together and the collar is so perfect. And that guy was totally creepy -- I've had more than my fair share of situations like that and I always say thank you and then laugh way too long and get uncomfortable. Being awkward is great.

  14. Holy hell I would have freaked out in a BIG way if someone had been like that with me! I'm almost painfully shy, to the point where I was in the dog park the other day, and this kid was trying to talk to me, and boom, frozen! Eeep!

    Alli xx

  15. that outfit is great, i love the colour of the dress! and thats so hilarious, and a little strange!


  16. love it! ha, and i love encounters like that.

    I had my hairdresser say to me the other day: oh your outfit looks like one of those you would find on that pinterest website! that could be your new facebook status! You could say, 'my hairdresser says i look so cute she wanted to pin me!'.

    Someone loves the social media. ha. made me smile anyway.

  17. Love love love the glasses. Its hipster meets trendy.

  18. Cracking up. That is creepy and awesome all rolled into one!

  19. Wow, this is killer! <3

    Maybe we should follow each other, I would like to become friends!!

  20. Love your dress, the collar is so sweet and pretty.

  21. Beautiful :)

  22. Well he was absolute right, as this outfit is wonderful :)

  23. I like the blue and peach together! I never would have thought of that!!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog....since I'm just getting started every little comment makes me so excited!! :D

  24. That is such an adorable outfit! I love the color combination. I can't wait for it to cool off so I can finally start wearing colorful tights!! I love how creepy men try to justify that they're not being creepy by telling you that they're not creepy! LOL!

  25. Looooooove that outfit! The color is just perfect, and the color palette, great! Have a nice day xx

  26. Well, the outfit IS adorable, but that is just awakward (the encounter, I mean.)


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