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Just when you thought I couldn't have anymore absolutely amazing guest bloggers I have one more, the absolutely lovely Maddie from Madalynne. I simply adore her site, even if all of her amazing sewing projects make me super jealous that I cannot sew like that, hehe. 

Hi, my name is Maddie Flanigan and I am the blogger behind Madalynne, the cool sewing and pattern making blog. If Steve McQueen was the ‘King of Cool,” then Madalynne is the “Queen of Cool.” My blog covers everything from how to draft a sloper to interviews with independent pattern makers/ designers and what projects I’m currently working on. For the past two and a half years, my day job has been in the technical design department for a very large fashion company in Philadelphia. A couple of months ago, this company took note of my personal blog and asked me to start an Intranet blog that would create a cohesive voice for all their brands. Sweet, right? I consider myself one lucky gal to be able to do what I love both day and night (blog and sew), not to mention I receive a stellar discount off some really fancy clothes.
But enough about me, let’s talk more about… me! Not too long ago, Amanda asked me if I would be interested in guest posting while she was preparing for a wedding. Before finishing her email proposing the idea, I was more than thrilled and eager to take up her offer. The next question I had to ask myself was what to write about. One thing and one thing only came to my mind – my most recent creation, my ‘Matchy Matchy’ project. I’m often asked how the hell I come up with some of my ideas and I always respond with, a little luck, a little chance, and a little bit of random.

I studied fashion design at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and one of my favorite classes was Intro to Fashion Design. Yes, it was an easy, introduction class but that’s not the reason I liked it. My liking for the classes was because of my professor and the projects he assigned. One of the biggest projects for the trimester was to create a scrapbook/sketchbook/inspiration book. You think this is no more than a Kindergarten’s work but I assure you it’s not. Filling two hundred plus pages with great sketches, collages, and artwork is hard! But the professor made the project a little less daunting when he offered this tip… cut out a bunch of elements from magazines, newspapers, clipping, etc. “Let them be random and just look at the shapes,” he advised. Once you have bunch of images, approximately one hundred, start putting them together in any way. Let luck, chance, and a little bit of random create the images. I thought he was crazy at first but it worked. I created some very neat images that semester. Just click here to see.
I used my professor’s advice when shooting my most recent project – a little bit of luck, a little bit of chance, and a little bit of random. The project, which was influenced by the matching skirt suits women used to wear in the 1950s, reminded me of camouflage. The top and bottom of their outfits seemed to blend together, just like camouflage, and I wanted my outfit as well as myself to blend in the photo shoot (if you haven’t noticed, my skin blends into the wallpaper of the background). Another big influence was the work of photographer Tim Walker, particularly his photo shoot for Anthropologie a couple years back. His work is surreal and very Alice in Wonderland. I can’t help but fall in love with each and every photograph of his. My last influence was butterflies. I don’t know where or how butterflies got on my mind but they did. At the last second, I threw them in there just for fun. All these influences came together to create my final images. A success? I think so! Onto my next project I go…

I absolutely love getting to see the inspiration behind projects, it's like a little sneak peak into the artists mind. 

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