Guest Post: Kelly

I am super excited to have the absolutely lovely Kelly filling in for me as I hopefully, not too fanatically, get everything all set for my wedding. Not only is a she a phenomenal photographer but has some impecable fashion taste, just take a look below!

so who else is suuuuper excited for fall?! living in texas with this 100 degree weather, i'm pretty much over the whole idea of summertime. i'm ready for comfy sweaters, tall socks and boots, hot chocolate, pretty leaves on the ground... so here's a little inspiration board of some of my fall favorites.

1. this site has the best slouchy sweaters for $39 // source 
2. i'm still in search of the perfect denim jacket // source
3. blazers and gold sequin collars // source
4. chunky scarves and a messy bun // source
5. riding boots. drool. // source

so what are your favorites for fall?

thanks for letting me guest post, amanda. i wish you all the best with you & will's wedding! xoxo

Ok can we just talk about all of Kelly's amazing picks for fall! I mean I am seriously dying, I just want all of them so badly! Now make sure you go and check out her blog

Thanks again Kelly!


  1. I am so with you! Being from Florida, I know exactly how it feels to so easily be over summer. Can't wait for sweaters too :]

    Great pick of those riding boots, totally swoon worthy.


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