Guest Post: Kelley from A Crooked Trail

You are all in for a super treat, today we have the always adorable Kelley from A Crooked Trail guest posting today! 

What up Little Lady Little City peeps! I'm Kelley and I blog over here, and I'm am kind of excited to be taking over Amanda's blog while she gets ready for her wedding shenanigans. And when I say kind of, I mean I just peed. Gross. Never mind. Don't judge me by that statement. Anyhoo!! I'm here to tell you about the best part of a wedding.

The Honeymoon!

Come on people, duh! Okay, maybe it's the whole getting married thing, but it's definitely followed by the honeymoon. Can we daydream a second about the best honeymoons in all the land? Of course these are second to traveling the world paid for by an anonymous benefactor (we're not daydreaming that big people).

1. Shack it up!
I may be partial to this little honeymoon adventure because it's exactly what Rion and I did. And seriously guys, after the stress of planning a wedding it was perfect. I cannot remember a time where I have been more relaxed. 

2. Shred it up!
C'mon. Hot chocolate, crisp mountain air, and fresh powder! How can even the most cold-blooded of people resist this? Shredding down the mountain with your new spouse should be a time-honored tradition. Let's make that happen!

3. Take it in!
This might be something a lot of people don't consider, but staying home could be the most relaxing honeymoon in the history of honeymoons. And there are perks: you don't have to have money to do this! Hooray for us poor folks! Lock the door and don't come out for a week... at least.

Well, that was a nice little daydream! Send Amanda some love as she dives into the awesome adventure that is marriage! And head on over to A Crooked Trail to see what Rion and I are getting into!

This is pretty much what we are planning on doing, except we are doing it inside our house out here on the mountain because we have finally finished enough to move in eeee! 

Thanks so much for helping out Kelley!! 


  1. WOOP WOOP!! I hope your wedding is as stress free as possible!

  2. I love the idea of honeymooning at home! It's something I never thought of and would have never considered until you so dreamily defined the possibilities!

  3. Love this! Congrats on your sweet marriage! May it be a beautiful and amazing day! xo Heather

  4. Ooo congrats! We definitely shacked and shreded! Best wishes on your wedding!
    xoxo bhrett

  5. Congrats! When I get married I'm hoping for a hot, beachy honeymoon, but shacking up sounds pretty darn nice too.


  6. This is so dreamyyyy! I never would have thought to have a honeymoon in a place like that (not that I think about them much haha)
    Congrats :) <3

    The Lovelorn


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