Guest Post: Bekuh from Secondhand Sundays

You guys are in for a treat today with the absolutely lovely Bekuh from Secondhand Sundays. I simply adore all the wonderful content she put up on her blog every week, especially the DIYs. Which just so happens to be the subject of this guest post, so you guys are in for a real treat! 
Hello Little Lady readers, my name is Bekuh and blog over at Secondhand Sundays. I'm thrilled to be visiting Amanda's blog while she's off getting herself married and enjoying this very special season in her life. I thought in honor of such an beautiful occasion, and the changing seasons upon us, a pretty little bouquet tutorial would be quite fitting. I hope you'll stick around and learn a few tips for making bouquets in any season.
The first step for any bouquet is of course selecting flowers. Though I've been known to buy a prefab bouquet from the grocery store, I find the most beautiful bouquets are the ones you create from your own backyard. Now I live in a city and I don't have a luscious selection of blooms in my garden, but I truly believe you can make pretty bouquets from minimal selections. Here are a few of my tips for selecting flowers anywhere, in any season...

Tips for Fall Bouquets:

+ Look for tall grasses, and wild weeds in the hedges. People stop mowing their lawns as frequently in the fall and you can find some decorative grasses to add fullness to your bouquet.

+ Trees often still bloom in the early fall, so snip a blooming limb or two for your bouquet.

+ Fall leaves are magic. Bring their color into your home by cutting off a couple branches.

+ Herbs will grow into the later fall months so snip off a couple pieces, for a lush fragrant scent.

Tips for Winter Bouquets:

+Consider snipping a branch or two of a fir tree to use in your bouquets.

+ Holly trees are quite hardy and the little berries on them add that little pop of color a winter bouquet begs for.

+Pine cones can make an interesting addition, wrap their bases in floral wire to create a stem and add it into the bouquet like you would a flower.
Tips for Spring Bouquets:
+ Daffodils and tulips grow wild in some parts of the country, so clip a couple and bring them into your home this spring.
+ Trees begin blooming like crazy in the Spring so make sure you add a small branch to your bunch.
+ Little wild flowers are also rampant after March and April rains so make mini bouquets in bud vases with these.
+ Lilacs, Hydrangea, and Roses also take over small corners in neighborhoods so sneak a flower or two for yourself.

Tips for Summer Bouquets:
+ Berry bushes explode in the summer, and sometimes need cut back. Save the trimmings for your next bouquet.
+ Wild grasses, and flowering weeds take over alley ways in hotter months, so clip them for yourself. These can also be quite striking without the help of flowers, so in a pinch use them alone as a bouquet.
+ Herbs grow big and bushy in container gardens, save some to cook with, and some to bouquet with.
Once you've made your flower selection it's time to prep the flowers for the vase. It's really up to you how you arrange the bouquet, I tend to like mine over flowing and drooping around the edges. Here are some tips for keeping your bouquet fresh longer, and making it look prettier in whatever vase you choose:

+ Remove all of the leaves and flowers that will be below the water line, these tend to mold and will kill your stems off faster.

+ After your initial cutting the stems will have closed up. Using kitchen shears cut the stems on a diagonal to reopen them for water absorption.

+ Put your larger stems in first, filling in with the smaller flowers later.

+ Always pick extra filler so you have something to fill in gaps if need be.

+ Check to make sure that all of your stems are fully in the water. If not, add water until they are.

+ A splash of 7UP helps keep your flowers perkier longer. I don't know the science behind this but it seems to work.

Pretty bouquets are made of love, then flowers. Don't be afraid to think outside the box, and look around you for inspiration. I hope you enjoyed my bouquets tips for any season, and that I've inspired you to pick your own flowers soon. big kiss, bekuh
Not going to lie I definitely used some of Bekuh's tips to help with my own center piece arrangements!  

Thanks again Bekuh for helping out! 


  1. I love that the bouquet tips are divided up by season! It really does make difference. And I had no idea about the 7Up!

  2. This is really good tips and knowledge to know! This was so cool!!

  3. So beautiful!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  4. I am so terrible at arranging bouquets, so I love this post! <3

  5. This is great! My grandmother likes giving me and my cousins homemade bouquets for our birthdays, and since I'm born in the winter she has always had to be creative. She'd probably appreciate some of these tips!

  6. I'm so inspired to go pick flowers now :) My mom taught me to put a teaspoon each of bleach and sugar in the water to keep the flowers pretty longer.


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