Happy Halloween!

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I woke up this morning with this silly idea and then definitely did not force Will to help me or spend the rest of today creating it, hehe! What can I say I love me some silly Halloween cards. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween! Try not to put yourself in a sugar coma tonight :) 

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Can't Blame it all on Sandy

Yesterday was kind of the worst, if you follow me on twitter than you problem saw a tweet about it. Even though we are in WV we got hit with Sandy, or I guess rather the mega storm that was made by another cold front and Sandy joining forces. 

Thankfully it wasn't anything too bad just lots of wind and lots of rain, which unfortunately was very bad for our poor little not fully finished house. Our roof decided to spring at least 10 holes by the nights end, with about 4 of them being directly over my newly constructed computer area. Luckily we caught those in time before any of my work stuff got waterlogged. So we moved my stuff over to part of Will's desk that wasn't getting used and played the 'Where did that drip sound come from' game. That is, until we noticed huge billowing smoke clouds coming out of our dryer vent. That's right on top of trying to fix a leaky roof we also had to deal with our dryer that decided it would help combat the water dripping into the house by catching itself on fire. 
The little snowman we made with the snow on the table this morning.
Maybe it's because yesterday has passed and we woke up to a little snow (which is always lovely), but I can't help just laughing thinking about all of that stuff happening. It just seriously seems all kinds of ridiculous.

Have you guys had a horrible day that you can now look back at and just laugh?

Hope everyone is having a lovely day filled with no dryer fires and leaky roofs.

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Apple Cider Waffles

I think waffles are pretty much the perfect breakfast food, they are just so wonderfully crispy and delicious! For the longest time I would lament to Will about our lack of a waffle iron to which he would usually just laugh at me. So when the wedding came around I decided for the rehearsal dinner we were going to do waffles, which meant I would have to buy two waffle irons! I seriously couldn't be happier about that choice, not only did people at the rehearsal dinner love having waffles but now I get to make waffles as often as I want! Which has be quite often, let me tell you.

The other day I came up with one of the tastiest recipes second only to the tradition recipe (you just can't go wrong with it): Apple Cider Waffles! We still had some of the apple cider we squeezed a couple weekends ago that need to be used up, so Apple Cider Waffles were made. 

1 2/3 cup flour (if batter is runny add 1Tbsp at a time until the batter is thicker)
1/4 cup melted butter
1 cup cider
1/4 cup milk
2 Tbsp sugar
2 Tbsp vanilla
4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs

Mix together dry ingredients in a bowl and set aside, in another bowl combine eggs and wet ingredients and mix well. Add wet ingredients to dry and mix until all lumps are gone. Scoop about 1 cup of batter into the waffle iron and cook until golden brown (about 3-4 mins). Enjoy! 
Adding the apple cider just made the waffles so much more decadent and filling, so in the words of Tom and Donna 'Treat Yo Self'

x's and o's


Ok so remember when I mentioned the other day how winter had shown up here on the mountain, well I guess she decided to go on a vacation somewhere else, I'm thinking over to Nicole's. The last two days have been 80 degrees, it's all kinds of crazy! I think by next week, though, the temperature is suppose to drop dramatically, so Lady Winter's vacation doesn't seem to be lasting too long, hehe. 

Will and I are never ones to look a gift horse in the mouth so we have been basking in the warmth and doing dinner outside. We are actually still working on leftovers from the wedding, so it's kind of nice not thinking too much about what to have for dinner, hehe. We have a freezer full of pulled pork, grilled chicken, apple pies, and mac 'n cheese! I guess our eyes were a little bigger than our stomachs when we were making the menu for the wedding haha. But not to worry because momma loves her some mac 'n cheese, especially with some brocoli added! 
You can see some of the picnic tables we made behind me, I think we are going to try to sell them or something because I cannot think of many uses for twelve 7ft long tables, hehe.
Wig-wog has also been enjoying the warmer weather. Anytime we are doing anything outside we put her little harness on and she gets to play outside. This time we couldn't find her actual harness so we did a make shift one, which I don't think she minded much. She now knows when we put it on her she gets to go outside so she sits still and starts to purr, it's pretty cute!

In other news we are slowly unpacking all of our boxes and getting stuff put away. Even though I am pretty over unpacking at this point it is really fun to find lovely things that we have had up in storage for what seems like forever, and finally getting to display them! It almost feels like Christmas, hehe!

Hope everyone is having a nice Thursday.

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Starting November...

That's right, you get a free button swap, and you, and you, and you! Sorry I had a weird Oprah's favorite things moment there, you know the one where she gave everyone a new car, haha. 

I absolutely love finding new blogs and promoting people/shops I really enjoy (i.e. the lovely ladies who have been up on the right hand side for quite a while now) so I thought doing a monthly button swap would be an awesome way for me to get to know even more of you guys! And of course it is all free (just be sure to use the promocode FreeSwap), which is always great! 

For more information just check out the new Sponsor page

Hope everyone is having a great day! 

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Edit: Holy Moly guys your response has been totally awesome! As of right now the Large swap is all booked for November, with several in the queue for December!

Another Edit: Medium swap is all booked up for November as well now, there are still 2 Small spots open! I seriously had no idea they would go this quickly, you all are the best! Also I am absolutely loving checking out all of your sites, I'm so honored to have you all on board for November!

Last Edit (I swear): November spaces (and then some*) are all booked up! Thank you all so much!

*These ads will show up for the month of December.

Peach and Lace Collars

Fall has definitely hit us up here on the mountain, the last couple of days the sky has been covered in grey clouds and very brisk winds. This also means that the leaves are changing colors, so our drive up and down the is pretty darn beautiful seriously, what could be better than colorful leaves covering the trees and ground?
I wore this outfit when we went into town to run some errands the other day and the strangest thing happened to me: I was waiting in line at the post office when all of a sudden I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. When I turn around I saw this man (who I have never seen in my life) looking at me. He proceeds to say "Isn't she just so adorable, I mean that outfit is just so wonderful and fun." Awkwardly I said thank you at least four octaves higher than my normal voice, haha. He then kept on saying how adorable I was and that if his wife was there she probably would hug me because I was so adorable. After a couple minutes of saying this he then felt inclined to let me know that he was not a pervert, haha! I have never had anything like that happen in my life. And it just proved what I already knew, I don't know what to do in awkward situations besides smiling ridiculously and talking in a much higher pitch!

Has anything this bizzarre happend to you guys?
dress // Modcloth
jacket // Old Navy
tights and shoes // Target
Anyways, I am so in love with everything about this dress: the color, the super cute lace collar, and the little gold buttons! I have a feeling it is going to be making lots of appearances over the winter months, just with lots of layering added to it and a wonderfully warm jacket. After living on the east coast for the past three years I finally bought myself a super nice winter coat. I can hardly wait for it to arrive in the mail! Seriously thank goodness for internet shopping because otherwise I would have nothing, being that we are over an hour away from any real clothing stores. 

What are your favorite way to layer some of your favorite dresses for the winter months?

Hope you all are having a great day! 

x's and o's

Sunday Snapshot #27 (video edition)

Mountain Home from Will Hyler on Vimeo.
Will put together this absolutely amazing video from all the photos and videos we've taken over the past three years working on the house to show at the rehearsal dinner. I don't think people really knew what we were actually doing when we said we were building a house so this video was a prefect way to show them. Hope you guys enjoy it as well! 

x's and o's

Southwest Flare

I finally did it, I bought myself a nice warm winter jacket, and it only took three years of living on the east coast and constantly borrowing Will's much larger jackets for me to do it! I must admit how silly I was for waiting this long, it had to have been the Arizona in me still wanting to be wearing flip-flops in the middle of December, haha. A fact that Will constantly made fun of me for, but not any more with my fancy winter jacket. 
jacket // Fred Flare
jeans and boots // Target 
I am so in love with this coat guys! Not only is it pretty darn warm, but it's also not too bulky, so it's nice and easy to move around in. It's faux fur collar is it just adorable looking and it keeps my head/face nice and cozy. And I love it's southwest design because it definitely reminds me of Arizona. I never thought when I still lived there that one day I would own anything southwest feeling. I used to think people just looked so silly wearing a pattern like this. Well look at me now young Amanda, I have become one of those people too and I love it, haha! 

We are headed out to Will's parent's house this weekend to get our remaning things from their house all moved up out here, and to CELEBRATE WILL'S BIRTHDAY!! Our friends Shaye and her boyfriend are going to meet us out there for our yearly tradition of Mexican food and a Paranormal Activity movie, haha. Somehow a Paranormal Activity has always come out right at Will's birthday every year for the past three years! Thankfully the restaurant is right next to the movie theater so we can have some yummy margaritas, which always seems to make the movie a little more scary or at least more fun, hehe.

Are there any birthday traditions you do with friends?

Hope everyone is having a nice Friday! 

x's and o's

And for good measure this picture... 
I'm still unsure what I was doing here, haha! 

Mountain Home: Kitchen

We have finally started to get settled into the house. I can hardly believe that after three long years we are finally far enough along that we have been able to finally move in. It still feels like we will be leaving in the next couple of days to go back to our real lives. But that's not going to happen anymore because this is our real life now, this house. 

I thought it would be fun to kind of chronicle the work we do to make this house our home. Now, we still have a long way to go and walls aren't going to be painted for a while, but I kind of like that exposed drywall feel, and that doesn't mean I can't dress them up by hanging all the pictures I want. 
This is where all the pies were made for the wedding, all TEN of them. I have to admit it makes for a very nice little cooking prep area. And I finally get to organize the kitchen I want! I can now keep all the flour and sugar and other baking things right out on the countertop, instead of always pulling them out from a pantry or a drawer. It's small things that makes me so happy. 
Our little make-shift shelves. We decided since we still have to finish off the walls it would be best not putting too many large shelves up yet. So this is directly under our little countertop, and it has been working out pretty darn wonderfully so far. I'm hoping to get some nice looking contact paper to put under the dishes instead of the paper towels, hehe. Or I might just get rid of the paper towels and just have then sit on the bare wood, I think that would look pretty nice too. 
Our hodge-podge of pots and pans, but they are ours and I love them! The only I'm going to have to get used to is working on a smaller cooktop, I got super spoiled when we lived with Will's parents because they had a massive six burner Viking cooktop and it was kind of heaven! 
Our little glasses shelve right above our oven. I have so many adorable glasses that have been given to me throughout the years and I finally able to display them. So needless to say I am a happy camper.

As I mentioned before we have a long way to go before we are anywhere close to being finished, but I am just so happy to get to start working on this chapter of our lives. It has been such a long time coming, and it's going to take a little bit to get back into a normal routine here, especially since the wedding is all done now. It's actually kind of weird not stressing over how to decorate the tables, but I have a feeling I will get over that pretty soon, hehe. 
I also have a feeling this little lady is quite happy having so much more room to add to her domain, hehe. 
x's and o's

Yummy Apple Cider

As you have probably already guessed I love apples, which is probably a good thing seeing how Will and I do live in an old apple orchard, hehe. This time of year is seriously the best time ever. Not only is the weather starting to cool down, but all the apples are ripe for the picking! Which means tons of apple related yummies, like apple pies, apple pancakes, and apple cider!

One of our wedding gifts was an apple masher, which we put to good use when our friend Shaye came back up for a visit over the weekend. Unfortunately we didn't get the apple press part (the squeezer) but that didn't stop up from creating our own press!
The first time we made apple cider was when about 2 years ago, and Shaye was actually there then too. We didn't have any apple cider tools so we chopped up apples and put them in a food processor to get it mashed up enough to squeeze. It worked out pretty wonderfully until we burned out the motor on it haha, but by that point we had made about 2 gallons. 
Our apple masher at work! So much easier to do it this way! 
To get the juice out we used our press from 2 years ago, which as you can see, is two buckets with the top one being full of cement. We still needed some more weight to really squeeze out the juice, hence the cinder block and Will putting his weight on it! It not might be the most efficient way to squeeze apples but it worked pretty darn wonderfully for us. We ended up mixing some of our fresh cider with some moonshine our neighbor gave us as a wedding gift, haha only in West Virginia. 

Have you guys ever tried to make your own cider? 

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and is having a nice Monday! 

x's and o's

Apple Pie Moonshine

Apple Pie Moonshine - littleladylittlecity.com
If you follow me on twitter, then you probably have heard me talking about my success in creating a signature drink for the wedding: Apple Pie Moonshine. This might just be the yummiest thing I have ever ingested, it seriously tastes exactly like the inside of an apple pie! This fact is both amazing and dangerous, did I mention it has a liter of grain alcohol in it that you cannot taste? Haha.

This drink is smooth but crazy strong so please be careful when consuming! 

The recipe makes about 9 quarts (a little over 2 gallons) so it's a nice size for a party.

1 Gallon Apple Cider 
1 Gallon Apple Juice
1 Cup White Sugar* 
1 1/2 Cups Brown Sugar*
8 Cinnamon Sticks  
6 Tbsp Vanilla 
1 Liter 190 Proof Grain Alcohol (I used Everclear)
*you can always add more sugar to make it sweeter 

Mix together cider, juice, sugars, and vanilla in a large pot, then add cinnamon sticks. Bring to a boil. Once boiling and sugars have completely dissolved remove from heat, let the mixture cool to room temperature then add grain alcohol.
Apple Pie Moonshine - littleladylittlecity.com
What you don't end up using you can store in a sterile mason jar in a dark dry cool place with a couple of sticks of cinnamon. In fact, it will taste even better the longer you let it sit.  I'm actually going to make another batch (probably half or a quarter size) and let sit for a while so then Will and I will have a nice little sipping drink for those lazy afternoons. 

Hopefully, you guys enjoy this drink as much as everyone did at our wedding, it was seriously all gone by the time Will and I got back from taking pictures, haha.

Happy Friday!

x's and o's

What a Week, or Two!

Today has been the first day I've been able to sleep in (and it is only 8 haha) during the past two weeks! The week leading up to the wedding, not only were Will and I still in DE frantically trying to finish up work, but Will got hit with the worst flu ever. I'm talk about 103 fever for 4 days straight. As you might guess it made trying to get work done a little hard, but we got him better for the wedding so that was good. Then three days before the wedding with all of our stuff, a groomsmen, the maid of honor, and my papa bear in tow, we drove the 5 hour drive (this time closer to 10 with all the stops at Lowe's we had to do haha) to our mountain! 

We had hoped to be able to move into the house when we got up, but that didn't happen. For the next 3 days we frantically built and stained 12 picnic tables from scratch, went through tons of boxes to find all the decorations, created some more decorations, baked 8 apple pies (4 red and 4 tart green) 1 blueberry and 1 mixed berry, made apple pie moonshine, and about a thousand other things! But thanks to everyones help we some how got it done! 

The morning of the wedding was all doom and gloom outside, I'm talking 15mph winds, 40 degrees and not a ray of sunshine in the sky. We thought it best moving the dance floor into the house so people could stay a little warm at least. We even thought about having the ceremony inside, in fear of being rained out. However, as I was getting ready about an hour before the ceremony was to start: bam, the sun came out with all of its glory, and everything fell into place.

We are so lucky that our fabulous photographer and dear friend Megan went straight to work getting our photos ready. She has given us a little sampling and I can hardly wait to see more! 
I love this picture for so many reasons, the main one being lovely bridesmaid Lex gave me a kiss and left some of her lipstick on my cheek! 
Yup we are super goofs!
Will and I in our two amazing knit tops, made by our dear friends Shaye and Andrea! I don't think they could have come out any more wonderful! 
My wonderful ladies who I couldn't have pulled this off without! They seriously are all the best!
Oh my goodness such good times were had, I cannot wait to share more pictures with you all!

x's and o's

Guest Post: Maddie from Madalynne

Just when you thought I couldn't have anymore absolutely amazing guest bloggers I have one more, the absolutely lovely Maddie from Madalynne. I simply adore her site, even if all of her amazing sewing projects make me super jealous that I cannot sew like that, hehe. 

Hi, my name is Maddie Flanigan and I am the blogger behind Madalynne, the cool sewing and pattern making blog. If Steve McQueen was the ‘King of Cool,” then Madalynne is the “Queen of Cool.” My blog covers everything from how to draft a sloper to interviews with independent pattern makers/ designers and what projects I’m currently working on. For the past two and a half years, my day job has been in the technical design department for a very large fashion company in Philadelphia. A couple of months ago, this company took note of my personal blog and asked me to start an Intranet blog that would create a cohesive voice for all their brands. Sweet, right? I consider myself one lucky gal to be able to do what I love both day and night (blog and sew), not to mention I receive a stellar discount off some really fancy clothes.
But enough about me, let’s talk more about… me! Not too long ago, Amanda asked me if I would be interested in guest posting while she was preparing for a wedding. Before finishing her email proposing the idea, I was more than thrilled and eager to take up her offer. The next question I had to ask myself was what to write about. One thing and one thing only came to my mind – my most recent creation, my ‘Matchy Matchy’ project. I’m often asked how the hell I come up with some of my ideas and I always respond with, a little luck, a little chance, and a little bit of random.

I studied fashion design at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and one of my favorite classes was Intro to Fashion Design. Yes, it was an easy, introduction class but that’s not the reason I liked it. My liking for the classes was because of my professor and the projects he assigned. One of the biggest projects for the trimester was to create a scrapbook/sketchbook/inspiration book. You think this is no more than a Kindergarten’s work but I assure you it’s not. Filling two hundred plus pages with great sketches, collages, and artwork is hard! But the professor made the project a little less daunting when he offered this tip… cut out a bunch of elements from magazines, newspapers, clipping, etc. “Let them be random and just look at the shapes,” he advised. Once you have bunch of images, approximately one hundred, start putting them together in any way. Let luck, chance, and a little bit of random create the images. I thought he was crazy at first but it worked. I created some very neat images that semester. Just click here to see.
I used my professor’s advice when shooting my most recent project – a little bit of luck, a little bit of chance, and a little bit of random. The project, which was influenced by the matching skirt suits women used to wear in the 1950s, reminded me of camouflage. The top and bottom of their outfits seemed to blend together, just like camouflage, and I wanted my outfit as well as myself to blend in the photo shoot (if you haven’t noticed, my skin blends into the wallpaper of the background). Another big influence was the work of photographer Tim Walker, particularly his photo shoot for Anthropologie a couple years back. His work is surreal and very Alice in Wonderland. I can’t help but fall in love with each and every photograph of his. My last influence was butterflies. I don’t know where or how butterflies got on my mind but they did. At the last second, I threw them in there just for fun. All these influences came together to create my final images. A success? I think so! Onto my next project I go…

I absolutely love getting to see the inspiration behind projects, it's like a little sneak peak into the artists mind. 

Guest Post: Kelley from A Crooked Trail

You are all in for a super treat, today we have the always adorable Kelley from A Crooked Trail guest posting today! 

What up Little Lady Little City peeps! I'm Kelley and I blog over here, and I'm am kind of excited to be taking over Amanda's blog while she gets ready for her wedding shenanigans. And when I say kind of, I mean I just peed. Gross. Never mind. Don't judge me by that statement. Anyhoo!! I'm here to tell you about the best part of a wedding.

The Honeymoon!

Come on people, duh! Okay, maybe it's the whole getting married thing, but it's definitely followed by the honeymoon. Can we daydream a second about the best honeymoons in all the land? Of course these are second to traveling the world paid for by an anonymous benefactor (we're not daydreaming that big people).

1. Shack it up!
I may be partial to this little honeymoon adventure because it's exactly what Rion and I did. And seriously guys, after the stress of planning a wedding it was perfect. I cannot remember a time where I have been more relaxed. 

2. Shred it up!
C'mon. Hot chocolate, crisp mountain air, and fresh powder! How can even the most cold-blooded of people resist this? Shredding down the mountain with your new spouse should be a time-honored tradition. Let's make that happen!

3. Take it in!
This might be something a lot of people don't consider, but staying home could be the most relaxing honeymoon in the history of honeymoons. And there are perks: you don't have to have money to do this! Hooray for us poor folks! Lock the door and don't come out for a week... at least.

Well, that was a nice little daydream! Send Amanda some love as she dives into the awesome adventure that is marriage! And head on over to A Crooked Trail to see what Rion and I are getting into!

This is pretty much what we are planning on doing, except we are doing it inside our house out here on the mountain because we have finally finished enough to move in eeee! 

Thanks so much for helping out Kelley!! 

Guest Post: Kelly

I am super excited to have the absolutely lovely Kelly filling in for me as I hopefully, not too fanatically, get everything all set for my wedding. Not only is a she a phenomenal photographer but has some impecable fashion taste, just take a look below!

so who else is suuuuper excited for fall?! living in texas with this 100 degree weather, i'm pretty much over the whole idea of summertime. i'm ready for comfy sweaters, tall socks and boots, hot chocolate, pretty leaves on the ground... so here's a little inspiration board of some of my fall favorites.

1. this site has the best slouchy sweaters for $39 // source 
2. i'm still in search of the perfect denim jacket // source
3. blazers and gold sequin collars // source
4. chunky scarves and a messy bun // source
5. riding boots. drool. // source

so what are your favorites for fall?

thanks for letting me guest post, amanda. i wish you all the best with you & will's wedding! xoxo

Ok can we just talk about all of Kelly's amazing picks for fall! I mean I am seriously dying, I just want all of them so badly! Now make sure you go and check out her blog

Thanks again Kelly!

Guest Post: Bekuh from Secondhand Sundays

You guys are in for a treat today with the absolutely lovely Bekuh from Secondhand Sundays. I simply adore all the wonderful content she put up on her blog every week, especially the DIYs. Which just so happens to be the subject of this guest post, so you guys are in for a real treat! 
Hello Little Lady readers, my name is Bekuh and blog over at Secondhand Sundays. I'm thrilled to be visiting Amanda's blog while she's off getting herself married and enjoying this very special season in her life. I thought in honor of such an beautiful occasion, and the changing seasons upon us, a pretty little bouquet tutorial would be quite fitting. I hope you'll stick around and learn a few tips for making bouquets in any season.
The first step for any bouquet is of course selecting flowers. Though I've been known to buy a prefab bouquet from the grocery store, I find the most beautiful bouquets are the ones you create from your own backyard. Now I live in a city and I don't have a luscious selection of blooms in my garden, but I truly believe you can make pretty bouquets from minimal selections. Here are a few of my tips for selecting flowers anywhere, in any season...

Tips for Fall Bouquets:

+ Look for tall grasses, and wild weeds in the hedges. People stop mowing their lawns as frequently in the fall and you can find some decorative grasses to add fullness to your bouquet.

+ Trees often still bloom in the early fall, so snip a blooming limb or two for your bouquet.

+ Fall leaves are magic. Bring their color into your home by cutting off a couple branches.

+ Herbs will grow into the later fall months so snip off a couple pieces, for a lush fragrant scent.

Tips for Winter Bouquets:

+Consider snipping a branch or two of a fir tree to use in your bouquets.

+ Holly trees are quite hardy and the little berries on them add that little pop of color a winter bouquet begs for.

+Pine cones can make an interesting addition, wrap their bases in floral wire to create a stem and add it into the bouquet like you would a flower.
Tips for Spring Bouquets:
+ Daffodils and tulips grow wild in some parts of the country, so clip a couple and bring them into your home this spring.
+ Trees begin blooming like crazy in the Spring so make sure you add a small branch to your bunch.
+ Little wild flowers are also rampant after March and April rains so make mini bouquets in bud vases with these.
+ Lilacs, Hydrangea, and Roses also take over small corners in neighborhoods so sneak a flower or two for yourself.

Tips for Summer Bouquets:
+ Berry bushes explode in the summer, and sometimes need cut back. Save the trimmings for your next bouquet.
+ Wild grasses, and flowering weeds take over alley ways in hotter months, so clip them for yourself. These can also be quite striking without the help of flowers, so in a pinch use them alone as a bouquet.
+ Herbs grow big and bushy in container gardens, save some to cook with, and some to bouquet with.
Once you've made your flower selection it's time to prep the flowers for the vase. It's really up to you how you arrange the bouquet, I tend to like mine over flowing and drooping around the edges. Here are some tips for keeping your bouquet fresh longer, and making it look prettier in whatever vase you choose:

+ Remove all of the leaves and flowers that will be below the water line, these tend to mold and will kill your stems off faster.

+ After your initial cutting the stems will have closed up. Using kitchen shears cut the stems on a diagonal to reopen them for water absorption.

+ Put your larger stems in first, filling in with the smaller flowers later.

+ Always pick extra filler so you have something to fill in gaps if need be.

+ Check to make sure that all of your stems are fully in the water. If not, add water until they are.

+ A splash of 7UP helps keep your flowers perkier longer. I don't know the science behind this but it seems to work.

Pretty bouquets are made of love, then flowers. Don't be afraid to think outside the box, and look around you for inspiration. I hope you enjoyed my bouquets tips for any season, and that I've inspired you to pick your own flowers soon. big kiss, bekuh
Not going to lie I definitely used some of Bekuh's tips to help with my own center piece arrangements!  

Thanks again Bekuh for helping out! 

Guest Post: Nicole from Gypsy in Jasper

Today I have a super amazing guest post for you all, Nicole of Gypsy in Jasper! Nicole is seriously one of my favorite bloggers/blog friend, I just absolutely adore her, and I have a feeling you all are going to feel the same way once you read her post!

Heyyyyy ladies! Nicole here from Gypsy in Jasper. I'm filling in today for Amanda as she does all of her last minute wedding prep. Can you believe she's getting married? I feel like I've been waiting an eon for this moment to come. Seriously! I am so excited. I can't imagine how gorgeous our Little Lady will be in her dress and how dapper Will is going to look all done up. Geez. Stop me before I gush!
Instead, I think I'll gush about the most glorious season of all: AUTUMN! Have you-all ever Googled photos of autumn? If not, you don't know what you're missing. It's like being slapped in the face with the happiest of happy sticks, or something friendlier... the happiest of happy leaves. Holy man. I was feeling a little bummed. I typed in autumn and then my entire mood changed. I began thinking of days in warm wool sweaters, tights, hats and scarves. I thought of driving, walking or hiking just for the sake of seeing and photographing all of the gorgeous colours. I thought of pumpkin patches, jack o' lanterns, fresh baked pies with lots of cinnamon, corn mazes, jumping in leaves and a whole slew of other amazing things.
Is autumn not the best season? I swear, Amanda couldn't have picked a better time of the year to tie the knot. I know I've said it already, but I just CANNOT wait to see her photos. Can you imagine!? A wedding on an apple orchard in FALL. Oh my gosh, I think I just wet myself with excitement. While I clean myself up, why don't you-all enjoy some more photos of colourful autumn leaves.
What's your favourite thing about autumn? Do you ever just take a walk to enjoy the crisp air and the gorgeous colours? If not, you should!

I want to go to all these places right now! 

Thanks so much for helping out Nicole!