Sunday Snapshot #26

September 2, 2012
I am so ridiculously excited today, because my favorite lady in the whole wide world (pictured above) is out here with me right now!! She came out a week before the wedding to help out with everything and anything because she is that amazing! Seriously I am just so excited she is here because we always have a blast together (as you can probably tell by the picture above from my bachelorette party, hehe)

Things are starting to ramp up with wedding stuff, so I probably won't be around much this week, but starting on Thursday I am going to have some absolutely amazing guest bloggers for you all. I think you are going to fall in love with all of these amazing ladies! 

Hope everyone is having a super relaxing Sunday! 

x's and o's


  1. I'm so looking forward to reading about your wedding - the day, the dress, the colours, the fun! I just love your style.

    But, take your time and enjoy it...all the work you've been putting towards the day will be worth it and it's time to relax. All the best!

  2. So very exciting, such a monumental time in your life! Enjoy it!

  3. YAY! That was such an exciting time waiting for my wedding day! WOO WOO! :) Cute pic too BTW!

  4. aw!!! SO EXCITING! i loved waiting for the big day. you two look so cute/happy!


  5. Thank you so much for you sweet comment on my blog :) Good luck with all the preparation, you must be so excited. Lizz xx

  6. Exciting...
    Very kind of your friend to help you with everything and anything. But hey, that's what friends are for! :)
    Good luck!! ...and lots of fun!


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