Antique Shopping

Ok so let me start out by saying that because I left my DSLR back east I keep forgetting to use my little camera. Yesterday morning I remembered to charge the battery but then completely left it charging long after I had already left for the day. I feel all kinds of silly about it, so hopefully you can bare with some more phone photos.

Alesha and I decided to do some vintage shopping to see what we could find for some wedding decorations. It was kind of a bust, but I did get to enjoy lots of quality time with my best friend which is a winner, in my book for sure!  
Outfit for the day. I got the skirt from Rusch after winning a $50 giftcard over at the lovely Julie's blog. I've never won anything before so it was extra exciting!
One of the antique stores that we hit up was in Old Town Mesa. Now, having lived in Arizona from birth to 25 I am kind of ashamed to say I had no idea Mesa had a downtown. What makes it worse is that almost all of my mom's family lives in Mesa and I would pretty much spend every Sunday out there up until high school, haha. But I can report it was pretty cute, very small, and had an older feeling to it. Why if I actually remembered my camera I would have take a lot more photos. 
There was so much wonderfully adorable stuff. It was hard not to want to buy it all. 
Ok so this was kind of the most wonderful find ever! It was a series of safety cards Disney made in the 60's, this one is from the pedestrian safety set. I would have snatched up a set of these if they weren't $150, ugh. Alesha and I seriously sat looking through them for about 20 minutes before I decided against it, which still isn't actually final because I might just shoot her over some money via paypal to go back and get them for me, haha. I mean seriously how cute would those be hanging up. There is just something so wonderfully delightful about the illustration style! Curse you lack of money. But hey if anyone wants to get them for me as a wedding gift I would forever love you (I'm just kidding...only kind of haha).

Are there any things you've found while thrifting and was just too expensive? Do you still kind of regret not getting it?

Today is my last full day in Phoenix and I think it is going to include a movie with the Papa Bear (I seriously see more movies with him in a week than in an entire year back in WV, haha). Then dinner with my brother and sister-in-law. Finally, there will be a super early breakfast Saturday morning with the family before I head off to the airport to meet up with Hannah for our flight back to BWI. I must say I absolutely love having someone to fly with, it just makes the trip go by so much faster.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

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  1. First of all, that outfit is too freaking cute and that bathroom looks ridiculously awesome!!!

    Second, I have a lot of regret of not visiting places in my city that I know were there my entire life and didn't enjoy them, and now some of them are gone. Boo.

    I have regretted a few things, most recently a vintage light set, it held four bulbs and I didn't even try to see if it worked, but it looked perfect for indoor photography and I should have scooped that up.
    Something that was very expensive and I bought anyway, and I do not regret in the least! A vintage capelet, it's bright pink and purple and blue plaid, I do wish it had a hood, and I can't wait for cooler weather so I can start wearing it again!!

    Have a great weekend

  2. You look adorable in that skirt. Love, love, love it!

    Those safety cards are the coolest. I wouldn't have spent $150 on them either, but they are super-duper cute.

    I'm glad you've had such a good time away from your little cabin life. Have a safe trip home tomorrow. :)

  3. Chad and I go to the Antiques Market just aboput every Sunday. We always find things that are too much money for us. It's nice to look though and I still take pictures of the cool things we find that we can't take home with us.

  4. i have plans to go to an antique fair this weekend, hopefully there are some good (and relatively inexpensive haha) finds!

  5. YOu look SO cute! love that outfit! I love those disney safety signs. I've totally walked away from items that were too expensive and still regret it. Maybe look online for them cheaper, first. :)

  6. So jealous! I love antique shopping- it may be one of my favorite things to do. At first my husband thought it was weird, now even he loves to scope them out!

    Looking awesome as usual!

    Understated Classics

  7. yes yes yes and yes. my friend works at a thrift shop in jackson hole and like you, i used my wedding as a perfect excuse to buy an excessive amount of things, but there were still so many things i regret not getting! its been a week and I'm still having regrets. darn it.

  8. Oh my goodness $150?!?! thats insane! I think because so many people are thrifting people are jacking up the prices. I have a favorite thrift spot here in Fairfax VA and I've noticed that the more people that find out about it the more they jack up their prices.

  9. Love your outfit! That skirt is adorable! I rarely visit antique shops because everything is so expensive! When I do go, I feel sad when I leave empty handed, haha. They are fun to explore though! I like to hit up the local thrift stores with bargain prices :)

  10. You want to know something? For being the shopping and fashion guru that I am, I've never been thrifting before. Crazy? So it's no surprise that I'm quite jealous of your adventure. I am glad you got to spend some quality time with your best friend.


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