Sunday Snapshot #23 (and a Guest Post)

July 2009
This is from my first trip to Maine with Will. We are staying at his aunt's cabin who had an incredible tire swing, and thought it would be wonderful to get a picture of use swinging together. Well, this is what came out, haha. Even though it is blurry and Will's head is half cut off I absolutely love it! It was just so much fun getting to swing around on it, we felt like little kids all over again. One day when the house is all done hopefully we can find a tree big enough to hold our own tire swing! 
What are some of your favorite childhood activities that you still do? 

Also be sure to check out the guest post I did over at the adorable Aarika's blog. I don't want to give too much away but it does involve some delicious snicker doodles!

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. We have been enjoying our little DE visit, but I think Wig-wog is having the best time of all with such a big house to run all around in, hehe.

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  1. one of my favorites was playing outside with my cousins/friends in the summer and drinking out of the hose!

    what a sweet and cozy blog you have. i think i may follow you to live vicariously. i love woodsy adventures.


  2. Which aunt has that cabin!? I don't know that I've been to it.

  3. I still love the "Hula Hoop", is it called that way in English, too? :D and ehm well I don't know but baking is something that I still do for over 10 years (alone, and with frinds or my mom) :)

  4. This is such a cute photo! Makes me laugh. And snickerdoodles, you say? I'm sold!

    Et tu, tutu?

  5. That picture is EPIC awesome. And thank you again for the yummy guest post! :)

  6. This picture is sooo fantastic! I love it!
    I still love a good old swing set, if we are near a park and I see swings, I have to go get my thrill!

    Snickerdoodles? Fave!!!


  7. hahaha! what a shot. my fav childhood activities are singing wrong and doing silly dances at home & writing an inspiration diary.

  8. haha oh so cute. Love the bearded man:) hmmmm favorite childhood activity you say...I live on a vineyard so my boyfriend and I like to go on bike rides, we like to lay out on the big sun deck and look at the stars, and swinging. I will always love swinging.


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