Photo an Hour(ish)

Yesterday Will and I drove back to the mountain from DE, and I thought it would be fun to try to do a photo every hour. Well I didn't end up getting a photo every hour mainly because I kept forgetting to take a picture, haha, but here are the ones I did end up remembering to take:
This is where Wigs sleeps every night, and in the morning she likes to look at my computer with me. Also please forgive everything going on with my face it was early, haha! 
Adding appointments to the good old Google calendar.
And we are off. Wigs got her safety harness and is in her favorite place to travel, Will's lap.
The travel meal, Veggie Burger from Burger King it's pretty much the only time we ever eat fast food.
Driving over the Chesapeake bay!
GPS taking us on a new faster route!
I think Wigs is pretty ready to be done driving.
Got to the house only to find out the electric company came early to hook up our permeant power,  and in the process cutting our temp power. This meant our fridge had been powerless for the past 4 days. so as you can guess it reeked! Ugh we are still cleaning it.
Super amazing cloud formation. 
So our trip back to t he mountain went pretty well minus being verbally accosted by some crazy lady at the grocery store (it was the most terrifying and funnest thing to ever happen to me) store and our really gross fridge. We are happy to be back in our little cabin home, but I think Wig-wog misses having a huge room to run around in, but soon she will have a whole house!

How has your week been going?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!

x's and o's


  1. this looks like a fantastic trip!

  2. my cat refuses to get in the car! she urinates all over her carrier. you're lucky! what did the lady berate you for, haa!?!

  3. what a neat idea to photograph your day hour by hour. Although you didn't get snapshots of every hour, the photos you provided were enough. My week is going well! What I'm really looking forward to is this weekend. Eighty degrees on Sunday? Beautiful!

  4. Really interesting post! Shame about your fridge though!! Your Cat's dead cute, love the name :)

  5. The picture of WigWog on the lap in the car just made my day! More travelling cat photos please.

  6. I just had a BK veggie burger for lunch, first fast food in ages, and I feel pretty guilty.

  7. Oh such a tiny precious and really cute cat! My cat hates driving as well because she thinks we'll be taking her to the vet haha. And I hope you have a fun trip! xo

  8. My cat has the loudest, deepest, and longest moans when we put her in the car. She's a wimp, haha!

    Why were you verbally accosted by some woman? Lol sounds like a funny story.

    xo. Nicole

  9. Bummer about the fridge but yay to the permanent power hook up! & I'm hoping the crazy lady story will be expanded upon later {lol}

  10. Cute!!
    Your cat is really photogenic. :) Well, you all are!

    p.s.: great blog (new follower:))

  11. Your kitty is so cute! One of my cats sleeps above my head on my pillow like that too, except she is not nearly that small and takes up a lot my space!

    Those clouds are beautiful!!!


  12. Ah! That harness is adorable!! I think my cats might die if I put that on them ;)

  13. Aw man, that sucks about the fridge! But glad you had a fun trip and the harness looks super cute on the kitten. :)

  14. Bummer about the fridge. I'm glad you made it home safely, though.

    Also, LOVE that photo of Wig-wog on Will's lap. (What are you doing to me!? That's two cat photos that I've liked over here!! I must be growing as a person.)

  15. What a brilliant idea!! I may have to have a go at that one day :) Excellent pics too

  16. burger king has veggie burgers? whaaaat?

  17. Wig-wog! Holy geez that is the cutest thing ever. She will have so much fun be a little cabin cat.

  18. Great photos! Your kitty is such a cutie :)


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