Long Time No See

I just looked to see when the last time I did one of these outfit posts and it was November of last year! Well I guess that is kind of expected when you are building a house and pretty much everyday consists of work jeans and a work shirt. There aren't very many variations. But today we had to go out to Winchester for Will's eye appointment so I decided I was going to get a little dressed up. I thought it would be the perfect time to do another outfit post, however I was fighting a losing battle with rain, so I was only able to get a couple.
jacket//Old Navy
dress//Forever 21
I love this dress mainly because it's just so simple and fun! Oh and it has a zipper, I have a weird love of dresses with zippers in cooperated on them. 
Wigs just kept mewing at the screen door until I picked her up and let her see what was going on. She can be quite demanding sometimes.
I must say that I still feel incredibly goofy when posing for photos, maybe it gets better the more you do it? Anyone else feel that way about taking pictures of themselves?

Can I just say how happy I am that jean jackets are back in style! As a small kid I was obsessed with them, and have at least five different styles in my closet, including one with the Looney Tunes logo stitched on the back (yup I was super awesome, haha). And I'm all kinds of excited that the weather as of late has allowed me to wear said jacket!  


  1. The first time I tried to take an outfit photo a bird pooped on my shoulder. I'm already awkward in pictures, now I have an ever present fear of animal poop falling out of the sky.

    Unrelated, I love your glasses. Related, sorry to bring up poop in my first comment on your blog.

    1. Oh my goodness that is kind of the funniest story ever!

      I got my glasses at costalcontacts.com. And no worries about the bringing up poop on your first comment on my blog, your story gave me quite the chuckle!

  2. You look great! I love that jacket. :-) And your kitty is adorable!

  3. I've been taking outfit photos for about six months now and it doesn't get any less awkward, maybe its because I'm taking my own, or the fact I've spotted people watching me a couple of times recently while taking them, but I still hate it. At least you look relaxed in your photos, I tend to look as if I am about to bolt :S

    Also, that dress looks lovely on you xo

  4. kittycat love!


  5. I love your whole outfit and I wish I looked as good with glasses as you do!

    I barely saw your comment from awhile ago because I'm kind of stupid with disqus but I'm hooked on your blog now :)

  6. These are gorgeous photos! I love the rain/stormy look of them!
    This could be like, your trademark outfit post style ;)


  7. Ooh I love how stormy these look! That might be one of my favorite kinds of weather...and also yeah, taking pictures of yourself borders on bizarre.

  8. I also feel awkward posing for photos when I'm doing outfit posts. It's just so... weird, I guess. But you look adorable and definitely not awkward :).

  9. Lovely!!
    And I'm very happy that jackets are back in style, too. Love them. Love yours.

    I haven's done an outfit post yet (well, at least a normal one), because it's so... Actually, I'm probably too awkward for that.

  10. What a fun post! I too am always feeling awkward when snapping photos. My husband is my photographer and he refuses to let me pose differently, or make silly faces, he says he's more awkward than me posing!

    Jean Jackets never go out of style! And with this outfit, you look so classic! Gives me some motivation to go out and try and outfit like this.

    Understated Classics

  11. Love this outfit, that dress is so cute and it all looks very comfy! I love your kitty, I want her to demand me to love on her.

    I feel slightly weird posing for pictures, I've always been okay doing "self portraits" of my face, but when I do pose for outfit pictures, which is something I just recently started doing, it's so awkward and I'm always looking through them wondering why I stuck my leg out all sideways and awkward or what my arm is twisted like someone is pulling on me haha

    Love these tho! You should do more! :)


  12. Outfit photos out in public can be the worst. I have done some pretty goofy photoshoots with Ian where I have props or I'm doing silly things and people just don't know what to make of me. (This is also difficult because I'm living in a super small town, so people generally already know me as "the reporter".)

    But whatever, seeing the goofy photos and sharing them is so much fun. Plus, why take yourself too seriously, right? Life is meant to be enjoyable.

    On another note, your outfit is adorable and you are the cutest!

  13. I love that dress! And oh so adorable kitten

  14. You look great! I like the dress and your shoes. And a kitty appearance is always a great plus!

  15. Cute outfit Amanda! I love your dress and shoes!

  16. oh my, i feel so silly taking pictures of myself too! But it's fun when they turn out cool. Yours look amazing. and that dress is pretty dang adorable :)


  17. Dude. Clothes with zippers... it's an awesome combination of stylish and bad ass. At least that's what I tell myself. And posing for photos? Super awkward. I just don't do it.

  18. What a cute kitten!
    I feel awkward in pictures in general. I don't know if it's something I will ever get over.

  19. What a sweet little kitten! I know exactly what you mean - I have only done a couple of outfit posts do far and man, they are just the weirdest, most awkward thing ever hahahaa! You actually look really comfortable and relaxed in yours!!! Lucky duck! hahaa!
    Thanks for commenting the other day, so lovely of you!! Loving your blog!
    Sway xxx

  20. Super cute outfit, and I love your glasses. I wear glasses 24/7.. okay, maybe not when I sleep or shower, but you get the idea.

    My cat looked exactly like that when she was younger. She's about 21 years old now and still acts like a baby, running around everywhere.

    cute blog!

  21. I hate taking pictures of myself as well. I feel so awkward. And I know that if anyone were to thieve my computer they would think I was the most vain person in the entire would because they would find hundreds of pictures of me...alone. Adorable outfit and glasses!

  22. I totally get the feeling like a goofball thing with posing for photos...

  23. I see the yellow door! It seriously looks great.


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