How Does Your Garden Grow?

So I haven't done much of an update on our little greenhouse as of late. I had planned to take some pictures of our out-of-control squash plants, because they had seriously grown to a ridiculous height. But as I mentioned the other day we were without power up here, meaning our greenhouse was not getting watered. Our over achieving squash plant sadly bit the dust (as did a lot of other plants), but not before leaving us some wonderful gifts! 
More squash, some peas, a scallion, tomatos, and quite possiblely the world's smallest watermelon.
Our poor watermelon plant never got replanted into one of our ground planters from its large pot, so it got stunted. It still gave us a pretty tasty little watermelon though.  
Oh these peas were so wonderfully yummy! 
I ended up cutting up most of these guys and putting them in our pasta sauce last night. There is nothing quite as wonderful as having fresh veggies in a pasta sauce.
We spent the majority of yesterday raking out the top soil, and we are only a fifth of the way done, haha. I don't think I really realized how much grading we did a couple of weeks ago. But we are primarily working on the areas where we're planning to have the wedding so the grass can get planted. Hopefully this weekend will bring us some cooler weather so the raking won't be quite as miserable.

How's your garden doing?

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  1. Bummer about the electricity. Good luck with the grass! Love the baby watermelon.

  2. aw the baby watermelon is adorable! looks like a decent about of veggies so far. we just moved and didn't really know what the yard/soil/growing would be like, and sadly about half of our veggies are not that happy. we did have some tasty stuffed peppers from the garden a few days ago tho :)

  3. Oh man, all of that looks delicious!! We have been harvesting a ton of broccoli, some peas and spinach. Our beans barely made it off the ground and our carrots are still growing. They have a ways to go before they're big enough to pull. And that just leaves our brussel sprouts. The plants are getting HUGE and I'm finally starting to see some little green balls beginning!! (Have you ever seen how brussel sprouts grow. It's kind of bizzare!)

    I'm glad to see that although the water system crapped out you managed to get some delicious produce.


  4. I keep seeing pictures of everyone's gardens, I get so jealous! Can't wait to start one of my own :)

  5. Love this! I wish we didn't live in the driest place on earth...I tried growing stuff this summer and it all shriveled and died.

  6. Your vegetables look so good! That watermelon is pretty cute.
    I wish I could grow anything! I have a black thumb :( Is that a term? If not it needs to be!

  7. OMG how adorable is that baby watermelon ?! That's so awesome that you grow your own vegetables!

  8. Awww, baby watermelon, so cute! Everything else looks absolutely delicious!

  9. These look great!
    Our garden is doing great so far, despite the heat wave that we have here. We really have to save water right now. So, we'll see...
    Good luck with the grass!!

  10. hi there! I loved your watermelon picture - adorable))) but seriously, awesome peas - i can't wait for mine to grow up. We had to move from Russia to the US in July, so I left my Russian garden back there and started a new little one here in Idaho in the middle of the summer. It's doing well, although I don't have too much space. I post weekly garden updates on my blog with photos - if you want to come and look at some point.
    Also we have a painting giveaway this week - you can win it and put it up in your new house :-)


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