Lightning Boom Crash

So did anyone else get hit hard by that storm on Friday? We were pretty lucky that we didn't lose power, but we did get some trees knocked over and our greenhouse roof ripped to shreds! It was crazy! We had no clue the storm was going to be that bad so we went up to our cupola to watch the lighting. However, when the wind came rushing by and started to shake us we thought it was best to not be up there anymore. We headed down to the kitchen only to notice the wind had completely shredded our greenhouse roof. Thankfully we caught it in time and got all our little plants inside out of the crazy wind. Oh, and I also learned that my phone warns me of any severe weather alerts which is pretty nifty.  
Our poor roof, thankfully we had a lot of plastic left over from when we built it.
But aside from our currently missing roof, our plants are doing wonderfully! I'm actually planning on picking one of our yellow squash and zucchini and using them for dinner! I was wanting to do a squash ravioli but couldn't find any pre-made cheese ravioli at the store, so I am thinking about doing a baked macaroni with them. I think it will come out pretty darn tasty, and of course I will share the recipe. 
Our watermelon! 

Will and I had such a fun weekend with Shaye and we have some exciting (well I sure think it's exciting) news to share with you guys soon (but if you follow me on twitter/instagram then you already know, hehe).

Hope everyone is have a nice Monday. I must admit I am pretty darn sleepy, hehe.

x's and o's


  1. I'm so sorry for your little plant house!!
    It's raining in Germany, too. So many water came down the last 3 days!!
    It's crazy... Hope you can repair everything! :)

  2. We were hit by the same storm here in the mountains of Tennessee-- what a roof rattler! We lost some tree branches, had some terrorized dogs, and one of my wind chimes is in knots, but otherwise escaped unscathed. Good luck on repairing the greenhouse & congrats!

    1. It's kind of crazy how big that storm was. Glad you guys made it out ok!

  3. watermelon! How fantastic. I'm so glad that your little plants are okay. I feel so lucky that we don't get crazy storms like that.

  4. Oh no! Poor little greenhouse. Thankfully it's not cold outside. All your work would have gone kapoot. I'm glad you saved your little plants. Squash raviolis sounds delicious. Baked macaroni with squash? Drooling.

  5. What a storm you must have had! Holy! I'm glad the plants made it out alive. I'm also excited to see things growing on your end.
    My broccoli is getting huge and so is my spinach! The rest will come in time, I'm sure.


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