I am so incredibly excited that our apples are doing so well! They are the size of a small child's fist as of now, which I believe is right on schedule for them being ripe by the wedding! I can hardly wait for them so I can start making so many apple related yummies like apple pie, apple cinnamon pancakes, and apple cider to name a few. Oh and I am beyond excited to finally be able to try my hand at Apple Pie Moonshine! Don't worry it's not real moonshine so I won't be making it in my bathtub or have to worry about going blind, hehe. I've come across a couple different recipes for this drink and the reviews are always extremely positive, so I have a feeling if all goes well it's going to come out quite delicious. If that is the cause I have a feeling it is going to become our signature drink at the wedding. I hope my bride's ladies don't mind spending a day or two making it with me, I'm sure no one will notice if we steal a glass or two in the process hehe.  

I also wanted to thank these wonderful ladies, NicoleMelissa, Aarika, and Kim (go and check them out because they are awesome!) who all name me as one of their recipients for the Liebster Award! You guys are all too sweet. I am hoping to be able to actually have some time to participate, but we are making another push on the house for the next two weeks so it probably won't be for a little while. Either way I wanted to make sure I thanked and linked to all the wonderful ladies who tagged me just in case!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

x's and o's


  1. You are ever so welcome!!

    Also, APPLES. So exciting. I love that you'll be able to use so much of your surroundings in your wedding. It is going to be so gorgeous. It also doesn't hurt that the bride is a beaut. :)

    Good luck with the house. I hope that elbow of yours is healing up.

    1. Aww shucks you are too kind! And my elbow is healing quite nicely, just in time to pick up a hammer and get back to working on the house :)

  2. glad to hear they didn't get ruined in the weather!

  3. Apples! that is fantastic! Can't wait to see that moonshine.

  4. I love everything with apples! Can't wait to see what you do with them when they're ready for picking!

  5. Mmm apples are probably my favorite fruit! I've never heard of Apple Pie Moonshine but it sounds quite intriguing! :D

    xx Christina

  6. All your plans for the apples sound so yummy. I wish I had some apple trees. I hope the Apple Pie Moonshine goes well :] Also, congrats on winning that award numerous times!!

  7. that's awesome! wish we had the space for apple trees :) maybe one day. xo!

  8. Excited to see how the "moonshine" comes out! :)

  9. Thanks for your comment :) btw your blog makes me imagine living in a peaceful place with my own li'l garden... which i always dream about

  10. After we go apple picking at a local orchard, we love to make applesauce from our large selection of apples... just peel, dice, and let simmer with cinnamon in a crock pot, and voila, lovely treat that can even be canned to be used all year.
    <3, m.


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