Week in Instagram v5

First off thanks so much for all your sweet comments on yesterdays post, they really meant a lot, so thank you. I'm feeling a lot better about the whole thing, I think sometimes you just really need to have a good cry to help make things feel a little better. Will's parents are actually coming up this coming week to help us make another big push on the house, so I'm pretty darn excited about that. Hopefully we can get the other cistern done, as well as some pluming and wiring. Fingers crossed!

This week's Week in Instagram is a pretty small one mainly because both Will and I were working like mad men trying to get a big project done for some clients. Yesterday we worked almost 20 hours straight to get it done, which needless to say was not the funnest thing in the world. 
  1. Our internet went out one day so I couldn't do any of the work I needed to. Instead I went ahead and painted my nails. I hardly ever paint them mainly because house building and nail polish don't really mix, but since I was just working on the computer last week I went and did them.
  2. Oh spicy and delicious Cholula how I love you. This bottle literally sits next to my desk and I pretty much put it on everything I eat. It reminds me of Arizona. 
  3. That is 2:54 this morning when I was finally done editing videos for our client. Man I don't think I have pulled an all nighter since college, making me incredibly tired today. In fact I'm unsure how I am even awake enough to write this post, especially because I woke up at 7 to make sure we didn't miss any important emails.
  4. Editing some pictures for a blog post last week. 
I told you not much really happened this week, but we are head out to the Baltimore area to hang out with our friend this week so hopefully I will have some more pictures next week. What are your plans for the weekend? 

x's and o's


  1. Ohhh I love Cholula! Put it one everything. :)

    Love your nails!

  2. Love the nail color combo {& my hubs loves that hot sauce too} We've got a mini adventure of our own planned for the weekend-- have a great time on yours!


  3. Nice nails! And a good cry is usually helpful for me, too. Sometimes those random breakdowns happen and you're left there wondering if you've gone crazy and don't know why you were crying, haha!

    How did you get your pictures to go beside each other? I just can't figure it out...

    xo. Nicole

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  5. Mmmm Cholula... my bottle ran out and I am having a hard time finding it!

  6. Have fun in Baltimore! I'll be camping all weekend and taking a break from the internet :)

  7. Kelley told me I needed to check you out, and then... you spoke of a house on a mountain top, and then I was sold.. so forgive me if you get a bazillion comments.. I'm going to dig through your world.

  8. Your nails are so pretty! Ugh I know, days without internet are so horrible, you just need it for everything these days!

  9. Lovely nails! :) xo


  10. Love the colour combo on your nails!


  11. Nails are so pretty I practically have to repaint mine every week. At the moment they are a very dark red colour - I'm not sure it would have been my first choice but it was in a blog sale so was reduced to about £1 for the "jar"(?)

    This weekend I did a Car Treasure Hunt, Walked 5k for charity (there was about 500m of running but that was it lol), went out for dinner as it's my brother's birthday and watched lots of Body of Proof.

  12. Hi! Amanda!
    I quickly wanted to say thank you for the lovely comment on my Brussels post! I really really like your blog, I think there are some amazing pictures here and I really love the recipes so I'll gladly follow you! Also I checked out you guys youtube videos and I think they are really cool! And they made me smile ! Thank you!

    Love, Saar from The Week Peek


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