Tiny Flowers!

I'm pretty darn excited because the wildflowers in our flower bed have finally started blooming! Well one of the plants has started blooming, but whatever I'm happy! I'm planning on using some of these for the wedding, so it's been nice to see just how long they take to grow, and I can figure out when I need to plant some more to have them ready in October. There should also be a ton of other wildflowers that naturally grow up here to mix in with them.
Such pretty little white flowers. Any one have any idea what kind they actually are?  
Our flower bed is starting to look super nice.
I think this is the next little guy to start blooming. Eee I'm excited!
This is the first time I've ever really had flowers growing in a bed outside our little home, and I'm pretty much in love. I think I'm going to make sure every spring/summer I have a bunch of flowers growing. They are just so pretty and it's really fun to watch them grow. 

Also we did our very first little harvest from the greenhouse, and I must say it was pretty delightful, small but delightful! We got a couple of peas and one bean, hehe. There are a lot more that are almost ready, like two yellow squash, we just have to wait I think another week or so. I'm really excited for the yellow squash, I found a really wonderful sounding squash ravioli. It might be a little more than our little make shift kitchen can handle currently but I'm going to give it a go! I think I've mentioned it before but we only have a toster oven and just a hot plate so it kind of isn't the most convenient for cooking, but we make do. 
Our little harvest. 
Hope everyone is have a wonderful Wednesday, I can hardly wait for it to be the weekend, only a couple more days!

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  1. Not sure what kind of flowers they are but they are pretty! I love your photos!

  2. yay, congratulations on your first harvest! I saw the first sign of life in my new garden today.

  3. Harvesting already!! So exciting. Also, those flowers are beautiful.

  4. Beauty flowers!

  5. Those flowers are gorgeous! Absolutely lovely!

  6. Those wild flowers are so beautiful! I adore wild flowers that is awesome you have them at your home. :)

  7. Little wild flowers are my favorite kinds:) Good luck with your garden!


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