Portland Part 1

Oh Portland, how I love thee! We were visiting my dear friend (and one of my bridesmaids) Lex and her family, and had an amazing time. There was plenty of sightseeing, shopping, and just good old hanging out. It was wonderful!

One of the first things we did was go to the most amazing place I have ever been to: a Goodwill warehouse nicely refereed to as 'the bins'. Basically it is the place where all the items that couldn't be sold at their Goodwill stores go before eventually being disposed off or whatever they do with them when they can't be sold here. And the best part is they sell everything by the pound, THE POUND! It was kind of amazing and super overwhelming at the same time. 
I think there were probably at least 50 of these big bins full of stuff. And they change them out throughout the day.
We were in search for plates for the wedding and we found a lot of nice ones and for only $.30 a pound how could I say no, hehe.

An old projector Will found.
We had a ridiculously fun day, I'm going to have to do some research and see if there is anything like that out here in WV because seriously it's one of the coolest places ever! I highly suggest everyone else do the same.

Of course how could any day be complete without backyard pictures, haha! I'm not sure why but I felt like I was a little kid on the last day of school with my friends and my mom was taking our picture. It was really fun and silly.
Will's face kills me, he is such a goof.
I'm sure I will end up having another day or two dedicated to our Portland trip, so get ready. Hope everyone is having a Monday!

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  1. Sounds like you are having the best time. Love the last photo, so cute!


  2. Oh wow, that is too awesome! Definitely going to see if they have one up in our area

  3. I'm so dying to go to one of those Goodwill by the pound stores! >_<

  4. That Goodwill looks so fun! Never knew that did that in some places. By the pound sounds like a great deal!

    I'm having a new giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  5. Oh my goodness, that place looks amazing!!! I wish I knew of somewhere like that near me in the UK, I'd be there every weekend :)

  6. OOOH! I want to go to that store!
    Looks like you had tons of fun :]


  7. I keep hearing about that goodwill, perhaps I should check it out.

  8. That is pretty awesome. I've never heard of it before. There was a Goodwill Outlet near where I used to live near Chicago and I always referred to it as the Goodwill where things go to die. LOL

  9. I've never heard of a place like that! I kind of want to go just to see what ends up there and to pick up some random cassettes and such. Love the group photo! Very cute! (:

  10. I've never been to portland but let me tell you, I would go just for that goodwill experience! haha.

    That last photo is super cute!

    xoxo Mama wolf.

  11. I've heard of a similar Goodwill outlet in Florida but we didn't have time to check it out :( Sounds like the kind of crazy thing I'd love to do on a vacation :) Next time I'm in the states I'll take the time to check one out!

  12. I love the last photo it is so nice :)

  13. sounds like goodwill heaven to me.

  14. love your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D


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