Oh Goodness

Ok so I'm going to share this video with you that is kind of embarrassing, but I also love it so much. First a little bit of a back story. Oh and if you are not a cat fan then this probably isn't the post for you. Forget that you are going to love it!

I have always loved all animals since I was little, I was the type of kid that would run up to anything furry and four legged and just wrap my arms around it and tell it how much I loved it. We were a dog family and always had at least two dogs with us at any given time, and as much as I loved my dogs I always wanted a cat. So much so that every year I would ask Santa for a big fat one. Will and I recently found a tape of me at the age of four franticly waiting my turn to sit on Santa's lap and ask him for my big fat cat. I don't think I even laughed so hard in my life watching this tape. I mean I was full on hysterically laugh crying haha! 

So I have always wanted a cat, but just never could get one due to one reason or another. Family members were allergic, roommates already had one, that kind of stuff. So I tend to get overly excited when it comes to cats, and this is where this video comes into play. About a month ago we found out we have one or two feral cats living up on the mountain with us. We drove past one on the road once and I literally shouted 'STOP KITTY!' to Will, who was driving, and jumped out of the car to go see him. He took off before I could get too close, though. Then last night we spotted him again, and this time he was hanging out right next to our cabin! Of course I was forced to spend the next hour or two watching him through binoculars, and that's when Will grabbed the camera. 
Kitty from Amanda on Vimeo.
It's kind of hard to see him in the video but he is that dark shape to the left of the wood pile.
I put out two cans of tuna for him and we set up a security camera to see if we could capture him eating the tuna. Unfortunately he is all black so this was the only image we caught. 
I will put out some more tuna tonight and hopefully he will come back. Well I hope you enjoyed watching me go from adult to four year old child in a matter of seconds, hopefully I didn't come off as too nutty, haha. 

Happy Friday! 

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  1. Aww! thsi si so cute that you get excited when you see a cat!! Im like that too and i have to goof ball cats!! they are sisters and one is a wee slinky black cat named Alice and the other is a white and tabby named Flo and is getting rather tubby! hehe you would probably liken her to your big fat cat as a little girl!! lol I have pics of them on my blog you can check them out! theres a wee link and also they were the CUTEST wee kittens ever!! i wantthem to be kittens again cause i could have eaten them all up they were that cute! hehe


    Jen xxx

  2. Love your video! I'm sure if you keep feeding him, he'll quickly become part of your family. Hopefully we'll get to see a close-up soon!

  3. Haha...kitties are the best! I wasn't convinced at first; the boyfriend is a massive cat fanatic. Now I am besotted with my two cats (one is a siamese cross, the other is a Russian blue) xx

  4. aw looks like you made a new friend!

  5. aw looks like you made a new friend!

  6. awww i get that way too when i see a cat! glad i'm not alone :P

  7. this is hilarious and so random :)


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