We made it back to the our little mountain last night, and can I just say we are pretty darn happy to be home. It was a looong couple of days of traveling and we actually even tried to sleep in this morning but the jet fighter planes that flew only 100 feet above us weren't having it. I don't think I've even been so startled awake before, haha. Not sure why but every couple of months we have some crazy low flying aircraft going over our mountain. Last time it was three military helicopters doing some evasive  maneuvers, it was intense. 

Anyways as soon as we pulled into our driveway Will and I jumped out of the car and ran over to check out our greenhouse to see if things were still alive, and they were!! Eeee, it's like someone threw a Miracle Grow grenade in there while we were gone. I mean seriously our zucchini plants have probably grow five times in size since we've been gone. 

We are beyond excited that our watering system worked pretty darn perfectly. We only had one slight causality do to one of the mister holders popping off, but we made the corrections so hopefully that won't happen again. 
Our very shriveled marigolds, hopefully we can save them.
Ok enough of about our little misters failure and on to the kind of amazingness that is the growth of our greenhouse plants.
Those peas were hardly past the first metal ring when we left, it's crazy! 
The zucchini just exploded! Now I know you don't need eight plus plants in one planter, or really at all hahaha! 
In a little over ten days we used almost all the water in two large garbage bins.
I am pretty sure I've already mentioned this about a hundred times just in this post alone, but I am so over the moon with how well our greenhouse is doing! It's seriously wonderfully exciting!

How are all of your plants doing? And are any of you guys amazed with how quickly they seem to grow?

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.

x's and o's


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  2. This looks great! Will you be able to grow year-round?

    1. Yeah we should be able to, and I;m so excited by that!

  3. Your greenhouse looks awesome!
    Normally I try to keep a small garden growing year round, but this coming year (after I move) a green house may have to become my garden. *inspired*

    also, thank you for the birthday wishes :]

    - Amy

  4. Wow! Your greenhouse is amazing! I have 3 little plants and all are resilient little buggers. My money tree was cut from my parent's, and interestingly enough money has been pretty ok since we got it. My Mom was telling me all about how money trees must be cut from someone who loves you can can only bring you money and good fortune then. Plants are so interesting!

  5. Wow, that looks absolutely amazing, I've always wanted a garden or a greenhouse but never managed to find somewhere with one. This has totally inspired me to find somewhere I can plant stuff when our lease runs out in a couple of months time xo

  6. Oh wow, this looks amazing. Good luck with the marigolds!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! =)

  7. beautiful photos ;)

    i have a hard time growing anything so i can't give any advice hehe

  8. gah! so beautiful! i am sad that i didn't get to start a porch garden this year :( having a little one didn't really permit time to commit to my greens. i do have a few potted herbs and plants that are doing really well. it's funny that one day they'll be little sprouties, and the next they're just an explosion of leaves.

    your peas look so cute! something about peas makes me smile. i think it's the little twirlies :)


  9. This is so exciting! :) Congratulations, so glad it worked out!

  10. Lovely plants - I only have a few pots out back but still it makes me happy to see them grow.


  11. Congratulations!! It looks like a vegetable rain forest in there-- well done!

  12. wow, so awesome that it worked while you away. What an awesome thing to come home and see that they've grown so much while you away. It looks great.

  13. amanda! you're so sweet. thanks for your kind words. made my day! :)

    and my plants...well all we have in the house our a few cacti & a catnip plant. the cacti are doing pretty well considering they need little-to-no attention. the catnip plant.. pretty much history. ;]

  14. This is really great! I've been wanting to start a garden of my own soon so any tips would be much appreciated!

  15. your green house is amazing! i am so jealous! and your blog is adorable


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