How Does Your Garden Grow

Oh little greenhouse, how happy you make me! I'm excited to share with you all some of our wonderful veggies our little greenhouse has produced so far. I swear we were out there looking at everything just a coupe of days ago and things were just starting to grow and now some are almost ready to pick. Eee, it's so exciting!
I'm going to have to find some yummy squash recipes because there is a whole lot more than just this guy! 
Will's 40 extra pea plants are doing pretty darn well. 
Will got himself a new chainsaw, and is pretty darn excited about it. As soon as he got it out of the box he tried it out on some of our apple trees in need of prunning.
The only sad news is that out watering system has stopped working. We think some dirt has clogged up some of the mister heads, so we have to try and find a way to fix before our next trip. Hopefully we can figure something out, or Mr. Google knows what to do. 

House building is going pretty well. Unfortunately we are splitting it with some commercial work we recently got, but we are making do. I should have some pictures of the cisterns we are currently working on up soon. They should be done by Friday, which is exciting! I was also planning on making a little video of the house to share with my family and I think I might just put it up here too, to give you all a better idea of what the house is looking like. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely day.

x's and o's

Also we have another feral mountain kitty friend! He came around last night, but it didn't look like he stuck around too long, hopefully he keeps coming back. We think these guys must have been born up here or something because we can't imagine they would have walked up the mountain on their own. Either way I'm excited!


  1. Holy moly your garden looks amazing! So, so amazing. You're putting me to shame lady! ;)

    I'll have another update on mine soon to show you what I mean.

    Also, I wanna get my hands on that chain saw. FUN!

    1. If you ever find yourself in WV, we have plenty of apple trees that could use a good pruning :)

  2. Lovely garden! We have peas, a huge cucumber, and the beginnings of tomatoes, peppers, and squash so far! Yum!

  3. your garden is BEAUTIFUL! I hope that mine will produce yumminess like yours. If you don't mind me asking, how large of a space are you working with? We have pretty limited ground space so I've been thinking about buying / making some large boxes for my squash

    1. Our greenhouse is just a little over 100sqft and our planter for our squash is 6'x1.5' and are about 2 feet deep. They seem to be working out great for us, and I planted kind of a ridiculous amount in there :)

  4. Hopefully you get the watering system figured out! ♥

  5. I'm loving the mountain kitty updates! xx Kim xx

  6. Wow your garden looks yummy! I could eat the squash right now!

    Yay for mountain cats! :)

  7. That squash looks so good!
    Aw. Mountain kitty! I wish we got more wildlife around here (other than snakes, scorpions, and coyotes.)

  8. looks and sounds great! :)
    our plants are also doing well :)

  9. i'm so jealous of your life. ok, not jealous. but pretty happy that you have a cool life.

  10. aaw... I'd love to have my own little garden...
    My parents have a pretty nice one, and my dad is so proud of the plants he has there... he made his japanese section, his aromatic side and etc... just for fun, I planted some beans here and there, and not a long time ago he called me saying how stunned he was, because there were bean plants growing on his lawn...
    I told him it was me, and we laughed for a while.... :)
    congrats, and happy gardening!

    Ana Luisa


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