One Day I Will Laugh

Oh yesterday, what to say about yesterday? Yesterday and I were not the greatest of friends that is for sure. The day started off pretty well, and by the middle of the day I had already driven down the mountain three separate times. Let me remind you it's 20-30 minute drive both ways! And it really didn't help that our road is all torn up because of some crazy rain we had the other day. I had to drive to another town to pick something up that was a hour away, ugh. And on top of that I got slammed with work the night before and wasn't able to do any of it until after 5, which wasn't fun at all because I was ready for the day to be over at that point! I worked till around 10:30 where I could just take no more and then headed up to bed. I was hoping to be super restful, unfortunately not. I kept getting weird texts and phone calls from some crazy looking number that I later discovered was a Chinese number! I shall be calling Verizon today and having them block any number from China as I know no one there. Thankfully it's a new day, and hopefully one filled with less stress and driving.

You know I think I can laugh about those texts now because they were really bizarre. They went from talking about having dinner with colleagues to a large shipment of something, and then they later wanted the quantity to be reduced, to a car being here (or I guess rather there) now. Maybe I unwittingly have found out about some secret spy plans or something, haha. I didn't text back because I knew it wasn't a US number, so I wonder if they think the person they were trying to text is just being a real jerk? Oh I hope not, I would feel bad because, well, I'm silly like that haha.

And on an unrelated note it seems like our greenhouse watering system is going to work out wonderfully, yay! I was also so excited to hear about how all of your little plants are doing. I've seriously had so much fun growing all of these little guys from seeds! So far I haven't had too many casualties, just some sweet basil, and my beloved rhubarb. I am pretty devastated about that, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's just a really, really slow grower (I think I'm officially in the denial stage). I might just have to go and buy myself a grown rhubarb plant and replace my not growing seed. You guys won't judge right? 

And speaking of plants, our flowers have started to pop up in our flower bed! Eeee! I am pretty darn excited about these guys, because I know they are going to make our little cabin look pretty darn adorable once they all start to bloom! 

I must say I did a pretty great job of pouring the seed in a straight row.
Well thanks so much for bearing with me rants in that first paragraph, seriously I'm so happy that day is over and done with! Hope everyone is have a wonderful day. 

x's and o's


  1. your little plants look so nice :)
    great job!

  2. I am so glad that your greenhouses watering system is working good!

  3. Gotta love those wrong number texts! At least the day is done and the watering system is working!! Your plants have me super pumped for mine.
    I used my fresh mint in a strawberry mojito this week! Sssssooooo good. :)

  4. I LOVE your flower pots (is that the correct word? ;-) - they look so natural - and these litte green things in there :)

  5. Growing things from seed can be such a pain sometimes. I chose to go with an actual tomato starter, just because I was having such a hard time with it from seed. Good luck with the rest of your growing, I hope the rhubarb does alright :).

  6. Are those beds made out of pallet wood? Because if they are that makes you awesome. Although you were anyway. Rion has literally made all of our furniture out of pallet wood. It rocks!

    1. This one was actually made out of some old lumber we had, but we did make a planter our of a pallet. We put our spinach and lettuce seeds in there :)

  7. Growing from seeds is always rewarding, but if unsuccessful, buy the plant. We've all been there. My dogs tend to eat seedlings anyway, because they looks all tender and delicious or something.


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