Hey all, I just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know that I'm in Portland for the next week or so, hence my lack of updates. But I should have plenty of fun posts when I get back! Have a great week everyone!

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Sunday Snapshot #18

I was maybe six or seven when this picture was taken somewhere in Illinois . If I remember correctly we were driving along the highway when we saw this sign, which happens to be the last name of some family friends. So we pulled over to take a picture of us next to it. I remember being so incredibly embarrassed because of all the cars driving past staring at us. My mom and brother on the other hand seem to be pretty darn excited haha. 

And did you guys notice my absolutely wonderful purple on purple outfit, I was ahead of my time hahaha! 

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And on a side note holy cow guys! Over a hundred followers! Thank you so much this is really all kinds of exciting! Glad to have you all on my little adventure, and I hope to get to know all of you a little better as we go on. Thank you again.

Wedding Insperation

Ok can we talk about one of my favorite things to think about for our wedding. The cake and pies we are planning to serve! I mean come on what could seriously be funner to think about? Hehe. I know we want to do mostly pies at our wedding with maybe one little cake for us to cut. We are pretty darn lucky that up here on the mountain we are surrounded by apple trees as well as blackberry bushes. It makes it easy to choose, and of course it doesn't hurt that we absolutely love apple and blackberry pies! 

Will kind of makes fun of me because when it comes to yummy food for everyone to eat I kind of go overboard! As of right now out guest count is 50 people with probably not too many more to be added and the amount of food and deserts I want to have is kind of ridiculous haha! But I figure whatever is left over people can join us up on the mountain the next day and help us finish it off. I mean everyone is pretty much coming from the opposite ends of the country so might as well make a huge weekend event out of the whole thing. 

Ok onto some yummy looking deserts! All the sources lead you back to the recipes, just in case this post gives you the urge to try one of these guys out for yourself! 
Poppy seed cake with mascarpone frosting and strawberries! Talk about yummy! I've made this guy a couple of times already now and it has always been such a big hit! The cake itself is not very sweet so with the frosting and strawberries you don't feel like your teeth are rotting out of you head, a good thing for sure! I think this is the guy we are going to make if we decide to have a cake to cut. 
Apple pie is an Ellexson family tradition. My dad has always been notorious for going out to dinner and just ordering a piece of apple pie! It's pretty darn ridiculous, because you look at the man and would think he is a super healthy eater, haha! I absolutely love them made with Granny Smith apples, because they you get that sweet and tart thing going on and it is wonderful! We have a couple different varieties of apples up here, with some very yummy green tart ones!! 
My beloved rhubarb pie! I would absolutely love to use rhubarb that I have grown, but if you read my last post, that might not be happening. I still have faith in my plant, so maybe! But either way there will be rhubarb pie, I demand it :)

Ok so I've never tried an Apple Toffee Galette before, but it kind of looks super yummy! Not sure if I would do that for the wedding, but maybe for the rehearsal dinner or the post wedding day brunch instead. I mean it's not like we are going to have a shortage of apples or anything. 

Blackberry cobbler! Ok if for some truly bizarre reason you haven't ever tried this absolutely wonderful treat, then seriously do yourself a favor and go get all the ingredients and make it right now! I have a feeling you won't be disappointed! 
We are doing barbecue for the wedding so I think all of these deserts will be perfectly complementary. I'm super excited about having my bride's ladies up here helping me with all the desert preparation. I think we are going to have a pretty fun time. Hopefully we will have a working kitchen by then cause otherwise we will be back at someones house in DC and transporting them hahaha!  

What are some of your favorite pies? Or what did you end up having at your wedding?

Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday so far.

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One Day I Will Laugh

Oh yesterday, what to say about yesterday? Yesterday and I were not the greatest of friends that is for sure. The day started off pretty well, and by the middle of the day I had already driven down the mountain three separate times. Let me remind you it's 20-30 minute drive both ways! And it really didn't help that our road is all torn up because of some crazy rain we had the other day. I had to drive to another town to pick something up that was a hour away, ugh. And on top of that I got slammed with work the night before and wasn't able to do any of it until after 5, which wasn't fun at all because I was ready for the day to be over at that point! I worked till around 10:30 where I could just take no more and then headed up to bed. I was hoping to be super restful, unfortunately not. I kept getting weird texts and phone calls from some crazy looking number that I later discovered was a Chinese number! I shall be calling Verizon today and having them block any number from China as I know no one there. Thankfully it's a new day, and hopefully one filled with less stress and driving.

You know I think I can laugh about those texts now because they were really bizarre. They went from talking about having dinner with colleagues to a large shipment of something, and then they later wanted the quantity to be reduced, to a car being here (or I guess rather there) now. Maybe I unwittingly have found out about some secret spy plans or something, haha. I didn't text back because I knew it wasn't a US number, so I wonder if they think the person they were trying to text is just being a real jerk? Oh I hope not, I would feel bad because, well, I'm silly like that haha.

And on an unrelated note it seems like our greenhouse watering system is going to work out wonderfully, yay! I was also so excited to hear about how all of your little plants are doing. I've seriously had so much fun growing all of these little guys from seeds! So far I haven't had too many casualties, just some sweet basil, and my beloved rhubarb. I am pretty devastated about that, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's just a really, really slow grower (I think I'm officially in the denial stage). I might just have to go and buy myself a grown rhubarb plant and replace my not growing seed. You guys won't judge right? 

And speaking of plants, our flowers have started to pop up in our flower bed! Eeee! I am pretty darn excited about these guys, because I know they are going to make our little cabin look pretty darn adorable once they all start to bloom! 

I must say I did a pretty great job of pouring the seed in a straight row.
Well thanks so much for bearing with me rants in that first paragraph, seriously I'm so happy that day is over and done with! Hope everyone is have a wonderful day. 

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Feeling Accomplished

Today was another very long day working hard on the house. We poured the cement footers in the holes for the cisterns (you can see us working on one of the holes in my last post). The plan for tomorrow is to get them all built with the cinder blocks and then pour some more cement on Friday. Man I'm already so tired from all this work, I'll probably be about ready to keel over by the end of the week, hehe. 

Anyways as I mentioned before (or at least I think I did) Will and I are going to be going to Portland, OR next week to visit some friends, which means we had to figure out a way to keep our greenhouse all watered while we are gone. I would be so devastated if we came back to a dead greenhouse, I mean I grew it all from seeds! Keeping them watered isn't the easiest of tasks when your house doesn't have running water yet, haha. But I can happily report that we came up with a little system that we think is going to work wonderfully! 
We also have a timer system that is not in the picture that we will be using to turn the pump off and on. Haha it kind of looks like a little bit of a disaster doesn't it? But hey if it works right :)
We will place all the potted plants on the ground under the misters. 
After a little testing out our little system it seems like the misters were a great way to go. They give nice coverage to our little greenhouse without over saturating any one plant. The way it works is that we will set the timer to turn on our little pump everyday at a specific time, which will then pump the water out of the blue jug and push it into the misters. Creating a delightful little light shower for our plants. Fingers crossed that this system goes off without a hitch because I'm sure we will be needing to use it over and over.

I can hardly wait till our plants start producing some yummy veggies! How are all your plants doing?

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I Ache

Will's parents have come up to help with the house and the last couple of days we've been working pretty hard. I seriously don't think I have ever been this achy in my entire life.  It's really sad my hands are actually killing me while I type this haha.

We got a load of drywall delivered the other day but unfortunately the fork lift couldn't fit in the house or garage so they just dropped it off outside, which meant Will and I had to move the drywall inside ourselves. As you can imagine it was not that fun, but we successfully got it done. Then yesterday Will and I spent the day cleaning up the holes we dug for the water tanks. And I got to use a pickax for the first time, and let me tell you something, those suckers are heavy after the twentieth swing or so, haha! I have absolutely no upper body strength, but maybe this will help remedy that. Today I think we will continue working on the holes for the tanks, and hopefully we can get it all poured tomorrow! 

Anyways I made a short little time-lapse video of some of the work we did. 

Ok now it is time to get back to work and get this thing built! Or at at least slightly habitable by October for the wedding :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! 

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Sunday Snapshot #17

Date Unknown
This is one of my favorite photos of my parents. To anyone else it might just look like picture of my dad not looking at the camera, but in my dad's face I see just how much he loved my mom. I'm sure this photo was a little bit of an accident but I'm so grateful it happened. Even though it's hard for me to really remember her, seeing a picture like this just makes me free so much better. It has been almost seven years since she passed away and I still miss her terribly, I don't think that will ever go away.

Happy Mother's Day Mom, I love and miss you. 

Week in Instagram v.3

  1. Our little bird feeder we bought, but it doesn't seem like the bird up here really care for it. Maybe they have too much other food right now and will like it better come winter time.
  2. Will building our screen door using his fancy wooden vice.
  3. The apples are GROWING! I'm so excited! We had a really late snow last week and I was afraid it would kill the apples but it looks like these guys are pretty resilient. 
  4. Homemade cauliflower and spinach pizza, well what's left of it. I meant to take a picture before I started eating, but it seemed too good and I was too hungry, hehe.
  5. JEM IS ON NETFLIX!!! Six year old me so is pretty darn excited, heck 28 year old me is excited! I made Will watch three episodes last night, but I don't think he really got how amazing it really is.
  6. My little avocado seed. I was promised by some young chap in a youtube video that if I planted it this way I would have myself a tree in no time. Fingers crossed! 
So do you want to hear something funny? Well at least Will and I think it's pretty darn funny. The other day we were watching Hulu working in the cabin and it kept playing the same annoying car commercial over and over. By the tenth or so time it played Will started to mimic the "Oooo that's hippy talk' part, which then lead to a contest of who could say it louder/more annoying, when all of sudden there was a knock on our door. It was the country inspectors coming to do there yearly check on the house, since we are still building it. I'm not sure how long they were out there, but I'm sure they heard us at least for a little bit seeing how our windows were wide open. HAHA! It's so easy to think that we are the only ones up here.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday. Any fun plans for the weekend?

x's and o's

Cloudy Day

The other day Will and I decided to go on a walk after getting tired of sitting at the computers working for the better part of the day. It was a super cloudy and kind of rainy day, and though it wasn't raining when we started our walk we made sure to have our rain jackets. Will was kind enough to let me have his rain jacket, because I don't actually own one, which something I really need to remedy soon seeing how we seem to get a fair amount of rain up here. If anyone knows where I can get a nice rain jacket, for hopefully not too much, feel free to let me know. 
The blackberries are all in bloom right now, it's really lovely. Some how Will and I have missed this happening in the previous two years. It was really wonderful getting to see this because we learned just how many black berries patches are on the mountain. And let me tell you there are hundreds! It's absolutely amazing! I have a feeling once it's picking season I am just going to go crazy and pick as many as I possible can, and then freeze whatever I hadn't already put in my belly, haha! 
Will's rain jacket, I think I could fit two of me inside :)
I just think this is a very nice picture of Will :)
We came across this really wonderful old red gate, which we kind of wanted to see what was past it, but there were plenty of 'Private Property' signs all around. So we thought it was best not to venture in. That, and it started to pour on us, haha! So the thirty minute walk back to our little cabin was not the most fun in the world, but we made it only a little drenched. 

One thing that I really love about the mountain is that even with all the little adventures we have gone on up here we are always finding wonderful new places to explore. Actually just this winter I noticed another house up here that obviously has been here for years. It was just always been hidden by the trees. I really want to walk down and check it out, but that might be kind of creepy if the owners are there, haha! Maybe I will just bake a pie and take it down there and introduce myself to the owners, and check it that way. You know be one of those snoopy neighbors. 
And just for good measure my 'Oh no it's started raining again' face
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Let Me See That Fancy Wood Work

The sun is in full shine mode on the mountain which means our little cabin, with all of our computers inside, is starting to get a little too hot for our super old air conditioner. We have placed an order for a new one, but it won't be here for a couple of days, so in the mean time we made a screen door. There is almost always a nice little breeze up here so we should be able to keep the door open during the day for now, which will be great! Sadly once summer is well under way it will be AC all the time, stupid humidity being all icky and gross.
It is kind of ridiculous how handy Will is, I mean seriously.  
I really love the natural wood look so I just stained the door instead of painting it.
It looks so good with our little yellow door! I think I'm starting to sound a little obsessed with our door haha! 
We are quite proud of ourselves, and so far the screen door has helped keep the cabin all nice and cool! Success! Now I just need to get my sewing machine out and make us some better curtains. The cut up bed sheet is just not quite doing it any more, haha.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! 

x's and o's

Babbling on About Seedlings

First off, thank you for all your sweet comments and emails on yesterdays post. It really cheered me up and made me think about how there is a reason for everything that happens. So thank you all again, you seriously are all so wonderful! And now onto more greenhouse talk :)

We had to build two new planters in our greenhouse to help accommodate all our fledgeling seedlings. I got a little over zealous when planting the squash, I don't think I really realized that one plant would produce so many so I planted eight each! If anyone has some great zucchini and squash recipes feel free to share, if not hopefully the neighbors like squash, haha! We actually even got some more seeds while we were out and about after seeing the Avengers. Lowe's was having some wonderful seed sale so we got some strawberries, grapes, and rhubarb! I'm so incredibly excited for the rhubarb because I am an old lady who loves rhubarb. I grew up eating it with my dad every summer, and it reminds me of us sitting in the backyard eating rhubarb pie while watching the lightening storms pass by. 
We shot this with the wide angle lens so I look all crazily distorted. I swear my head is not that oddly shaped.
One of our new little planters. It's holding our grapes, strawberries, a couple squashes, and some beans.
Our other new planter. The top has some peas and then we are going to put some carrots on the bottom.

Found another good use for those plastic cups :)
Now I just need to get our greenhouse a little more organized so I can actually reach all the plants when I am watering them.

If you have any plants growing how are they working out? If not do you plan on planting some seeds this summer?

x's and o's

Little Thoughts

While working on my computer the other day I accidentally opened my old email and the email that popped up was from someone I used to be friends with. I don't know why this was the email that came up,  it wasn't the newest one in my inbox, but rather one from several years ago when things first started to go south between us. Then of course I read all the emails between us and relived our friendship falling apart. I am apparently a gluton for pain. I'm not sure if it's because of the wedding or because it would have been my mom's birthday a couple of weeks ago, but it really got me thinking.

I've never been the greatest at making friends. I think it was because I was always a shy kid and I really not got over that, so it still takes me longer to make friends. I feel like my situation is kind of unique, well maybe not unique but different, when it comes to friends. There is a real divide when it comes to them, those who met me from before my mom got sick and passed away and those who met me after. That's a very odd thing to associate with friends to be honest, but it's hard not to. The saddest thing about this whole divide is that friends from before she passed have really dwindled in the past seven years. I think I saw some coming a mile away, and others I still cry about.

I still get really upset about this one because it was a friend who knew me when my mom was still around and was there for me when she started getting sick and eventually passed away. Those are the hardest friendships to lose for so many reasons, but one being that they help me remember my mom a little better. She got sick when I was in high school, so my memories before she was sick are a little fuzzy. I was a teenager and other things were becoming vastly more important than what her laugh sounded like, or her smile, or even what  her perfume smelled like. Sometimes when I look at pictures I can just remember bits and pieces, but it's when a friend just randomly tells me "God you laugh just like your mom," it really comes back. I can hear her saying one of her silly jokes and just laughing for what seems like forever. I really love moments like that.

It's really hard, because the relationships with people who knew my mom have become so much more than just a friendship to me so there is an extra sting when they end. If it were up to me the friendship wouldn't have even ended, but I'm not the only one who gets to make that decision. Maybe one day I will not feel quite as sad about it, but I really doubt it.

Wedding Inspiration

There seems to be millions of different wedding related sites on the good old interwebs these days, it can be a little overwhelming to say the least. When we first started planning the wedding I would just look at hundreds of different sites, but I soon noticed I was always returning to a select few. So I thought for todays Wedding Inspiration I should share my favorite wedding sites.
100 Layer Cake is probably one of my favorite wedding sites, tons of inspirations and DIY ideas! This site is seriously an almost everyday destination for me when I have renders going for work. Really helps the time fly, and give me so many wonderful ideas for my own wedding. 

Another really wonderful website. So many wonderful inspiration photos, it's hard to look at them and not want to do them all for your own wedding! They also have a pretty cool shop that you can by things that other brides have used. I really love the idea of recycling things.

Oh Martha Stewart, you wonderful, wonderful lady. From a very early age my mom taught me about the amazingness  and sometime completely ridiculousness that is Martha Stewart. Now there probably are a lot of people that don't care for her, but she was my mom's favorite and now mine too. Her wedding site has a lot of 'real wedding' inspiration as well as a lot of fun and simple DIYs. It's pretty great.

Offbeat Bride is so wonderfully fantastic. This site is so fun to browse and just see all the wonderful and uniquely nontraditional weddings people are doing. Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in the whole you have to do X,Y, and Z thing, but you don't. It's your day do whatever the hell you want. And this site does the perfect job of reminding me of that. 
Let me know any of your favorite sites, I would love to check them out!

x's and o's

P.S. Our garden has kind of exploded with plants now, I think I unwittingly bought super growing plants or something because it's craziness, haha! I will be sure to share another fun filled greenhouse post soon.

Week in Instagram v2

1. A little toad friend Will found.
2. I think we bought a super growing zucchini seed because this is only two days after these photos.
3. Some fun nail polish flowers.
4. Baked mac and cheese. It turned out so good! We had a hardtime not eating it all in one seating.
5. The shorts my favorite theater (Alamo Drafthouse) plays before the movie. Yay for no ads! 
6. Beautiful Winchester. One of my favorite cities to visit.

Today was such a fun day. Will and I headed over to our favorite theater (and the only one near us) to catch The Avengers, which was so good! I highly recommend it, lots of action and so funny too! I love getting to go to the movies but both Will and I get pretty exhausted from all the driving, which sounds pretty silly, but did I mention the theater is a hour away? Which kind of stinks, but it just makes when we do go to the movies all the more fun.

Now I must catch up on emails I missed while being out today. Hope every one has/had a great Friday.

x's and o's

Little Flower Planter

Will came up with the most amazing idea to spruce up the outside of our little cabin. It was just suppose to be a temporary little building that we had no intention of leaving up for this long (three years), so we didn't bother doing anything with the outside at all. After Will and I did a little bit of renovating on the inside there is no way this guy is going anywhere once we finish the house, it has been an absolutely wonderful little home for us. I think it will make a pretty darn adorable guest house. So hopefully one day, not too far off, we can put wood shingles on it to make this little gem shine both inside and out, but until then our little flower bed will have to do.
Have I mentioned how ingenious Will is when it comes to building things. I mean seriously he is kind of a pro! 
We put some dirt on the bottom.
And then some really nice top soil on the top.
Pay no mind to my hair, this is my favorite 'I'm not going anywhere today' hairdo. 
I have a very unsure look on my face about these flower seeds. I thought there were just seeds inside the box, so when I started pouring I was afraid I put way to many in. After closer inspection of the box, however, I found out it had lots of "inert matter" along with the seeds, whatever that really is hehe. 
I cannot wait for the flowers to start growing! I think it is going to make our little cabin look so adorable, especially with our bright yellow door. I'm not sure if I mentioned this already or not, but I love our yellow door, hehe.

Oh tiny cabin home you have been so good to these past couple of weeks, I hope you like your new flower bed.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

x's and o's

Grow Baby Grow

First off hello to my new followers, so happy to have you on board this little silly train of mine.

Secondly our greenhouse is working!! I am probably way more excited about this than I should be, but having never actually been able to grow anything for longer than a day when I lived in Phoenix I am seriously over the moon! There was a couple of days there I thought that it might not have been the heat in Phoenix killing everything rather just my lack of a green thumb, but it looks like this little lady's thumb is full green.  And now if you bear with me some photographs of the lovely sprouts! 
This little guy might not look like much right now, but one day it will be a mighty watermelon! 
These guys are peas! And seriously shot up just in the last two days! 
Beans! I think I got a little over zealous when planting them, but we will do a little relocating once they get a little bit bigger. 
Our spinach seedlings. I really hope these guys make it, because Will and I eat a spinach salad every day for lunch so it would be wonderful to just go outside and pick our lunch.
This zucchini was another shot up in two day guy. Seriously I had no idea that plants seem to shoot out of their seeds at light speed!
We now just have to figure out a self watering system before the end of the month because we are headed up to Portland to visit some friends. Which is easier said that done, seeing how we don't have running water yet, I'm sure Will will be able to think of something wonderfully clever. But if anyone has any ideas please feel free to share! 

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday! Oh and happy first of May to you all!

x's and o's